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New kit reviews: Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 1/100
October 29, 2009, 10:43 pm
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I think its a very cool Gundam

Comment by Daizengar

It looks a little better here than the photos we saw before. Nice to see it has a different armament than the typical giant swords or giant guns of most Gundams.

Comment by Hiro

Can’t help to notice that somehow the plastic quality looks really cheap…

Comment by codename:Gay

This looks terrible. The design and the plastic quality. Maybe SEED models really do need to die…

Comment by InjuredPelican

it makes me think of one of those mutants from the game ‘Dead Space’

Comment by Da Virgin-izer

And i thought seed designs could’nt get any worse.
Burn it!

Comment by ZR0

Looks like a dino on crack who found a can of purple paint last night. Fucker needs some serious painting and conversion work to look decent.

Comment by Amon

I feel ashamed to have actually thought of buying it after looking at these photos…

Comment by plutoniumhunter

Looks like some power ranger machine shit. Wow, this fucking thing looks like garbage

Comment by gvgn


Comment by Master P Rayer

^ They’ve all said everything I wanted to say and more and more and more.

Still, it could have been worse… of course, there is no design that can beat the original Astrays, this one shouldn’t be an exception.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

why must they name it gundam and making it a variation of astray? cant they make not-a-gundam ms anymore? it would be a better ms without the 2-in-1 head.

Comment by 00 hater

The Gundam-head mode isn’t all that bad… just an Astray with some mods. The transformation, though, is hideous and redundant.

Comment by Kenji

Can’t understand, why you don’t like it. This is quite unique design for Gundam. Well, plastics could be better, but model itself is great,IMHO.
Not to mention, it reminds me Lego Bionicles.

Comment by Rune

Not to mention, it reminds me Lego Bionicles.

Which is a sad thing in itself…

Comment by Nova MK X

“This is quite unique design for Gundam”

that’s the problem for me. if we don’t consider it has a gundam face, and it as a astray variation, then it is indeed a unique design for a “mobile suit”. there are so many possibility of unique design for ms, but somehow bandai just have to put some gundam element on it.

Comment by 00 hater

Have a mixed feeling… First picture is just straight awful. But seeing other mode…eh. It’s actually good. The feet and blue face is the disservice.

Comment by gestaltaddict

The feet and blue face are *awesome*, you mean.

Comment by darkslime

this thing is so wrong in so many level (although it does look a bit cool, but not for a real-type robot)
big hand sword and than you have a Katana? from the design point of with, the hand sword’s mass will greatly increase the inertia of the swing, meaning it will swing the Katana at much slow speed than had it without the hand sword. And why the hell do u need to turn your head? it is just so wrong.

If this were in one of the super robot anime, I’m all for it. But not Gundam. this is too astray even for Gundam!

Comment by realgundam


Like they ever carried about physics laws in Gundam. Not this lol-physics about Minovsky Particle, GN Particles and anything else, but real physics laws.

Comment by Rune

Minovsky and GN particles are actually applied concepts of Quantum physics. Minovsky particles are actually realistic and GN particles are in theory possible at the furthest reaches of Quantum technology. That includes their effects.
You’d be surprised at how many engineers actually find many concepts in Gundam not only plausible and actually based on true concepts of this age. Orbital elevators and cylindrical colonies alone have been tossed around as viable future concepts for the better half of a century.

Comment by Amon

@Amon & realgundam
It’s true that realism can add some plus points in an anime, and the addition of real-life (or close to) physics can convincing and ‘wow’ us.
However, too much realism can reduce the enjoyment we should gain from an anime. This is a fiction work that was created to entertain us, not some documentary or a boring physics class. So forgive them to put flashy elements like, say, gundam with gold joints, or a Mobile Suit that carried impractical giant sword around. What do you have against it? It’s not like those designs are made for your Army, and you worried that your tax is going to be wasted on some impractical giant robots. Too much realism will make the show boring, we all know that. Yet, some people still pointing out minor details,blaming the designer how stupid they are making such impossible design, like “wtf, golden ms?!wtf?!”. Or some people bragging their knowledges about technology “such weapon is highly unefficient…blah,blah”. That impress me not. Don’t worry Amon & realgundam, I’m not talking about you two. I’m talking about some people that put up a long but meaningless post full with homosexual swearing.

Comment by reeoyuy

@ reeoyuy

yup, too much realism is boring, just make sure gundam don’t cross the “super robot” line…. gundam is called real robot for a reason

Comment by 00 hater

do you know what does “real-type” robot means? The whole thing of why Gundam rise above all other anime of the same generation is because of how realistic it’s story and concept are. Most hard core fans love the physics of Gundam universe and what you said is blasphemy to all the detail concepts put into the Gundam series

Comment by realgundam

Not a fan of this one. The gimmicks remind me of ones used for BB/SD kits. But the head is interesting.

Comment by BlueAleseides

theyre coming out with battletoads mecha?!?! oh wait nevermind :p

Comment by jun

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