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Gundam 00 (movie) mechanics lineart
December 19, 2009, 5:15 pm
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00 Qan[T], Gundam Zabanya, Gundam Harute, Gundam Raphael

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00 Quanta being so simple indicated mid movie upgrade/attachment is on the way,

Comment by Rekkou

The thing about the designs is they look more like the S1 Gundams, which in my opinion looked far better than the S2’s designs.

Comment by F97 X-1

The skittles squads’ MSes lives on in Raphel, or Tieria decided liposuction was in order.

Qan[T]’s GN Drive doesn’t seem to be on the back…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Quanta has Funnel huh. Maybe they gonna make Gundam 00 Quanta Double Funnel, just like Nu Gundam Double Funnel

Comment by amuro0093

Qan[T]’s drive is on it’s back… hell you can see the second drive on the binder… I’m pretty sure they’re the circles.

Comment by SwordsRCool

It is an MS that is observed to be an evolved form of Seravee Gundam, and is equipped with large weapons. It is entirely wrapped up in many mysteries.


An MS developed with the same concept as Cherudim Gundam. It has a system wherein a large amount of arms could be put in the container at the back.


Has Arios Gundam’s development model, but the transformation mechanism has been changed in a big way. The machine adopts GN Archer’s elements.


A machine that is an evolved form of Exia and 00. It is installed with the new system that is called “Quantum System”. Starting with the Sword Bits, it seems to be furnished with various melee soldier equipment.

Comment by Solidvanz

00 Qan [T] look like the reborns Gundam.

Comment by GabrielSenpai

So the 2nd GN-Drive was tucked away in it’s shield? Weird…

Comment by don't mind me

00 doesn’t have twin drive. 0 Gundam’s GN Drive was destroyed in final battle.

Comment by Shion

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I gotta say that I was expecting much less from Harut. Looks much better than what I expect.

Comment by Amon

quanta legs are abit fat. relatively to the upper body. the others are….having fat weaponry? they look more like promoting war than ending it with WMD

Comment by 00 hater

Well, even since the first episode they’ve stated that their stated goals and the means to achieve said goals were contradictory in nature. Though, I’m one to believe that a weapon does not inherently promote war ;p

Comment by DarkCode

I like the designs so far. The Raphael definitly has gadessa elements, true to Tiere’s innovade status. I like funnel swords too.

Comment by InjuredPelican

Gundam Zabanya looks a bit beefy but ok, and Gundam Raphael large weapons FTW

Comment by MaxHD2490

Zabanya’s fugly. Dynames is still the better looking between its siblings.
I’m holding my breath on Raphael. It may end as cool as Seravee.

Better lineart of 00 Qan(T) Not sure if it’s fanart or official though.

Comment by glemtvapen

I wonder how big the new Gundams are without the back-packs.

Harute is another transforming mecha.

Zabanya’s container back-pack is probably a mini (and no doubt, more powerful) version of GN-Arms
Type D.

Raphael’s weapon most likely transforms into a mobile suit. (A bit like Seraphim carrying Seravee around on it’s back).

Comment by Hanzkaz


I’ve loved both of Allelujah’s Gundams so far, but damn Harute looks badass.

00 Qan[T] looks cool, but it seems almost a step down from the 00 Raiser. However, I have a feeling, like Rekkou said, there will be a mid movie upgrade for it to make it the end-all of 00 Gundams.

I appreciate what they were trying with Zabanya, but the boxy design doesn’t really sit well with me.

Raphael…I’m not sure if I like it or not. I thought the Gadessa was an interesting design in S2 and I like that they incorporated it into Tieria’s Gundam, him being an innovade and all. I also like that the base design is slimmer ala Nadleeh/Seraphim. I think it suits Tieria more than the 2 bulky Gundams he’s had in the past. However the huge backpack seems odd on a slim looking base Gundam design.

