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October 20, 2009, 4:57 pm
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Famitsu review score:

[Wii] Super Robot Wars Neo8, 7, 7, 7 (29/40)

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31/40 is a decent score. Shows that even 3D SRWs can be good.

Comment by F97 X-1

If it is on other platform I am sure that it will be rated much higher.

Comment by JOJO

I don’t think it has anything to do with its plafform.

Anyway, looking forward to NEO which has potential to become great.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Awesome score, and I’m looking forward to it too!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Very good scores for SRW, that does not follow main line. Not that I ever doubted, that Neo is going to be good.

Comment by Rune

I agree if they put it in multi platform then I think it be much cooler.

Comment by Bobby Baby

If it wasn’t for this site’s new changes, we’d have a giant CV post ranting about this. But no more of him, so hooray.

Comment by randomguy

Lets see
SRWK 32/40

SRWZ 36/40

So it’s worse than K?

Comment by ChocoBar

i miss cv actually, he makes all of you argue and i enjoy reading the arguments because i appreciate both sides’ point of views

anyways there’s a lot of old mech series in this one that i never heard of before but they don’t really appeal to me…they all look kinda similar

Comment by chi

If you miss him that much you can go to his deviantart page, we’re happy right now.

Comment by LM


Well, K really was weak SRW. It had interesting cast, but was boring and with weak plot.
Neo also has interesting cast (very interesting, I should say), with some unique game system. I wonder about it’s plot, though, but I’m pretty sure, that it is better than K.

Comment by Rune


Seriously? His arguments consisted of: FAGGOTRY, LOLI, and some retarded connection to the economy that doesn’t actually effect anything he is talking about.

Comment by DarkCode

SRW AP got a 30/40.

And THAT game was better than SRW K. Just something to keep in mind.

Comment by Anonymous

Famitsu reviews mean nothing you guys, they’re really just advertisements.

Still I’m sure it’ll be a pretty decent game, probably with a few problems due to how experimental it is

Comment by sieghardt

The game got an 8, 7, 7, 7

Not an 8, 7, 8, 8

Comment by Whositwhatsit

since when does these score matters anymore…….

just because some dudes work for some gaming mag. says game is “good or bad” then give some numbers as a “score”, it automatically makes the game better or worsen….

I guest the world is still “FLAT” ehh~

Comment by ottotto

[…] This week, there’s a review score info: 8,7,7,7 (corrected) and Famitsu Ichigogumi’s snippets that show the 4th stage featuring Liger’s rival Dolga, and a split at the 5th stage, making us choose between getting Gosaurer or Ganbaruger first. […]

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Comment by Kohta

Bayonetta it is.

Comment by Keet

hi cv,where have u been? we kinda “miss” you….

Comment by 00 hater

But we like you gone. SERIOUSLY.

Comment by don't mind me

To get the bitch, you simply have to bait it.

Thanks Chi, we really wanted to see c:v repeating his 2-year old tirade AGAIN.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Is it possible to ban him now?

Comment by yukigono

Oh, it’s CV, it’s kinda sad to see you changing emails to desperately post your repetitive tirade.

Here’s hoping you receive a quick wipe off the site again.

Comment by DarkCode

Famitsu’s scores are kinda filled with overrating/underrating.

29 or not, I’ll still put my bet on NEO to become a great SRW title along with those before it.

Comment by BrianGeneral

And what with Bayonetta 10,10,9,9 and 10,10,10,10…?

Comment by LM

For bayonetta, The 360 version is superior x)

Comment by Otak

C:V must have 4chan on his mind, all he’s doing is stringing together a bunch of tired /m/ memes.

Comment by Anonymous


i cant help but to say that you are a bitter old prick that spend his time spouting out useless crap that we heard hundreds of time. it always the same thing this crap is fail, anyone who watch this is a loli loving fag, all of you are narrow minded fool.
jesus christ let them like what they like.
why do you have to be so butt hurt at every little thing.

Comment by Anon

Sorry, but the only reason Neo’s getting scores from me is because of NG Knight Lamune & 40. All other series are lame. No true Gundam, no SRW for me.

Comment by Aldotsk

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