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December 1, 2009, 1:55 pm
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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (DS)

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Comment by Axel Almer

Seems we’re getting an anime opening as well.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Axel & Alfimi!!! now we get 2 original charater from this serie!!!
What the great 😀

P.S. 2nd pic is Milk competition? (I still prefer Kaguya hahaha…)

Comment by NhEuOi

Finally, a sequel of OG Gaiden (I think) for Axel Aruma and Alfimi. This is gonna be awesome. Thanks a lot mr superrobotwars. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Now OG Saga has even more ties with OG-verse. This is awesome developement of OG Gaiden ending!

Comment by Rune

yay, Axel went from a nice character to being a lame ass companion to Alfimi, and now gets featured in a crappy game series like Mugen…

Keep up the good work

Comment by Anonymous

Let’s see, according to the 1st scan and 3rd scan, Alfimi and Axel Aruma had a shock memories after the event of SRW OG Gaiden (once again, I guess), which Axel is called “Mister Blade.” It reminds me of SRW AP’s story. Not bad and nice story Bandai Namco Games. I like it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

Axel and Alchemie in OG Exceed ?

Count me in, first day Purchase !

Comment by Nova MK X

[…] Frontier EXCEED December 1, 2009 at 9:49 am | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment Over here you can see some new pics for Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (DS), with more […]

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Still waiting for the Tales of cameo Banpresto was talking about awhile ago.

Comment by Nt01

Still waiting for OG3!

Comment by Folka

HOLY FUCK!!! Axel and Alfimi as plyable characters?! This is beyond awesome!

Comment by F97 X-1


Comment by AlteisenNacht

Oh boy… AXEL AND ALCHEMIE? DAMN this is just…awesome! And the OP movie will be done by XEBEC?

Comment by don't mind me

Jesus christ, girl. Put on some damn pants.

Comment by Netmonmatt

Wheres the OG3 announcement?

Comment by ottotto

^No, it’s better that way!

Awesome, Axel Almer and Alfimi are back! Yahoo! So wait, this is him and Alfimi from after OG Gaiden? So is the Mugen series in the same universe as the OG series, or did Axel and Alfimi travel to the Mugen universe?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

well it seems for once they adding thing that wanted but still Endless frontier
should have stopped there not exceeded
that’s my opinion
But still a nice improvement

Comment by DevilCrusher


It is obvious from the first, that EF is in the same OG Verse as OGs and OGG.
EF is just one of the alternate universes withi OG-verse.
If I recall correctly, Axel went to explore results of operation Endless Frontier in the end of OGG, so, his appearance in Exceed is development of OGG ending.

Comment by Rune

yes! ultra good a op anime verrrrrrryyyy nice

Comment by ikki28

the first thing that went through my head when i saw this was “Ass Kickers Unite!” from Brutal Legends.

that pretty much sums my feelings on this right there.

Comment by Avasuule

Axel and Alfimi should’ve stayed buried. OGG cheapened their deaths and now this?

Christ, where the hell is my OG3?!

Comment by glemtvapen

It’s great to have Axel & Alfimi (Alchimie), Axel is my favorite OG character.

The fist question I had in mind “is this game going to be released in the US like the fist one?” will the fist game came out almost a year after the Japanese release

We must contact Atlus and get a confirmation about the game being released sooner or not.

Comment by SHEHABXZA

Another Endless Frontier game? Just a Folka pastiche and Princess Shine with a boob job, I wonder what the fuss is all abou-

Comment by Nitramy


Comment by dygenguard

I see that Axel’s moves are identical to Soulgain, no wonder, Soulgain uses a Direct Feedback System, but then, how will Axel uses Genbu Godan

Comment by Nt01

If it isn’t faggots still can’t get enough of fagservices, no matter how lame the service really is. The addition of Alfimi and Axel don’t add any credits to this fagservice game but show how effortless Banpresto have become since Endless OG’s debut a year ago. Just how many more lame fagservices we have to see before OG3 is going to become a reality? It also shows that SRW faggotry has always been about shallow eyecandies and GAY boys daydreams of hotbloodness, still GAR about Axel Larmar?

It’s pretty convenient isn’t it? With all the old OG characters and mechs in the dirty old folders, designers at Banpresto don’t even have to crack more brain juice to whip up new designs because Banpresto is currently run by idiots obsessed with shallow eyecandies like their 00 counterparts as well, no wonder Bandai is full of dumb people these days and their target market are now the dumb faggots today, include those replying to this comment.

Comment by codename:v

That is so, so true. But you know what? People like that.

Comment by Anonymous

Ladies and mentlegen, I give you PROJECTION.

Any first-year psych student would figure that one out in a heartbeat, so we’ll give your a little of our pity, Toh Seng Kai, then move on.


Comment by Nitramy

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