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Gundam 00 Movie Trailer
October 28, 2009, 10:38 am
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Comment by 00 hater

still so long till 2010. wonder the movie will come out 1st or the plamo

Comment by 00 hater


Comment by ninjaclown


Comment by Avengerfate

LOVE the Qan[T]

Comment by Jynx23

LOL trailer leaves me drooling

Comment by F U 00 Hater

Damn this is epic!

Comment by Zabannya

well this certainly only make the waiting even more painful (T_T)

Comment by Alexus_Z3

Wohooo awesome trailer seems that Quanta using Sword Fang? Bits? definitely Setsuna signature

and also Can’t wait for what Raphael got in store XD

harute just look plain evil

no comment for Zabanya for now

Comment by codename:Gay


Bandai reveal so much about the MS in Gundam 00 Movie so early so that they can release plamo of these Gundam early, maybe even before the movie is officially released. Then all the idiots will buy the plamos and when you watched the movie, the “final batttle” of the movie introduce upgrades in weaponry so that Bandai can kitbash more. I’m not going to buy any Gundam 00 plamos till i have watched the movie…

Comment by EXkurogane

Could they end up for a third season instead??

Comment by pulge

I’m hoping for an upgrade, especially for 00.
That Qan[T] does’nt look as intimidating as 00 raiser. It reminds me of exia repair, but with a shield instead of a cloak.

Comment by ZR0


They can only keep doing armed interventions and stuff for so long so if it ends with this movie it won’t be bad. However if they do wanna keep it alive and make a sequel series….they better have something good to write about and not fuck it over like Destiny

As for the trailer, it defines the word epic ^__^

Comment by Zero

I thought it looked like Exia Repair as well. The funnels look pretty cool. It looked like some had a gn blade edge, so maybe they’ll form swords, or maybe one big sword, or add on to his main sword making it mondo huge. I’m glad to have seen more of the hero suits now, but I’m looking forward to the enemy mecha as well. Maybe there’ll be another badass throne gundam.

Comment by InjuredPelican

One question, what is the background music called? Sounds nice.

Comment by gvgn

Its from the 4th Gundam 00 OST it’s track 26 Decisive Battle

Comment by SwordsRCool

thank you swordsRCool. appreciated 😉

Comment by gvgn

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