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(Updated) New pics of Gundam 00 the movie
October 25, 2009, 4:25 pm
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Gundam Zabaniya


Gundam Raphael


00 Quanta


Gundam Harute




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1st. lolz

Comment by 00 hater

more hg coming soon eh?

Comment by 00 hater

That’s one fine looking gundam

damn now I want the kit!

Comment by ZQNU

LOL I bet Bandai will start selling this one from FG first seeing how people drooling over it (-_-)

Comment by Alexus_Z3

Quanta definitely a pimp – enough to be said

Others also looks very promising

Comment by F U 00 Hater

gonna buy Setsuna MS again :p
ohhh i love you bandai

Comment by Vandalier

Wow for 00 Quanta it looks so God damn cool

Comment by Remnesis

damn this just make the wait more harder but 00 quanta looks awesome

Comment by pinguy

Sabiniya looks way more awesome than I thought. GN Pistols are awesome for any suit.

Comment by ninjaclown

Damn Now I can’t wait quanta in action

Comment by Codename:V = Gay

00 Quanta is the best!!

Comment by Jynx23

all 4 are great ! can not wait any more .

Comment by aaretee

AWESOME!!wonder if 00 quanta uses twin drive

Comment by wartick28

[…] e SRW Hotnews diffondono le prime immagini del trailer del film cinematografico di Gundam 00, che come […]

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Well, so far so good. Stable but effective designs have been the 00 motto so far and I see no reason to think these new suits will deviate from that course. Not that I dislike that though. The specialized suits tickle my fancy better than the beam spam of the latest years and these new designs seem to be unique in their own right. Time will tell if they’re worth the money grab though.

Comment by Amon

now that’s one delicious Gundam

Comment by Avengerfate

Must have Quanta! Actually, I want them all, but Quanta’s the one I want most.

Comment by Gundam Sol

The GN sword seems a little thin, I bet the “bits” will combine with it or something.

I like the fact that it simplified the design of the 00 Raiser and combined it with Exia, in a way. From what I see, it’s pretty damn badass.

Also digging Lockon’s new suit, especially the fact that even the show cannon recognizes the fact that the second Lockon preferred the double guns over sniping.

Comment by DarkCode

awesome designs can’t wait for more news to pour in!

Comment by Zero

arms, body, & legs still looked almost similiar to the Exia..

Comment by H_R

[…] immagini arrivano da SRW hotnews e sono state riprese sia da Cosmic Era Blog che da Faith – che he ha aggiunto un’altra […]

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Awesome pictures! I love the look of Gundam 00 Quanta!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Hehe bow down to your savior, codename: v has been vanquished

Comment by SRWSaviour

Hey, looks like Lockon and Allelujah`s Gundam is switching color for each other

Comment by amuro0093

^err what the heck do you mean? They didnt swap color schemes…..the only thing is that Zabaniya doesnt have more green like Cherudim and Dynames had.

Comment by Zero

is it just me or does Lockon’s gundam look like an artillery type than a long-range.

Comment by Da Virgin-izer

I’m not impressed by the 00 quanta.
First thing is the asymetrical design and the fact that it uses bits.
Second is that i can only figure out where 1 GN drive goes, if the other is in the large shoulder piece then i’ll deslike it even more.
It looks like a quick patchwork of an exia and 00 with an 0 raiser binder,

The other units look good but Setsuna’s unit looks like some cheap improvised piece of crap.

Comment by ZR0

Not surprised on how 00 Quanta was designed, bcoz we got the hint it is built from Exia, which has a GN Drive behind. That mins the rifle bits/fangs is less likely to be placed in a backpack… possibly the shoulders or a shield because the hips will store swords -trademark of 00 Gundam and Exia… I was true then, on the sheild…

The chest armor seriously needs vents, they look like Zaku’s chest with a GN rive at the center to me. Large hips followed by slimmer feet, maybe the legs are borrowed from Tallgeese.

Comment by EXkurogane

so…only 1 gn drive?

Comment by 00 hater

Too early to tell how many GN Drives, but it does seem to have only one, but considering that I had a hard time eying where 2nd season GN drives were on any suit that wasn’t the 00.

So I guess we shall see.

Comment by DarkCode

Hmm..looks like 00 Qan{T} is equipped with the GN Sword 4.

Comment by don't mind me

i found the pict of the 4 new gundam

00 quanta:



Comment by nanonanopuding

00 QanT probably has one GN drive in the torso and the other its left shoulder.
Its not looking as powerful as the 00 raiser and i prefer symmetrical suits rather than this odd creation.

Comment by ZR0

1 GN Drive on the shoulder? Cant be, then the thrust will be unbalanced… I think the flash we see is the flash of the fangs being released…

Comment by EXkurogane

I doubt the new 00 will have two drives. One of the drives was completely wasted by the last fight and True GN drives are basically impossible to make as far as the entire cast agrees.

Comment by Amon

Actually, now that I think about it, I bet there are two on the back, reduced in size somehow, or merged. I highly doubt that it would have one drive, as that would be a considerable downgrade from the previous incarnation. Though, I could be wrong, it could be more efficient in some manner.

Comment by DarkCode

Its freaking 00 gundam and people are saying it isn’t going to have two drives. I find that a bit silly. and I doubt the 0 gundam’s drive was destroyed in its final battle. It was probably just damaged at most. A gn drive explosion would definitely be much larger than the explosion that the 0 gundam had. And prettier. with a large amount of flashy green lights. I mean really. Do you think that the explosion of an infinite power source would be the size of the explosion in the end of season 2?

