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Endless Frontier EXCEED official site pre-open
October 8, 2009, 10:35 pm
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at least I’m happy there’s a sequel to endless frontier. but I’m not happy how codename:v likes to troll around with his faggot word usage and he didn’t even notice use it too much and he’s seen as a idiotic person

Comment by ReinaMK1

i hope the characters from the 1st game will appear

Comment by Gio

Well at least there may be a US release later after its debut in Japan. If the previous game’s characters appear again that would a nice treat! Would like to see Haken and Aschen kick ass.

Comment by F97 X-1

And I’m the biggest faggot because I’m gonna get the game before the rest of you fags!

Comment by codename:v

to codename:v
when you mean biggest faggot that also means biggest idoit person

Comment by codename:x

and by the way CV reinamk1 does not like idoit losers!!!

Comment by codename:x

WOW thats the game im wating for but WHERE S me




I think that may be unlikely but hey! Hope for the best.

And Compatible Kaiser should be in this one after missing from the original.

In before this discussion is reduced to EFEX being a tit filled cash in and thus being stupid for being such.

Comment by Sasori Zero

Trolls can’t read. They only look at pictures. =b

Comment by Nameless

wow! this is great ths og saga 2 it’s verry good,
but i wolde he apdate some anime in the game and he apdate the og robot from SRW Z , lok like gunlion….
pleass banpresto realise this ohh pleasss

Comment by ikki28

look banpresto he make 2 srw on ds and the 3 his comming i wolde a version for the ps3 in 2010 look like the srw zz!!!

and i thank’s SRW HOTNEWS & BANPRESTO for this arigato and for you srw hotnews i make in my blog a pub for this site


Comment by ikki28

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