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Macross F movie: VF-25F with tornado pack
October 8, 2009, 10:35 am
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now thats good name for this pack (maybe because the laser cannon and missles?)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Like the design but the pack deserves a name like “Typhoon” Pack!

Comment by Sasori Zero


Comment by 3

@3 WRONG!!!
it should be macross = non-gundam > any gundam = seed/des = 00 = UC < shit


Comment by 00 hater

agree with sasori zero – this seems to be more a “typhoon” tribute than tornado 😀

Comment by rpt011r

wonder when the movie will be released?

Comment by MaftyNavue

This tornado pack is pretty silly for atmospheric flight as extra weight would compromise aerial agility and decrease speed, not to mention the powerful recoil effect of the cannons. What more, it takes away the beauty of streamline flight. Hell, aerial stunts and graphics were more spectacular on Plus and I seriously doubt this eyecandy title can even outdo Macross the movie. Fictional idols, crossdressers and ita-valkyries are downright obvious made for faggots, so what’s new Kawamori? Bumpercars in huge Nike shoes playing basketball are not just stupid but also sheer advertises for Nike brands.

Comment by codename:v

yeah how dare there not be realism in my fictional giant robot cartoons

Comment by Vent

Yeah how dare there must homosexuality in your fictional giant robot cartoons. Thanks for all that attentions faggots

Comment by codename:v

Oh no! I played right into your hands! Whatever will I do?!

Oh wait, I don’t care.

Also learn some basic grammar already. You could have just copypasted what I said and you managed to even fuck that up.

Comment by Vent

seriously, whats so homo about macross? anyway most of the dogfights in frontier was done in space, so your atmospheric thoughts doesn’t work much here.

Comment by Anonymous

There nothing homo about macross, it’s just that he love to think about all things homo.

Comment by Guara

here we go again…

Comment by 00 hater

just sit back and watch people as they all have a go at codename:fagV 😀

Tornado Pack looks ok over all, it has similarities to VF-2SS and VF-0D. I just wish they made it a little bit asymmetrical, dual cannons on the back make it resemble the G-Fighter 😛

Comment by valkyriepilot

I have to agree with CV about the streamline flight part. I don’t really like the bulkyness of this pack.

Comment by chi

Love it. Hopefully they’ll release it in separate form ala super parts.

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry..New trailer

???? From Pam

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha mostrato alcune immagini relative al CD Tornado Pack… Un nuovo tipo di armamenti delle […]

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“Fictional idols”?
Miku is the best for that job

Comment by Epsilon_013

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