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Endless Frontier EXCEED new gameplay clip
December 4, 2009, 4:05 pm
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Well, that video confirms Alfima and Axel share a character slot

Comment by Macodaz

So there are 10 playable characters for the time being ? are there going to be more I wonder, there are high possibility that there are none, but we will have to wait and see.

Comment by Nt01


Comment by don't mind me

Oh man, Atlus HAS to translate this one. It has everything the previous game had and more!

Comment by Menthus

Code Kirin! Delicious Alfimi! ARKGAIN! Oh lord this better come to the US!

Comment by F97 X-1

No doubt about it, Endless OG sells on eyecandies and OG mechs are nothing more but props pop out like tools and then disappear. I can see how the 00 shallowness has really dry out Banpresto creativity, who needs creativity these days? It doesn’t have to take a genius to figure out how to make cash cows out of faggots, faggots are just easy to make suckers with. Therefore it’s perfectly okay with all the effortless craps which are the reasons why ACG today has drop in quality and standards because many anime companies turned to prostitution for profits, no wonder Tomino said videogames are evil because of the ongoing whoring trend in the ACG world. How embarrassing ACG has become today and faggots are to be blamed.

Comment by codename:v

I like the combos in this game 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

keep your thoughts to yourself CV

Comment by MaxHD2490

The fact that Axel is using Vysaga’s moves makes this whole thing worth it SO MUCH.

Comment by RRS

Can they put anymore weapons on the Alt… =\

Comment by lxs

Sure they can. I never got why it was supposed to be imbalanced given that it has huge legs to support the weight of it anyway, even without any teslas drives working to support the rest of it.

Comment by Amon

I like that red-on-black Gespenst with the beam sword! And the last blue one sort of reminds me of the Guyver with its elbow blades and what not. I’m not entirely sure, so maybe someone can enlighten me, but do the mechs in these Endless Frontier games have pilots or are they just, well, robots? Hopefully one of you kind folks can give me some idea.

Comment by arkeothehedgehog

They are three meter tall automated robots. No personality, just basic battle programming

Comment by KBTKaiser

Thanks for the info. Sounds interesting.

Comment by arkeothehedgehog


Go die in a corner.
If you don’t like OG Exceed, don’t read the news and ignore it.
‘Hating’ it like this just shows how jealous you are about the game, don’t have a DS, i suppose, eh ?

Tough rocks pal, get a life, then get a job and buy all the Gay Porn you want, since you seem to like it so much, seeing how often you mention it. (Dr. Freuds theory about hating what you want the most)

Comment by Nova MK X

you sure do love repeating crap over and over like the bitter little troll you are
what Tomino say about video games being evil and a waste of time is total bull****. what about anime and manga? there are some games that has a good story, messages, and entertain people just like Tomino anti-war messages in the animes he directed. he may be right about some things but saying its evil is a bit much.
and shutup with the “eyecandy is for fags” bullcrap. there nothing wrong with a little fanservice for the fans. why do you have to make it such a big deal. thats is why alot of people here think you are gay.

Comment by GS

People still be bothered by CV? O_o

Comment by Duo Maxwell

More like ‘agitated to the extreme’

Comment by Nova MK X

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