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Scans Hobby Japan January 2010
November 26, 2009, 8:36 pm
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Download (Mediafire, 65 pages)

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65 pages?

wow, it’s already three months in row we didn’t get full scans

Comment by Vandalier

Vandalier : you are right but it’s more than nothing, no ? if it isn’t satisfying you : buy it.

Comment by yoshinori

@Vandalier: the same vandalier from
sampe sini juga ya?

Wonder there will be a pic about MG V ver Ka there…
thx anyway..

Comment by MaftyNavue

… and, will there be Model Graphix this month? Although its a shadow of the magazine it used to be, it’s still nice to look at.

Thanks, MR SRW for all of your hard work (whether I get the MG or not)!

Comment by Dman


I’d buy Hobby Japan along with Dengeki Hobby and Gundam Ace if only it was available in my country, or at least on my continent

Comment by YessMasster

Wow,so many members on this site as well ^_^

Comment by robostrike

He comes the mirrors as usual ( but this time I don’t know if this is really necessary cause the file is very little bah.. in any ways here the mirrors.. )


Comment by kain the supreme

I’m in France and here they are not available but if I really want some of them I import them.

Comment by yoshinori

[…] SRW hotnews รจ riuscita a “stanare” abituiamoci purtroppo a usare questo vocabolo,65 pagine – soltanto 14.05 MB – dedicate al numero datato Gennaio 2010 della rivista Hobby Japan Magazine e li ha proposti su un link Mediafire. […]

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Model Graphix Dec 2009, Dont know if this is the right one but heres the latest i could find:

Comment by someone

ops the first link is write in the wrong way sorry:

Comment by kain the supreme

Megaupload Mirror

Comment by acidburn

why why again not full scant,is any wrong or is will be no free scant,ups but thank for sharing

Comment by gerhana

Is there a Nov 2009 issue of Hobby Japan here? thanks

Comment by Ricky

hello I was wondering if anyone could get the Perfect grade gundam 00 0 raiser scans to a higher res….i live in the usa and i believe i cant get ahold of the mag, please could someone help me out…i would be ever so greatful

Comment by Dannyxzero

Oh crap, no SD Sangokuden kit column….

Comment by sbhboi

is there any full scan with high quality picture ?

Comment by ImmortalCollsaur

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