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(Update) Upcoming new gunpla Feb-Mar 2010
December 18, 2009, 10:33 pm
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MG Gundam Astray Red Frame KAI – Febuary 2010, 5,250 yen

HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G – Febuary 2010, 1,680 yen

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish Ver. – February, 12,600 yen

MG Unicorn OVA Ver. SP Pack – March, 7,350 yen

MG Unicorn OVA Ver. – March, 5,250 yen

HGUC D-50C Loto – March, 1,680 yen

HGUC RGZ-95c ReZEL (Commander Unit) – March, 2,310 yen

HGUC MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 (E.F.S.F. Type) – March, 1,575 yen

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Comment by setsuna15

Yet another VS Astray MG? Why? Why not an X or XX at this point? Bandai has show itself willing to bet on less popular series and yet two of Okawara’s finest designs aren’t even considered?

Comment by Amon

wait, what? 00 seven sword?
they actually went that far to milk the series? oh why am I still surprised…

Comment by hiroy_raind

00 Seven Sword is hardly “milking”, considering we do get Avalanche Exia before. Milking is when Bandai does ALL 00V/I/P/N MSs and their transarm versions.

But MG Red Frame is hardly a surprise. Hopefully a MarsJacket is under consideration.

Comment by Guara

Gunpla getting released for 00V is expected as Bandai did announce that they would go into that too. And as 007S is really popular, it’s not surprising that it will come out first.

Comment by Q

Well I am glad MG Red Frame is being made but as Amon ^^ said, MG Gundam X or Double X would be glorious.

Comment by F97 X-1

Actually, it’s the MG Astray RedFrame KAI which is a new model for VS Astray line. I seriously doubt this RedFrame Kai would be better with how things turned LAME in VS Astray due to effortless poor designs such as the 2nd BlueFrame RV, the Frog-prince and other rehashed Gundumbs. So what’s new Bandai? Using the same old cash milking tactics to promote lame SEED side mangas are getting obsolete, if the story doesn’t sell, it won’t sell plamos either.

Comment by codename:v

Hah, it’s a good thing I didn’t buy the PG Red Frame. Saved myself an exorbitant amount of cash.

Comment by glemtvapen

Stupid thing is, Hobby Japan released a resin cast option parts kit for Seven Sword 00, A LOOOOOONNG time ago…

Comment by Ed

well MG red frame is no surprise. They are likely to try to release all the MG Astrays along with VS ASTRAY. It’s odd that they did the mirage frame in 1/100. That might mean at best we will only see Gold frame in MG form. There isn’t MS left in CE non-MSV that is MG worthy until probably the new SEED movie. Besides GN-X, the likely Delta plus and 00 S1 Gundams, I see a decent chance of more off-beat MG coming out next year. So something from Wing or X is quite possible.

Comment by da_guy

YAY。。。MG Astray Red Kai… Muz buy… I dun have the 1/100 version because I’ve been waitin’ for years for this release… Just dissapointed 00 7sword is not in 1/100 scale…

If BANDAI really want to milk more money, they will milk the Impulse frame for a MG Blast Impulse or even Destiny Impulse (just “cut and paste, eh?). I also hint MG Justice because from my experience of building MG gunplas, Justice can be easily made by using MG Freedom’s inner frame and modifying MG I.Justice’s backpack.

Comment by EXkurogane

You are really wrong that these kits don’t sell well, because they are going out of stock real fast at my place and even in local online stores. I got pissed off that Regen Duel was sold out within 2 weeks of restock and now Vent Saviour is also going to be the same… =.= It’s in Malaysia, but since you are anti-SEED, you probably didn’t realise it. Why online stors sold out fast but you see them in bulk in malls? Simple. Buy online is very much cheaper.

Comment by EXkurogane

1/144 hg 00 seven sword system!!!! hurray!! now i got another target to save my money for!!!!

Comment by renka0017

Maybe it’s a Katoki rendition of Red Frame? I know he didn’t originally design it, but even VS. Astray just has the normal Red Frame from what I’ve seen.

Comment by DarkCode

CV… CV what a joker you’re saying ‘ I seriously doubt this RedFrame Kai would be better with how things turned LAME in VS Astray due to effortless poor designs such as the 2nd BlueFrame RV’.
When Victory will release you didn’t say anything specialy bandai’s milking strategy. You just not admit that MG Astray RF will sold out fast enough BECAUSE ITS SEED SERIES. Just look the PG Astray RF and MG Astray BF revise. And MG Astray BG is top 5 best seller in when it released in pre-order. Everyone waiting for this just like Victory.

