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Scans Dengeki Hobby November 2009
October 14, 2009, 7:07 pm
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Download (Megaupload, 204 pages)



Here are some sample scans.

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thanks a lot!!!

Comment by costriker

Bless ye.

Comment by taichara

Thank you very much!

Comment by Folka

many thanks as usual SRW Hotnews! 🙂

Comment by valkyriepilot

That Gundam Artemie is actually pretty cool. Nice to see something original that doesn’t look all unbalanced and fat.

Comment by Ed

Thank you ! \o/

Comment by Shura

Astrea Gundam looks kinda strange..

Comment by don't mind me

In this monthly magazines You will find also:

Crusher Joe
Nia Swuimsuit ( tengen toppa gurren lagann )
Yoko teacher version ( tengen toppa gurren lagann )
PG 00 Raiser
Gundam Unicorn
Exia Avalanche Gundam ( bandai plastic kit Master Grade conversion )
GNY-001F Gundam Astraea
Macross Frontier ( Valkyrie SD, Sheryl Norme, Ranka Lee )
Armored Core
Shin Mazinger
ConBattler V
Astro Boy – Atom
Macross Mospeada ( Yellow Dancer )

Here the mirror links 😉 :

Comment by kain the supreme

i liked the modification that were made for the mg exia for it to equip the avalanche add-on

Comment by buff

Thanks, as usual.

Eeep, Bee Gundam.

Comment by Yuu

Bravo Kain

Comment by Debris

Where i can find scans HOBBY JAPAN 11/2009? thanks

Comment by orochi

Tnx as always

Comment by chongo

having trouble with mega upload.. is there any one who is kind enough to send .RAR file to my email.. very much appreciated..

Comment by yajnas

thank you!!!! i love u!!!!!

Comment by kellyannenunis

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