Comment by SwordsRCool

LOL@Gundam Raphael: so they made Seravee into a PS3 Slim, but then attached 2 XBox power supplies to it? XD

Anyway, the GN Drive discussion is poinless, could go on forever. But it’d be funny if each iteration of 00 would include an additional GN Drive, haha.
Whatever you do, Bandai, don’t place GN Drives on elbows EVER 😛

Comment by Nakano

People who think being nearly cleaved in two is just simple damage need to get a crash course in reality.
And yeah, the Raphael looks like a giant box. Lame.
And just for spite I hope the new 00 has 4 drives. On the elbows and knees!

Comment by Amon

About the number of GN drives: Anything with the designation “00” has 2 GN drives.

@EXkurogane, seeing as it has a large shield attached to its shoulder its already unbalanced.
GN drives hace levitation properties and a GN thruster on the opposite shoulder would help balance thrust.

Comment by ZR0

00 Quanta seems to remind me of Nu Gundam, doesn’t anyone think so?

Comment by msea

I think Quanta is like Nu Gundam too, but with Hi-Nu Gundam color ^^
So Coool

Comment by Hikoza

Placing GN Drives on elbows is one of the dumbest idea, just like Reborns… Once the arm is chopped off in battle the Gundam is finished…

I think 00 Quanta copied Reborns more, with the funnels (i’ll call then funnels, easier) are fixed on the edges of the shield. At least i’m liking new designs.

I never had any intention to buy Gundam 00 plamo other than waiting for MG 00 Raiser… Guess i’m getting the 1/100 Raphael, because i’m a sucker of huge models…

Comment by EXkurogane

Uhm Ngee Khiong,images from Gundam 00 Special Edition/Movie

Alcune viste – Quanta,Raphael etc,ma questa sotto no..
Some views,Quanta,Raphael etc, but this seems to me no

Comment by Debris

the name of 00 Qan[T] reminds me of GN-Drive[T] D: lol.. maybe Quanta use GN-Drive Tau XD LOLOLOL

Comment by NK

[…] inevitabilmente arriverà – immettiamo le immagini che da ieri circolano sulla rete grazie ad SRW hotnews che riprende informazioni dal sempre attento 19.04 SECONDS .il cui servizio si dimostra di rara […]

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did…did that old guy just kissed reborn??? and “do it” afterward? leaving reborn with pantsu only(check the reflection)???

and i see shotas and a loli….

Comment by 00 hater

It would be cool if the Quanta had funnel swords. Hope to see what Rapheal’s all about.

Comment by InjuredPelican

Is it just me, or does it seem like 00 Quanta’s fins are GN Blade fins? I mean it got the GN blade greenish color blade on it.

GN Sword Bits FTW!

Comment by Gerbera

00 Quanta si OK…design is based allmost like exia!helmet changed obously due they were new models…Gundam Raphale’s GN-Cannon doesn’t make any sense BIG-Cannons look like a box from behind Raphael(doesn’t make any sense) – GN Cannons..its better they used the design of selavee placing abit Virtues design…btw 00 Quanata alamost like exia.

Comment by Destiny42

its been uploaded.

Comment by Zero

wow! this movie is verry god i see he annonced a games for this film ^^bapresto

Comment by ikki28

Thank you, Zero!

Comment by Nakano

So is Tieria cyber commuting? Zero’s video shows him as a hologram. Same in the pics. Does gundam Raphael even have a cockpit? I honestly thought he would pull a Ribbons and have a second body grown and download into it. I guess if he stays merged with Veda, there is no question of security against outside sources.

Comment by gundamtome

^^He’s pretty much similar to 874(Hanayo) from the 00P series now, so I don’t think he would need a 2nd body.

Comment by Guara

Well, if an innovator can upload there consciousness into Veda, I wonder if it works both ways? I wonder about the racks/pods on Zanbaniya. Do they store ammo? Maybe derringer-style pistols like Meryl Stryfe (Trigun), or some payload?

Is Harute sporting two handheld weapons? Looks similar to the GN Beam Pistol II.

Comment by BlueAleseides

well, i probably agree with other that 00 Qan[t] is great and awesome…the new design,new look,new weapon especially the GN blade bit(can’t wait it action in the movie…then Harute in flight mode it kinda big but it where awesome in gundam mode…the weapon used is kinda similar with 00-Raiser GN Sword/Rifle but it can be used both exactly in a same time(i think)…zabanya, 1st i see it look similar like Virtue or Seravee…the container at it back still dunno what exactly it function is but i think the container was design for put the new GN rifle…in sniping mode Zabanya look Dynames where forehead scope is using and the eye are close…in last upgrade it look very similar with the Dynames…huhuhu…Raphael, i stiil dunno it capability…it kinda look similar with Innovator unit…the face look similar with Nadleeh…and the big part at it back dunno but it maybe something secret(probably the hidden unit like Nadleeh or Seraphim, i think)…about the weapon(beam weapon) i think it look like GN bazooka and it detachable and wire-guided, giving them a far greater field of fire and range of movement…

Comment by darkmagnum91

well 00QuanT looks sweet but im curious about the new form of the GN drive i mean that would mean that 00 QuanT will be shown later in tha movie plus same goes for Raphael cause they lost seravees gn drive too. so i guess we will see Harute and Zanbanya early in tha movie. hahah harute is a two seater(wonder how that would work lol)You know BAndai something this big they wont hesitate to release

Comment by shindy117

awesome !!!

Comment by faak

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