Comment by Epsilon_013

I really want Bandai to stop releasing model kits of similiar units over and over again… 00 Gundam, 00 Gundam Trans-am, 00 Raiser, 00 Raiser Trans-am, and so on….
They should try to re-release the old ones, like Geara Doga Kai, Re-GZ Custom, Gundam X Series, Gundam Wing Series (MG Epyon and MG Tallgeese is what I want as well as Leo, Aries, and the likes), and many more… (Gundam Mk.V) >_<

Comment by Firebomber

MG Unicorn OVA version? Bandai better fix the original MGs joint problems and make the frame more stable. I’ll wait on dalong’s review to see if these would be worth it…

Comment by glemtvapen

wow another mg unicorn but i’ve already got ver.ka

wow unfuckingbelievable

Comment by wtf

We need Pictures !! O,..,o

Comment by Nova MK X

this new mg unicorn gundam better have all of its equipments or it ain’t worth spending that much cash on just a kit base on the ova version

Comment by buff

Great news indeed! 00 fans should be pleased having the 7 sword variant… Hell, Bandai must have released the kit because there’s a demand for it anyway.

For me, it’s the Loto release which is a much bigger deal, better than HGUC Shinanju in fact. Somehow I just love grunt units. Sure they don’t have shiny coat of plot armor but the grunts have their own stories to tell.

I think I’m going to complete my HGUC Unicorn collection… Heck, I’m already committing to the series with my purchase of the SHCM Pro Unicorn.

Comment by Michael Adhi

holy Sh*t !! just look up loto pictures from google. gorgeous… which series is it from?

if there aren’t any mg rezel or rozen zulu, bandai better make sure there are hguc for them!

Comment by 00 hater

I can tell MG Unicorn is more or less the same as Ver Ka. The difference is simple, just ask ourselves how is RX-78 Ver Ka and Ver. 2.0 different. Less markings, more articulated. I’m skipping these and wait for FA Unicorn…

Wait. Bandai’s really bashing Unicorn too much… Let’s count:

MG Unicorn Ver Ka
SHCM Pro Unicorn
Robot Damashii Unicorn
HG Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn mode)
HG Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
GFFN Metal Composit Unicorn Gundam
MG Unicorn OVA
MG Unicorn OVA SP Pack

Bandai is really confident these will sell well… =.=

Comment by EXkurogane

Dalong usually over-rate gunplas. While it is good to check out the review, the ratings (points) are usually too high. They judge articulation, gimmicks and details, but they overlook the kit’s weaknesses. MG Exia rated 104 points, for me, it’s only 90 to 95. Exia has too much flaws.

Comment by EXkurogane


i do think rx-78 ver ka and 2.0 differ alot. articulation and markings aside, almost (not sure) all runners are from new mould aka not reused. and the look is totally different. 2.0 is more towards the 70’s anime style.

i’m with you, not gonna buy another unicorn unless its FA unicorn with complete weaponry!

mg exia scored 104 point but it is not 104/100. since new kits and old kits cant be compared fairly. say a great old kit get 95, and a new kit which is better than the old kit get 96…then 97…eventually 100!!! which is not correct since no model kit should get 100/100, but we cant keep the mark below 100 forever. if not it would be like saying all the kits are equally good which is not correct as well. i do agree exia should get 90+/100.

hg 00 gundam
hg 00 gundam raiser
hg 00 gundam trans-am
hg 00 gundam designer color
hg 00 gundam with gn-sword 3
hg 00 gundam 7-swords
ng 00 gundam
ng 00 gundam raiser
ng 00 gundam raiser designer color
sd 00 gundam
sd 00 gundam raiser
pg 00 gundam raiser

and you forgot to mention sd unicorn.

Comment by 00 hater

opps i forgot to include RD and HCM-pro series…

Comment by 00 hater

and there you go, ReZel Commander unit.
now what’s left is the Jesta!

Comment by hiroy_raind

I don’t get why Bandai decide to call the ReZel with wings a commander unit. In the novel it’s just a normal ReZel equipped for atmospheric re-entry and uses a beam launcher instead of a rifle. It’s no better than any other ReZel.

The only reason i would consider the MG unicorn is if they fix it’s articulation. I doubt this would be the case. It probably just comes with the Galting beam gun that was separate or something

Comment by da_guy

I suspect MG Astray Red Frame will have an Aile-Striker type back-pack. I’m getting one, in any case. I almost regret getting the PG Red Frame – but not quite.

It will be a bit annoying if MG Unicorn OVA Version turns out to be a slight recolour of the original Unicorn. Personally, I was expecting an MG Banshee.

On the other hand, if the SP (special?) version turns out to be the Full Armour variant (with the red parts replaced by green ones), I’ll snap it up straight away.

I’m also hoping the Unicorn OVA will inspire a PG of the title mecha. A light-up version in Destroy mode would be seriously cool.

Comment by Hanzkaz

That new MG unicorn better not have any changes to its looks.
Improve articulation, add gatling guns, leave the design alone and i’ll defo buy it.
The SP pack better be the FA unicorn.

Comment by ZR0

To me if the SP ver. is the FA weaponry is quite unlikely. If Bandai release both the normal one and FA together in 1 month, surely the one without FA won’t sell well. It;s some thing like MG SF and SF Full burst mode. You get extra gimmicks/accessories…

Comment by EXkurogane

damn!!! i want pictures of all the kits!!!

Comment by renka0017

Please HGUC Efreet!!!!!!!

Comment by Grayson

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