All in all, not bad for the movie. I’ll say they hit it 2.5 out of the 4 designs, the .5 going to the Raphael.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

To me, all 5 designs are a major step backward from S2 to S1 since with all the S2 Gundams destroyed, the only best way is to dig up the old designs and refit them with spare parts from destroyed mechs such as the Gadessa, Archer and Garazzo. So what’s really with all these rehashed Gundams? I guess Fukuda’s rehash cheapskate habits are now passed onto Mizushima’s 00 GAY harem staffs now. If recycling broken parts aren’t enough to make these eyecandies look awesome to faggots, perhaps borrowing old design works from the UC era may do the trick. Nu’s Fin Funnels are always more attractive than those puny little funnels carried by Qubeley and Sazabi; huge wired flying knuckles of the Zeong and Psycho MK-II may add more punches for the boney looking Rapheal which was rehashed with broken Gadessa/Garozzo parts, so they finally decided to ditch that sumo wrestler image in favor for Tierria’s GAYness?

Then again, I probably shouldn’t blame them for the effortless designs since it’s Bandai fault for setting such a tight budget and deadline. But still, these rehashed designs don’t look inspiring to me and they came out to be more like toys for little children. After all 00 was intended to cater for today’s younger generation, who may not pay attention to all those homosexual hints that only keep the YAOI BL fangirls and faggots glued to their seats. It’s just conclusive that all the Gundam animes from 30 years ago has always been TV commercials selling toys, not story. Why so stupid?

Comment by codename:v

just shut up CV and you didn’t even hear me made insults of you in AC:LR PV aswell, your just a joke

Comment by MaxHD2490

Ignore the troll mate.

Its funny tho how he watched a show that he believes is gay, pretty hypocritical on his part unless he’s just coming out himself. Same goes to Unicorn which i heard he supposedly loved now hates or some retarded shit like that.

Anyway the designs are pretty cool, tho im pretty sure Raphael will require a stand whenever its gunpla comes out.

Zabanya thankfully has cooler looking leg designs than its predecessor thankfully.

Comment by Zero


Learn to count, there are FOUR! Designs not Five.
And the aforementioned designs are pretty good, so SHUT THE FUCK UP CARTM—…. eh CV

Comment by Nova MK X

Seems Raphael a fail successor of virtue and seravee, its totally loss its concept XP
the best design here only harute i think. Looks more advance than the other design.
Zabaniya become a lego-brick gundam >.<
Quanta, errr exia refurbish design with big shield.

Comment by M4jin

@ Shion
0 gundams GN drive is not destroyed. If it did’nt have 2 GN drives then it would’nt be designated as a 00 unit.

Comment by ZR0

the gn drive actually seems less pointy.

Comment by 00 hater

Even CV’s dickery cannot tarnish these awesome models.

Comment by Uc fan

I have a feeling that Raphael’s backpack is some sort of armor frame that Raphael can wear like the gigantic arm unit on AOZ’s Hazel. The 2 wired bits are obviously supposed to be some sort of hands with the five fingered claw. There might even be more parts to make up a giant psycho gundam like unit lol.

Comment by da_guy

We present from our legendary troll joker, codename:V. Who dedicated himself to concern only about BL, fag and gay in anime.
Taking much time to write long long comment just to say 1 sentence: This gundam story is FAG. This another proof you’re rejected by your society. So the only thing what you can do is open the internet and troll in someone blog, for the rest of your life. Congratulation You’ve become HIKIKOMORI!

Comment by Epsilon_013

reply for da_guy:
yeah in end it will gotta be gattai with the other 3 other units, and it wll assamble a new strong mech as SRX unit. (just joking =P)

Comment by m4jin

I’m liking the designs so far. I think the quanta does have 2 GN drives (one in shield thing)and after looking at Raphael some more I’m thinking the compartments on the backpack are GN missile pods….also no one has pointed out the large rail/energy cannon’s hiding behind it kinda looking like the cannon’s on the Double XX gundam.

