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Gundam Unicorn to Have English Dub, 5-Language Subs
October 23, 2009, 9:28 pm
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Comment by Debris

in b4 fags don’t read

Comment by Banagher Links

Awesome news!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

At long last!

Comment by Nakano

But I don’t have a Blu-Ray player… 😦

Comment by darkslime

That means what? We don’t have to wait for subs for ages.
Although, I think, I’ll buy it.

Comment by Rune

Might be worth pre-ordering on Amazon.

Just hope its not $60. Be hard enough buying it at $35 which is what it’ll probably be.

Comment by Bob

Has C:V even realized that his comments regularly get deleted? He’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, so maybe not.

Comment by Anonymous

Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. with that out of my system, hearing that it will be a world wide release is just plain sweet. Also you don’t need a blu-ray player, it also says that the DVD release is gonna be the same way.

Comment by Shugo

“in b4 fags don’t read”

I believe he got permabanned, actually…

Comment by J-Lead

Whoops, fuck me! He’s still posting lol.

In any case, an english dub? That’s some cool shit, bro. First news of an animated adaptation, then news of a simultaneous international release, then news of an english dub; it’s like everything I was hoping for is coming true piece by piece. This has gotta have something to do with karma…

Comment by J-Lead

Hopefully Unicorn will be better than Gundam 00 which me lose faith in the future of the Gundam franchise.

Comment by Fuck 00

F^*& U then there’s nothing wrong with 00.

Definitely expecting this Unicorn (^_^)

Comment by ZQNU

@ Fuck 00

00 was’nt that bad, much better than the trainwreck that was seed and seed destiny.

Comment by ZR0

Gundam Seed wasn’t bad, however, I refuse to say the same thing about Destiny!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

true… 00 was good… and gundam seed wasn’t bad… destiny sucked though =P

Comment by Kai

00 was awesome, SEED was good, and Destiny was just a wet fangirls dream (Our worst nightmare) come true.

Comment by Zero

00 was the fatgirl’s Gundam even more so than Gundam Wing.

From the Music to the Character designs(Done by a women who draws gay boy smut) and finally the incoherent plot and focus on characters who have the acting ability of a piece of wood.

Most of the underage gundam fanbase(Note the majority of the srw hotnews viewers) still like 00 just because it’s in HD and has 10 second fights with the rest being nothing more than talking heads and afternoon soap opera drama.

Comment by Technic

Gundam seed destiny couldn’t been better if they didn’t scarp the orignal idea.

Also I’m looking forward of Gundam unicorn OVA

Comment by MaxHD2490

00’s music was done by Kawai Kenji, who’s quite a notable composer. But obviously you’re just a troll in disguise.

Comment by Guara


I’m sorry if you find my opinions regarding the Gundam franchise as “Trolling”, it seems like most people now a days can’t accept others opinion if they don’t agree with it or if it’s negative towards their favorite show, like a little baby.

Kawai Kenji has only done music for Cartoons and some low budget movies, not sure how that is “Notable” but that’s besides the point considering i was speaking of the Opening and Ending songs which are all singers/bands that target teenage girls with their music, with the Back Horn being the only one that doesn’t.

Comment by Technic


i don’t want to comment on the character design, but i feel that 00’s bgm is rather weak, during the fight scene, as compared to seed. kawai kenji or who doesn’t matter here.

Comment by 00 hater

@ 00 Hater:

Different people, different taste. I find Seed totally unwatchable, but I don’t bitch about it and generalize other who liked it as “underage” or “gay” or whatever.

@ Technic
Well, yeah, I would agree about the OP and ED songs, but doesn’t that apply to most animes nowadays? Perhaps you were talking about S2 in general, because AFAIK S1’s BGM were not as bad as you’d described. Yuna Ito’s “Trust You” being worse than those found in Wing? Really?


Low budget movies? C’mon now. That’s like complaining about Nobuo Uematsu doing only video games music. But of course that’s beside the point. Ip Man was awesome >_<

It just irks me whenever somone generalize the fanbase as gay/faggots/underage/etc for liking something they don't; CV has done that way too many times. Making such assumptions that the majority of the readers here is immature in itself. That's what the troll comment is all about. I know 00 have it shares of flaws, as do all the other Gundam series, no need to whine about how they sucked all the time, right?

Let's just hope this OVA would do well.

Comment by Guara

Ignorance is among us, and thy name is Technic!

Seriously, you’re REALLY stretching it when you belittle Kenji Kawai for only doing “low budget” films. Ghost in the Shell ring a bell? Yeah, you’ve lost that one.

And I agree with Guara, the constant need to deride Gundam shows you dislike is the epitome of immature. Trite statements that the world would be a better place without.

Seriously, you can state you don’t like it, but the generalizations you are making are retarded and is one of the many reasons I don’t like a lot of Gundam fans.

Comment by DarkCode

gundam fans argue for simple grounds of preference, counterd by patriotism. one says 00 sucks, then one says the one said it sucks instead… why all the arguments? shouldnt we be at least be at peace that C:V’s not around?

that guy’s the scourge.

Comment by NobleVestige

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