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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn official PV 2
December 5, 2009, 2:46 pm
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Youtube link (may still be processing)

Comment by Nabes

actualy some anon has been trying to put the video on YouTube twice because some people can’t stream it on official website.
but both of the link has been removed probaly by Bandai, why they bother to do that even though they gonna release it internasional?

and here the higher bitrate video

Comment by akp47

The video above works, well, until Bandai deletes it later.

Comment by Nabes

Well, it’s gone. Try the mediafire link instead.

Comment by Nabes

It has a nice theme song, wonder if that will be for credits or for the opening

Comment by Macodaz

Awesome PV! It does indeed have a nice theme song, but I think it’s going to be the ending. I expect the opening song to be a faster J-pop or J-rock song.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

It doesn’t work with Youtube but it does with Dailymotion.

Comment by Jefferson

Super awesome! I hope this series is as good as 00 Gundam!

Comment by codename:v

“I expect the opening song to be a faster J-pop or J-rock song.”

I honestly don’t think it would fit Unicorn. Despite the fact that, Unicorn does look like a more…hmm…emotional story? Well, I just don’t think rock or fast songs would fit it too well.

Comment by gvgn

thats good comment about Gundam unicorn’s songs I agree with gvgn

Comment by MaxHD2490


Actually, I have a feeling that it won’t have an OP at all; Unicorn’s not the kind of story that warrants one.

Comment by J-Lead

Vry Nice….

Comment by ottotto

wtf… the first image already gives me an impression of Kamille and that freak Four Murasame… Can’t they be more creative in designing the characters???

Comment by EXkurogane

When Yasuhiko designed the lead for the novel, most people said that they see the Kamille in him despite the dark hair and AE jacket. Now with the OVA coming, the “Kamille” in Banagher is even more visible and now they even see the “Four” in Minerva Zabi.

It is not because the designer wants Banagher to look like Kamille, it’s because Bandai wants it that way. With Zeta’s overrated epicness and EMO characteristics, Kamille has become the epitome of teenage rebellion and angst in the Gundamverse. In the world of UC, anyone capable of harnessing the power of dead people and perform feats such as kamikaze their rivals to death and pulling an asteroid out of Earth’s gravity are considered Godlike. Therefore Bandai think: why not make this new UC boy another Kamille? Afterall the 2nd Neo-Zeon war aka Char’s Counterattack has just ended with both Amuro and Char’s death, so it’s perfectly okay for another “Kamille” to fill in the blank like Zeta, in Bandai’s opinion.

Then again, who the fuck would want to see “Kamille” again? No one is fond of that EMO tearjerker whose interests are older women and Zeta:A New Translation is still a rip-off even with its violence toned down. That’s why Judau Ashta’s sunny and goofy characteristics fill in after Kamille become a retard at the end of the Grysp War.

With so many faggotry sell on nostalgia and sentimental feelings today, it’s not surprising that Bandai would insist Banagher to looked like another “Kamille” because Kamille is the face of teenage angst and raging hormones in the UC verse. Then again, why are we paying so much attentions to the characters when it’s the MECHS details and actions that matter most? At least the mechs aren’t props like those in 00 and only one character is confirmed GAY while 00 has dozens of them.

Kamille? That’s a GIRL name

Comment by codename:v

Cool, looking forward to this

Comment by amuro0093

@gvgn: Yeah, but the song will of course be emotional too. J-pop and J-rock songs can be emotional, just look at RahXephon’s or Gundam 00’s first opening, that’s what I mean. I would prefer the opening to be J-pop though, and sung by a female. I can imagine it already.

@J-Lead: I think that Unicorn can still look good with an opening. If it won’t have one, then that’ll be okay. It’s just that I really want an emotional fast J-pop song to be its opening.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I told you that was on Dailymotion

… Returning to the video .. Theme Song is!!

“Ryuusei no namida” by Chiaki Kuriyama.


Comment by Debris

Sempre Saga!!!

Comment by Debris

Sorry is..ED not theme song….

Comment by Debris

CV bashing Zeta Gundam
i thought he likes UC

Comment by np

If it’s never been painfully obvious before, CV is a troll. What he says carries the least amount of weight that words can carry.

Comment by DarkCode

And I about the name Kamille, I never heard of it before. So I never saw it the same as Camille, therefore I don’t see it as a girl’s name. I also pronounce it differently than “Camille”. I pronounce it as “Kahmille”, which is similar to the Japanese pronounciation, but without the “yu”. I don’t know if it’s right, but if anyone can tell me, then that’d be cool. It also sounds better than “Camille”, because that’s a girl’s name, and I don’t want to think of Kamille as a girl.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

i think the “yu” should be included. camille does have a girl name. if you watch the series, he hated his own name. even got a fight with titan’s soldier who make fun of his girlish name. and the lack of parental love makes him more emo than ever. to those who make fun of his girlish name *wink*, thank you for accepting it as it is. though camille has really nothing to do with banagher… 2 different character.

and minerva = four? why? the hair? nope. the face? nope. the cloth?? oh the cloth? or the fact she is with a boy who has similar hair style as camille? again, they are both different character.

i once judge tieria as a girl pilot. and see how wrong i am…

Comment by 00 hater

what a coincidence. just saw a name at fb a girl with a name of camille…. few mins after i posted here.

Comment by 00 hater

Camille hated his name, but learned to accept it as the series went on. Since he realized that there are bigger things that are infinitely more important than complaining about his name, also accepting a full range of emotions that aren’t all just about how manly someone should be.

Though, then you have repressed fuck ups like CV, who goes to local bathrooms and waits till some guy comes so he can suck him off, and then scream about how anything that could even be sort of be construed as gay erodes gundam.

Comment by DarkCode

Forget everything I said because I want to suck CV’s cock too

Comment by DarkCode

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Comment by DarkCode

what a joke V. You write for long words just to say your opinion that gundam become fag. i better not waste any time for that. just ignore what i don’t like. that proff you not accepted in your society, soo you can have much time to write your complaints in web

Comment by Epsilon_013

[…] is the original:  Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn official PV 2 « SRW Hotnews By admin | category: pv series | tags: also-accepting, bigger-things, full-range, […]

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Wait, wait… CV, why are you bashing a UC show?

Comment by otarolgam

Here is a tip for C.V, stop watching Gundam shows. We would be better off without your stupid comments and u would’nt be pissed off at “fags” and “gays” if u did’nt watch it.

Comment by ZR0

I can’t believe this fraud calls himself a Gundam fan, go take yourself and your homophobic douchebaggery elsewhere troll!

Comment by Uc fan

cant blame cv. its a disorder he has to bear.

he’s just a troll. and like all trolls, enjoy being backsassed and picked on by others. crazy way to have fun, i know. but remember, these kind of people exist.

everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when one abuses that PRIVILEGE, all the respect he thinks he’ll get for a good ‘column’ backfires at him, now nearly everyone hates him…

cv has dawned a new face of flaming and blatant trolling only rivaled by /b/tards and 2ch denizens. maybe cos he’s one of them…

birds of a feather…

anyway, on with the REAL COMMENT for the article.
i think UC will do nice. it’s a good kick-boost to the long-forgotten Universal Century timeline, where gundam started.


its not that he bashes uc. its just that he bashes everything he hates and just cant shut up about it.

Comment by ahead

Heh, so true.

Comment by Uc fan

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