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Upcoming new kits
December 2, 2009, 1:43 pm
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HGUC Stark Jegan – February, 2,310 yen


MG GN-X – January, 3,780 yen


VF-27 Beta Lucifer Valkyrie Normal Type  – February, 5,775 yen


HGUC ReZEL – January, 2,100 yen


SD Unicorn Gundam – February, 1,050 yen


HG Reborns Gundam (Trans-Am Mode) Gloss Injection Ver. – January, 1,890 yen


HG Susanowo (Trans-Am Mode) Gloss Injection Ver. – January, 1,575 yen


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There goes my cash again…

Comment by plutoniumhunter

HGUC ReZel seems to catch my eye more so than the other kits, transforming gimmick and the successor to the ReGZ, make it a worthy kit to purchase, as expected an Action Base 1 is probably needed to hold the weight of the kit without toppling over.

Comment by F97 X-1

except for the slight pinkish tint, the reborns trans am doesn’t look any different from the regular one. i’ll definitely pass this one off and go for the regular one instead.

Comment by flamerounin

currently getting the MG GN-X and SD Unicorn..
hopefully ReZel will be the next Unicorn MG (I heard they will announce new unicorn MG at march 2010?)

Comment by MaftyNavue

Hope Jesta & Delta plus are already on planning

Comment by Rekkou

Man these are tight! I love Reborns Gundam! Its almost as cool as SEED Destiny!

Comment by codename:v

Crap. Trans-Am Susanowo and Reborns is only slightly pinkish… Nothing special…

Comment by EXkurogane

it wasnt colored red coz they don’t like to make it 3x faster..

Comment by DeadlySyn

What on earth happened to the dates on the posts?

Comment by darkslime

That ReZEL is tempting. An MG of the ReZEL squad leader would be a sure buy for me.

Comment by ZR0

SD Unicorn is made of win.

Comment by Amon

what is that kits?

Comment by dygenguard

I’ve already ordered an MG GN-X from HLJ. I’m so glad I didn’t give up waiting for a 1/100 version ,and started buying the 1/144 GN-X-type kits as substitutes (Luckily the ‘colour scheme’ stickers put me off). Once again, I’m hoping that Bandai have MG Thrones on the drawing board.

MGs or 1/100s of the Jegans and ReZels would also be welcome, as well as other mecha from ‘Gundam Unicorn’.

The green VF-27’s coming out a lot quicker than I expected. That increases the list of Macross Frontier kits I want to collect to seven, so far. I’ll have to play catch-up some day.

Comment by Hanzkaz

I’m a little disappointed by the swapable torso & waverider mode parts on ReZEL, like with Zeta Gundam (but I’m not surprised). Still looks great though. With each release from the UC series, I think, ‘finally’. Removeable armor for Stark Jegan is a nice bonus.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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