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December 11, 2009, 12:41 am
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MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka

HG Masurao


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Although I already have the Susanowo, I really want the Masurao as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Gundam Sol

MG Victory really a great MG.. it’s box art, it’s color.. but unfortunately my wallet already reserved for the next MG GN-X and maybe MG V2..

Comment by MaftyNavue

MG V Gundam…. Still undecided for a 1/100 scale with a HGUC height… =.= Although i might get it. the price 3990yen seems a bit too high, and yet i want most Protagonist gunplas… unless i can find cheap, just like how i bought my MG Strike Noir for only 4000yen…

Comment by EXkurogane



Comment by asureki0017

@cv “better than itโ€™s previous HG 1/100 version 16 years ago”

1) hg
2) 16 yrs ago

if it is not better then bandai can go to hell

Comment by 00 hater

I hope those joints are strong on V Gundam looks like a mission to transform it. But a really cool kit nonetheless.

Comment by F97 X-1

“why the fuck all these 00 names sound so girlish?”
..because Susanowo sounds girlish but Kshatriya doesn’t? Actually curious about what else can be considered a “girl’s name”.

“which clearly shows that 00 offer no depths in its story telling and too much homosexual hints.”
Because you would rather watch little kids getting spanked by someone in a military suit when for the 1001th time they take the MS out on a whim?

Now with that said, the Masurao/Susanowo seems to have pretty good posability for a 1/144 kit.

Comment by DT

It’s better off if CV is banned from this website for good

Comment by MaxHD2490

I don’t normally respond to things CV says, but…

Susanowoo- a girly name? Heh, someone’s never studied Japanese mythology.

Comment by Hiro

00 had actually had some pretty good theme naming going on. If you study astrology and tie into the tarot and fate motifs, you’ll find some pretty heavy stuff. The Celestial Being Gundam names are actually pretty heavy subtext and you can even tie in character themes and subtle foreshadowing depending on which machine and which pilot you’re pairing.

Comment by Amon

MG V is overall quite nice. It’s kind of unfortunate that they still can’t make the waist rotatable. I hope that could be done on V2. On the other hand the ankle bends better than I expected from previous photos.

Comment by da_guy

C.V is a total idiot. Unipressed at the model because of what happened in the series.
C.V=absolute moron!

Comment by ZR0


He probably thought it was pronounced as Susan-Oh-Wo. Or somply just doing what he does best.

Comment by Guara

C’mon, Susanoo is a mythological god or some sort like that in Japan, I watched Digimon so i knew a bit about these, since everything is described especially mythological stuff. Masurao and Susanowo are names fitting Mr. Bushido?graham very well since he’s kinda into japanese stuff and warriors. Masurao is some sort of a brave japanese warrior, also mythological stuff in Japan. CV only whines and spit bullcrap while he has no knowlege in anything at all other than thinking UC is the best.

I have always wondered why UC mobile suits have the most stupid names with practically no meaning like “Ga-Zowmn”, “Hamma Hamma”, “Marasai”, “Asshimar” etc. MS in SEED and 00 are named based on their unit type or their weaponry. Anyway their naming of Gundams and Mobile suits have thier own meanings. He just doesn’t realize U.C. had always sucked in many ways and the only reason for thier popularity is because it is the timeline of the first Gundam series.

Comment by EXkurogane

good statement EXkurogane

absolute moron is very fitting for CV

Comment by MaxHD2490


Now now, don’t bash UC just becuase of CV, he trolls about UC too. The “stupid” names in UC suits are often for Zeon suits that are supposed to be made up word sounding like something in Japanese. I.e Zaku is for Zako, which is for “small fry”. Asshimar I heard is actually for “A! shimatta” which means something like “A! I’ve got it”, probably for making it’s transformation work. It can also be a name for some Hebrew god. Not sure about a lot of them though, they are either referencing something,or for the reason I said, or a mistranslation, like The-O was really meant to be Theo which is Greek for God. In general UC references can often be pretty obscure or strange, but doesn’t mean they are just pure gibberish.

Comment by da_guy

i guess freedom and strike freedom are such great names….

Comment by 00 hater

if u really want to compare about bad namings, compare grunts to grunts. i cant see how seed’s grunts naming are any better than UC. heck some are even copied from UC !?

though i do agree some of UC’s grunts (there are so many!) has strange name,though the naming was never meant to have any relation to the ms(big zam? zeong? no meaning there..). but bashing it just because of cv is just senseless.

Comment by 00 hater


Good Point. Because grunt MS namesin SEED like Zaku, DOM copied from UC has their very own meanings. In SEED, ZAKU is actually “Zaft Arms Keeper of Unity”, DOM (Trooper) is “Dauntless Obliterator Magnificient” etc. I don’t really know fully all the Grunt unit MS in SEED’s names but they do have meanings, usually as an acronym. Gundam 00’s GN-X is actually pronounced as “Jinx” which is meant to be the main contender of CB’s Gundams.

Never intended to bash UC mobile suits, but CV started the naming issues first, so i’ll need better examples to “counter” him anyway…

Comment by EXkurogane


On Zeong, my personal guess is “ZeonG”. See the way i types the name? I think it refers to Zeon’s very own “Gundam” (to counter Earth’s RX-78) as the extra “G” behind the word “Zeong”…

Comment by EXkurogane

i really love to debate on the seed but nm, its meaningless anyway.

just hope that you would know UC grunts name are stupid but original. they didn’t come from any book or dictionary but the creator’s mind.

be cool, cv is just a troll. he is no allies of uc, bash him but pls leave uc aside

Comment by 00 hater

@00 hater :
You’ve got no point there. CV always thinks he has good knowlegde about them. But in reality he was good for nothing

Comment by Epsilon_013

If he has time to complaint about MS name. I’m sure he has time to complaint Crossbone mass produst MS in F91 took the helmet from me
-I’m Your Father-

Comment by Darth Vader

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