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Upcoming new plastic model kits from Kotobukiya
October 15, 2009, 6:15 pm
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SRW OG 1/144 Fairlion Type-G – February 2010, 3,675 yen


Armored Core 1/72 Mirage C03-HELIOS Wicktoria Ver. – February 2010, 5,040 yen


Virtual-On 1/100 MBV-04-10/80sp Ten Eighty Special – February 2010, 5,040 yen

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Fairlion Type-G is a bit of a recolor of the Type-S kit but somehow it shows some promise on the design, I hope.

Comment by don't mind me

The 10/80 could be a bit more flexible, but I see no major flaws with it.

Wish they’d sold SRW weapons as kits tho. 😦

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Well it’s obvious that Fairlion Type-G is a recolor of Type-S. But we can’t blame Kotobukiya, they had to release it anyway.

Comment by Virgo

Ah, at least the new Fairlion comes with a part for the hand clasp.

But, yeah, this was an inevitable release.

10-80 Sp is alright, but I think I’ll just get the older Temjin, which is more iconic.

The Wictoria looks great! It’s from the novel, Armored Core: Brave New World. Although it’s technically from the Armored Core 3 timeline, it has a bit much in common with the NEXTs of 4 for my liking, but it’s still a nice surprise.

Comment by Hiro

Yes, Wictoria looks great. It’s must buy for me. Still waiting for Unsung.
It a but disappointing that it’s not using Karasawa and Moonlight version.
Since Wictoria come out, I wonder when that black AC (Mawars?) will come out…

Comment by pled

Meh, Koto really needs to do Fragile.

Comment by Amon

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