Comment by Shugo

Actually 00 Quanta has only 1 GN Drive, and another one in the shield is actually a GN Condenser. That’s what i heard. I liked Harute the most anyway…

Comment by EXkurogane

no sniper rifle for zabanya?!?

Comment by ...

It just make sense that the one on the shield is a GN drive because 0-Raiser is attached on GN drives too for more power but this time it’s only on one side and is used to power those “swords/blades” because I think 00 Qan[T] will rely heavily on these weapons, then the other drive is used by the Gundam itself.

Comment by Quantum

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Your joke might have 50% chances to come true, lol. I can see all the extra parts somehow forms an extra Gundam. Raphael’s pack= Lower Body, Harut’s= Upper body, QanT= GN drive/Head, Zabaniya= weapons.

Also, just kidding. Seraphim did happen after all.

Comment by Guara

I like Qan design, definitely better than 00 Raiser (major disappointment in S2 imo).

Comment by ubr

By far, all the designs are explained by gundam wiki’s 00 pages where it states that.

From what i heard 00 Qan[T] was built from Exia RII, with Tiera having access to Veda he had access to Innovades MS designs.

Comment by Redux

Here’s the quote that was supposed to be included on my last post ^^

Celestial Being was originally funded by highly resourceful observers and agents, however their supporters were killed off by Ribbons during the events of AD 2307. With Wang Liu Mei dead, their only financial supporter, preparing for the future has been difficult. Funds and materials within CB is at an all-time low.

Comment by Redux

Gundam wikia is the least credible source Redux….

Comment by Zero

he’s probably going stave himself to death if he’s really attached to trolling other areas besides this website

Comment by MaxHD2490

Reason 00 q’nta only have 1 gn-drive, cu’z it’s gn drive II, the rumor that i heard its more powerful than the original GN-drive =P

Comment by m4jin

lol gn-drive II. lol….what now? unlimited trans-am???

Comment by 00 hater

what i find wierd about Tieria unit is that why does he have a unit on the back of his gundam that connects his two cannons with a wire when there the weapons of fangs…. surely those are more effective 😛
though like there still more mystery to it we gonna have to wait and see maybe he will merge with some huge armored unit and make a big ass tank gundam unit to reminisce the old times

Comment by Ereos

I just want to know when they’ll release the movie, and subsequently the Robot Spirits action figures.

Comment by InjuredPelican

you fags all fucking shut up. when i say it is bad, then it is bad. you yaoi retards know nothing about gundam.

Comment by codename:v

lol…cv counter attack!

Comment by 00 hater

Unlimited Trans-Am? If that happens I am really going to hate the Gundam 00 series forever. Trans-Am is no more than a cheat needed to overpower opponents. Setsuna can’t even take down a Garazzo without trans-Am… =.=

Correction: “When CV says it is bad, it means CV is bad, and hence CV should just fuck off and head for the mental disorder hospital right away”. You are nothing more than being ego.

Comment by EXkurogane

Or it gattai with ptolemaios.

Comment by ubr

Movie News Flash Complete Explanation

At the Expo:
• The reaction in the hall ([to the] characters and MS) was happy, the news flash broadcast went well.
• They thought that the staff who produced the images that weren’t going to be used in the movie in such a short time were amazing
• It wasn’t Mizushima who decided they ought to show the video, it was a suggestion from the staff
Mizushima: “Is it alright even though the movie designs haven’t been fixed?”
Staff: “You/We should do it.”
They* were very grateful for that attitude. {idk who the subject of this is or what exactly the poster means, my apologies}

The design changes after the news flash was shown to the public–>present changes
• The armament pattern[s] is/are still changing
• The Expo news flash was a really early draft (proposal stage [designs]), but you couldn’t say that the impression of the designs has changed a great deal

Ebikawa’s explanation:
• The “Quantum System” (I heard “Quantum” from Ebikawa’s pronunciation) is a function that is tied to a/the main thread of the story (of course in the interview stage, he can’t speak about it at length, lol)
• Qan[T] is an MS borne from 00 and Exia’s line
• The new weapon is presently called “Sword Bits.” They comprise Sword Bits and hand-held GN swords (is this new too?). There are 7 swords, taking over Exia’s Seven Sword concept.

