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Endless Frontier EXCEED Limited Edition
November 13, 2009, 1:55 pm
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Endless Frontier EXCEED will be released on February 25th 2010. price 6,279 yen (normal) and 9,429 yen for limited edition.


Pre-Order bonus is a drama CD. Limited Edition come with Complete Soundtrack and Gate of Endless Frontier characters artbook.


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3 months to actual release, there ARE going to be new characters except the 2 heroes, right ? Banpresto isn’t that much of ASS, right ? And they are going to make one of Tales of character a cameo, RIGHT ? RIGHT ?!

Comment by Nt01

Wow. I want this collection edition. Hope, they’ll make something like this for western release.

Comment by Rune

There will definitely be more new characters.

You can see one here:

Most probably another from the Shura race.

Comment by iron2000

3 months ? r u sure ?

Comment by machete

Sigh. It says right there what the release date will be. Why would you even bother asking if someone is sure when you can check for yourself…

Comment by Milkman Dan

I hope they release an English version of this. 😀

Comment by Mark

Is this some kind of eroge or something?! (I know it isn’t) Look at the oppai of the female characters!

Comment by tamerchris

Can anyone please let me know when to get SRT EXCEED limited edition in english version after japanese is released.

Comment by Colby

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