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November 23, 2009, 4:41 pm
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MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka


MG Gundam G-3 Ver. 2.0



Mobile Suit Gundam UC OAV


HGUC Geara-Zulu – December, 1,890 yen

HGUC RGZ-95 ReZEL – January, 2,100 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam 00I: 1 Gundam


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what’s msvr it’s a new mobil suit gundam based on the story of UC ????

Comment by ikki28

No buddy. MSV stands for Mobile Suit Variation. It’s basically the designers taking existing MS and making some tweaks to them.

Comment by AceWhatever

Dopp core booster huh ._.
Oddly cool somehow

Comment by Ed

Could this be Okawara’s response to the OO-Raiser?

Comment by Zro

a zeon mobile suit with a core fighter?

Comment by Wookieman

actually it’s not Okawara’s design…it’s a reader’s design…and Okawara choose it as the winner…

Comment by costriker

Nope. That is Okawara’s concept for Christmas Zaku Custom piloted by Santa Claus. The color scheme really looks like one…

Comment by EXkurogane

It’s no Zaku though…

Comment by AirMaster

*Mistake, Gouf…

Comment by EXkurogane

This is no Zaku, boy!

Comment by InjuredPelican

I’d love a series of MSV. Watching chars gundam and amuros going head to head would rock.

Comment by ZR0

@injured pelican

lol….no zaku….

Comment by 00 hater

Whatever, Okawara’s senile syndromes are all over Bandai’s design department with all these effortless rehashed works.

Here we have a Gouf variation with an escape pod made out of a Dopp fighter, which docks onto its back like how Gundams such as GP01, GP03, F-90Y, RX-99 and most mobile fighters did with their piggy back corefighters. The corefighter idea was conceptualized by the RX-78-2 itself and this Gouf or whatever-it’s-name-is turns out nothing more but a cheap copycat of Operation V suits, which add more LAME to the whole MSV-R line and R is for Retard.

Comment by codename:v

Well at least V has no idea what he’s talking about with the Gp series core fighters =A=;
They’re the same as the RX-78’s since they make up the whole midsection of the MS. This is almost completely different since there’s no seperation of the shoulders and legs.

Comment by Ed

Here we go… again… I just love how CV grunts…

This core fighter Gouf is more of less same like the Zaku Splendor in SEED Destiny MSV, where the Impulse’s core splandor technology (whatever it’s called) is tested in a Zaku as a prototype. Nothing appealing really…

Comment by EXkurogane

I think this is the original mobile suit Grand prix that Kunio Okawara choose as a winner. It said that the pilot is Garma Zabi. The Dopp name is Ritual Dopp.

Comment by Jet

I think it’s Little Dopp.

Comment by Virgo

Personally, I think the whole idea of a Zeon suit with a “core-fighter” is in line with Gundam’s (sometimes)realistic depiction of warfare in that the Zeon, after seeing the effectiveness of the Gundam’s core block system in combat, tried to develop their answer to that system and likely found it too expensive to put into production, which should be noted is the same conclusion the Federals came to. Overall, I think this round of MS-V, while not the most “modern-looking” are some of the most “realistic” designs to come out in a long time, at least within the accepted tech setting of the UC. I especially like the idea of the Hi-Mo Ground type Zaku that came out a while ago.

Comment by reidjou4342

umm why are there feddies in a zeon hanger in that last pic?

Comment by Wookieman


That’s a legitimate question, I’m curious aswell

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Well. At least, previously, Zeon has its own ‘core fighter’, the Zeong’s head.

Comment by Epsilon_013

I think the feddies are just checking the weird MS they found in California Base after Zeon lost it.

Comment by Virgo

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Maybe it’s supposed to be a Feddie design, trying to adapt Zeon equipment captured after the OYW.

Comment by Rob K

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