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More pics from Dengeki Hobby January 2010
November 29, 2009, 12:15 am
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Cybaster 1/144


Production Model Gespenst Mk-II Custom (Albero) 1/144 – March 2010, 4,725 yen
Granzon (non-scale) – January 2010, 6,090 yen


Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE + V.O.B

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I like this version of Cybuster

Comment by Daizengar

I agree with Daizengar with this version

Comment by MaxHD2490

wow new cybaster tht is very great

Comment by Asakim

Is this Cybuster kit going to be molded in chrome?
It looks really nice.

Comment by Rygel

Fuckyeah ALbero/Hugo Gespenst >w<

Comment by Ed

Rygel and Asakim, this Cybaster kit is already selling last few weeks… this version is modeled by one of the modelers… pls look before commenting

Comment by RJ

It’s just a custom paint job of the 1/144 Cybuster kit.

Comment by Hiro

You can never get enough of Psybuster-the mascot of Banpresto’s SRW OG line of white elephants which as powerful as they looked like but turned out to be a bunch of pushovers. Seriously, characters designed based on GAR for Masaki Ando and Aniki don’t necessary make good mechs and Psybuster no doubt went down in history for being the worst OG mech of all. Even the Daizengar is just as overrated as the Psybuster…

Things are really getting boring with Dengeki Hobby, especially with their OG sections which are nothing more than old designs made out of sheer fagboyism and eyecandy figurines solely for fagservices. BORING

Comment by codename:v

I’m so sorry for you V. while everyone enjoy looking at the magz, but you alone aren’t. So why you still post your comment here?!

Comment by Epsilon_013

You can never get enough of Psybuster-the mascot of Banpresto’s SRW OG line
….but SRX/Branpreios is Banpresto’s mascot…

Comment by lxs

I am really sorry.

Comment by codename:v

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