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Upcoming new SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya
November 17, 2009, 3:11 pm
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RPT-007K-P2 Production Model Gespenst Mk-II Custom (Albero)

Release date: March 2010

Price: 4,725 yen

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AWWW YEEEEAAAH!! I was thinking if I ever got the MK II Kai version I would try and create a makeshift F2W cannon for it. But now they released this!! AWESOME!

Comment by F97 X-1

I wanted Hugo’s unit….

Comment by hellsoldier

Isn’t it time we got 1/100 versions of Gespenst and Weissritter

Comment by Hanzkaz

Anyone know where to buy this when it’s available?

Comment by Ssekle


It’ll be available in March.

Oh man, it’s got the Cry Wolves logo. I am very tempted to get this, and I already have Kai’s version.

Comment by Hiro

Decal by Kotobukiya? now that’s new…

Comment by H_R

The Cry-Wolves in OGG are only just a tiny role player for a tiny plot that can never be fulfilled and probably being created just to satisfied faggots only, the same goes for this Genspenst Custom model as well which is just an ordinary Genspenst remake equipped with an Akira-inspired beam launcher. Man, doesn’t this add more LAME factor to the OG franchise? I can see why MOE eyecandies and GAY manliness homosexuals overshadow all the OG mech designs because SRW is no longer about mech but indulging in pervert fantasies. Tomino was right about games are EVIL

Comment by codename:v

It’s not a beam launcher though. It’s a ballistic cannon. So much for CV actually playing the games.
Regardless, I’d rather they make Gilliam’s RV at this point. It is nice that Koto is finally realizing that doing new newers models is more appealing.

Comment by Amon

Damn, man, time to bust out the rust-red paint for MAXIMUM IGNITION.

Comment by RRS

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