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Guarlion 1/144
December 15, 2009, 1:12 pm
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Upcoming next SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya.

DCAM-006 Guarlion 1/144 – April 2010, 4,725 yen


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Wow, I’m pretty interested in this! Looks pretty cool, though the chest reminds me of a GN drive from Gundam 00.

Comment by Long

What?! Guarlion? Give me Soulgain dammit! Koto seem to be taking the Mass Produced route with the SRW kits, well if thats the case we might see something even cooler like an R-Eins.

Comment by F97 X-1

Well like I said before I think it’ll be a long ass time before Kotobukiya even considers the SRW A originals.

Comment by AceWhatever

wow, Koto’s price sure hiking and they seemed to choose their release randomly, don’t get me wrong Guarlion is a very fine unit in term of design but DAMN KOTO WHERE IS MY LAFTKRANS!? though i’ve pre-ordered the resin kit so i’ll hope the real one don’t get released. then WHERE IS MY MIRONGAI?

Comment by Rekkou

I’m very happy about this release.

It was time for the “bad” Lions to start getting their kits. We had plenty of good guys robots and some bad guys boss-class robots, but not even one single antagonist grunt.

The Lions are in some way like the SRW’s Zakus.

Comment by Virgo

YES! Guarlion! Sweet! AND it comes with both the Assualt Blade AND Railgun?! No need to get the Fairlions now. XD

Comment by Rebirth

I’m usually a Gundam only snob, but this design is really nice.

Comment by InjuredPelican

The Lion series are no doubt the most original OG mech design compared with the Genspenst, which seems to take inspiration from Patlabor’s Griffon model. Now let’s see if Kotor would come up with a Barrelion or a Sealion since grunts are all about versatility and being expendable. Otherwise, they are only succumbing to their shallow waifool fantasies of those who piloted Lions like Leona, Srei and Ibis. So all these OG kits are meant to be mere props like 00 did? I can see why they make pillow waifools these days.

Compared the Guarlion with the Zakus/GMs, I think the Zakus and GMs are more versatile in variety than this all-looks-no-actions OG kit because seriously, this Guarlion is nothing more but a paper tiger in the OGS game despite the flashy animation snippets, which are only special effects meant to make something stupid look awesome. I don’t think kamikaze collision is heroic at all, it’s stupid and that’s why Ohka bombs are popularly known as Baka bombs.

Also, for price tag of 4725 yen, I think 2 HGUC ReZels or 2 Geara Zulus are better bargains than this OG paper tiger since both offer more actions and extra weapons. So why should I spend 5000 yen on 1 when I can have 2?

As usual, Kotor only sell on zeal and fagboyism. Therefore, it takes an overzealous faggot to fall for such scams because faggots are dumb enough to fall for eyecandies. Kotor, you are still as lame as usual

Comment by codename:v

shut up CV we all know you don’t everything about the series and your disgrace on top of it.

Comment by MaxHD2490

MPs getting the love they deserve. Too bad about the price though…

Guarlion, a Paper Tiger? Gee, thanks mister, now go play campaign instead of Free Battle Mode.

Funny how you try to convince others that the Guarlion is to create fantasies of Leona and Ibis, since only one of them has actually piloted the Guarlion, Koto isn’t selling any Lion kits for that matter, and their flagship machines are the Seigerlion and Astelion AX in the OGverse.

Your attempt to discredit is failure incarnate. Also, stop stealing from other’s comments to fuel your conspiracy theories. It only deludes yourself.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

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