Yanase’s Part

• A power-uped form of Cheridum. Since it [Cheridum] was completely destroyed in the TV series, it has the feeling of being rebuilt with the same concept (as Cheridum).
• It was created with the suggestion that it should “carry a lot of guns” in mind
• There are a lot of weapons in the container on its back
• The container was designed to have the feel of wearing a shield. A few heavy weapons were designed.

• The transformation process evolved [some] from Kyrios to Arios, but because Harute is a zero[-G MS], I started by changing the transformation process
• When the mechanical design was ordered, I was told that they[Mizushiima?] wanted weapons from the GN Archer to be incorporated. So it has a tendency toward heavy weaponry, mainly missiles.
• The upper body of the MS has strong ties to Kyrios and Arios. The flight mode’s entire image has a different feel from what we’ve seen up until now
• If we weren’t doing the movie, I wouldn’t have been able to present this transformation method/style (a calorie-like problem {idk what a “calorie-like problem” is}).
Hearing this, Ebikawa, who was sitting next to him [Yanase], unintentionally let out a laugh/smile.

• From the beginning the design was always going to be derived from Seravee, but I was told to make it something different when the design was ordered.
• In the initial idea, Raphael had hands that could be used as a cannon when brought together.
• As a result of trying to make Raphael’s cannon arrangement especially cool, it ended up like this.
• Since the news flash version, the color* has completely changed (there are reasons for the change) {*color might not be literally referring to the color scheme–sometimes it’s more like variety/type but there’s no way to know from this}. Right now it’s the most mysterious machine.

That’s the jist of it.
Thanks to the news flash, they’ve had the opportunity to tweak the colors and they seem pleased with the results lol (Ebikawa and Yanase)

Credit: Good Haro

Comment by Solidvanz

Oww… id i get your patience nerve break off, V boy?
All words that i wrote are true, aren’t they?

“when i say it is bad, then it is bad.” that’s your opinion and it’s somekind propaganda ‘everyone should not watch this anime’, right? Are you a ditactor who can persuade/restrict other not to watch it because what you said? You’re not Giren Zabi! You don’t have charisma to moved other. All you got just agony to all gundam franchise, specially SRW.
I’ll watch it because i want to know the story.
So what will happen if i still watch this? I’ll not turn into gay like you, the man that rejected by his society.
See, you’re just lonely man in this real world who concern about BL, fag and gay in anime. Maybe you’re not just a HIKIKOMORI, but also NERD+FREAKS

Comment by Epsilon_013

God CV, Did you judt bust your only brain cell? Who do you think you are? Your no Gundam fan, you’re just some self hateing poser.

Comment by Uc fan

And what did this fool mean by we know nothing about Gundam, he based Zeta Gundam in an earlier post, CV if you hate gundam and its fans so much why in god’s name do you keep posting here, does the attention somehow fuel youre twisted ego, or do you just like being an ass?

Comment by Uc fan

CV finally broke

Comment by Uc goes downhill

Hahaha, this is grand. What a grandiose sense of himself, it’s hilarious.

Comment by DarkCode

Hey, look! CV respond to us! We have successfully troll a legendary troll! Quick, throw a party; we must celebrate it.

Comment by reeoyuy

burn the stove up Q.Q

Comment by m4jin

so CV finally snaps…..

well that’s good to see

no wonder i could no longer see some of his posts….. XD

Comment by renka0017

haha CV’s Counterattack!!

Quick get the Nu Gundam! Get the Jegans! Get the salsa and chips!

Comment by aPerson

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