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New Gundam Seed VS Astray gunpla
November 2, 2009, 1:25 pm
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1/100 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame Second Issue – January 2010


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New Gaia Gundam?

Comment by ninjaclown

looks like zoids to me -_-

Comment by chi

omg what are they doing to the astray series? are they trying to destroy all of its credibility and coolness?

Comment by Busterbeam

@ Busterbeam – I think this Astray is MUCH MORE nicer than the initial release, but that’s my opinion.

Plus, what it looks like to me, I think there can be some kit bashing with the 2 kits.

Comment by otarolgam

u mean like having the 1st mirage riding the 2nd mirage?

Comment by 00 hater

btw i like the initial astray…now its just….seed destiny…

Comment by 00 hater

at least its not using the cheap method of parts swapping. besides, this kit has the most innovation from all the vs astray kits released so far.

Comment by darkvenom

hahaha zoids

Comment by Mendagu


Yeah, I agree but what still got me wonder… is this a Gundam?

Comment by LM

Wow… looks like a franken to me…

Comment by plutoniumhunter

Zoids Zoids , Zoids Of the Jungle~
Meet the TarzannNN~ Mirage!

Comment by Wulala

Bandai, ye put a zoid in the gundam line up. Fix this blunder immediately, then close down the design dept for seed kits, Permanently!

I’m still waiting for an MG or HG Nightingale.

Comment by ZR0

this does not deserve the name Astray if it can’t stand on one leg

Comment by Tenryu

@LM it’s “Astray” Gundam 😀
we should new a new series XenoGundam… not to confuse with Xenogear…

Comment by realgundam

You could say that the Astray line is going astray.

Yeah, that was awful.

Comment by AnotherAnon


Comment by EXkurogane

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