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New mobile suit for Gundam 00 the movie
October 13, 2009, 11:55 pm
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Gundam 00 Quanta (Setsuna’s unit)

Gundam Raphael (Tieria’s unit)

Source: 2ch

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Gundam Raphael’s face is fugly but maybe it’ll grow on me

Comment by ydawg314

Those distinct features totally tells you it’s an Anno Domini Gundam.

Comment by ninjaclown

Raphael looks like Virtue. DO NOT WANT. I’ll wait for the whole package but I really hope it doesn’t look as fat as Virtue did.

Comment by Amon

Interesting, but is there any news on the story?

Comment by Daizengar

Hmm so far I’m the only one that actually likes Raphael’s face? I thought virtue and seravee’s faces were worse but that’s my opinion. And i thought it looks skinnier in these pictures although it looks like it has a huge ass backpack

Comment by chi

I need see this movie xD

Comment by Visho

I’m really liking the designs. 00 designs have always been as different as you can get while following the Gundam template.

I’m interested in seeing some lineart.

Comment by DarkCode

They look pretty cool but i need bigger line art to judge. They dun look to bad tho. I suppose a trailer is gonna come with the 1st Special Edition recap movie in a couple weeks.

Comment by Zero

Amon, judging by the picture Rafael ain’t fat

Comment by YessMasster

this movie is on my watching list!!!

Comment by costriker

any fan of 00 has to watch this. it will finally give us an ending -and- tell us what the lights of Jupiter were.

plus, I’ll bet we’ll get some flashback purple Haro- possibly the origin of the robots in A.D. 😛

Comment by Avasuule

Wow, it actually seems the e-mail requirement has made the comment section troll-free.

Comment by DarkCode

Dun Jinx it DarkCode lol

But yea this movie will do wonders. Its the first original Gundam movie in almost 20 years (since F-91 was way back in 91) and thats wayyy too long XD

Comment by Zero

Tieria’s new ride actually looks god-awesome badass this time.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Nice new designs, from what little I can see of them. Hope to see more lineart soon.

Comment by yukigono

still need to see more than it’s upper body..
actually we have 2 movies on waiting list.. one is 00 movie and the other is SEED movie which is delayed..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Damn, that looks rather awesome. Seems to me they’re going for a sort of hybrid between the 1st and 2nd season’s design.

Comment by Guara

Sorry for double post, but anyone find that Raphael looks like a full-armored Dynames?

Comment by Guara

the face looks like gp02 to me

Comment by Mendagu

Yup, GP-02 face which is totally badass

Comment by Kururu

yeah raphael look slimer than virtue and seravee.
Btw i found the full body image of 00 Quanta on youtube

Comment by nanonano puding

It feels like it was photoshopped on that video. Are you sure that’s not fake?

Comment by Aldotsk

Yeah it’s fake. Quanta’s head has white head with blue part on the center of the head. That one has the head completely blue colored. The chest also doesn’t have similar body part as Exia and 00. Also the feet if you look carefully the feet was originally red and it’s been colored with blue. Quanta doesnt supposedly have Raiser on the shoulders neither it has Nadleeh shield with GN Blades attached to them with the GN Sword III attached like that.

Comment by Aldotsk

yeah i found it a while a go so i didn’t check it fake or real but if u compare with the description of 00 quanta i think it fake.
i’m sorry that i didn’t check it before

Comment by nanonano puding

Nadleeh shield? That was Astraea shield.
Nadleeh shield is much longer.

Comment by pled

I cant wait to see it!!!!!

Comment by Zmil

hmm, that actually looks interesting. i like how the head combines the best parts of virtue and seravee. also love the new body design. makes me want to see the movie more.

ei, these looks like the screencaps from the final movie already. so we probably won’t have to wait long to see the actual designs.

Comment by flamerounin

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