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Endless Frontier EXCEED TVCM
December 22, 2009, 12:27 am
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Opening theme song [UNCHAIN∞WORLD] by Mizuki Nana.

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The hell ?

Fighter Roa, hopefully this means theres Compatible Kaiser too !

Comment by Nova MK X

Funny, Fighter Roa a mech combat assist… well i dont think that compatible kaiser will be in (you call it to assist, and squash the enemy with a very heavy foot of justice XDDDDD)

Comment by D4rKoV4




Hey, wheres CV ?
He needs to talk shit about this PV too !!

I seriously need something to laugh >.>

Comment by Nova MK X

God, that music was bad. I hope the OST is better than that.

Comment by Latooni

well thats surprise from the look of the screenshot

Comment by MaxHD2490

Fighter Roa is not about to let the younger OG chracters take all the limelight.

That also probably means that the chances of Pachinkokaiser in a future OG3 is halved. :/ Making space for J, W and the other handhelds…?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@Nova MK X
the last thing CV will run into is Ryougi Shiki (guess who I’m talking about)

Comment by MaxHD2490

[…] surprising revelation coming from Endless Frontier Exceed’s TV CM (via SRW Hotnews): Fighter Roar! I missed entirely that it was hinted at the previous scans that there would be a […]

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Why is Fighter ROA doing there? The same thing I would ask why are Axel and Alfimi doing in this bloody game in the first place.

Don’t you faggots get it? The whole OG Mugen game is a fagservice which does not require much efforts for better RPG settings and all it takes are just fill in the boobs flashes and ultra fancy finishing moves just to keep the faggots happy and allow them to indulge in their manly hotblood fantasies. So who’s next on the list? Ryusei Date the idiot who fucks mechs?

Comment by codename:v

Yay, the laughing stock of the SRW community is here to save my boring day.

Thanks, i had a good laugh, now be a good troll and go back to your cave.

Comment by Nova MK X

codename:v, the joker who hates SRW and gundam franchise and merchandise. Why you not go to and make troll comments for all new games there if you had lots of time trolling here? I believe there’s alot of fun to troll there, codename:v,because there’s new game release every day.

Comment by Epsilon_013

No need to feed the troll guys. Watch this

Comment by amuro0093

very good video amuro0093 especially on last part

Comment by MaxHD2490

Holy crap FIGHTER ROA! I thought it would make sense to put him in this game but FFFFFFFF!

Comment by F97 X-1

Oh mY FucKIng good!



Comment by Paulo shishio

Why my Lover neige hausen cry at the end 😦

Comment by timesyndicate

Fighter Roa? This game just keep getting better and better, Exceed indeed! As soon as my next check comes I’m pre-ordering the limited edition bundle.

Comment by The Burning Hunter

I sad Endless Frontier Exceed his playing crossover OG series character now. This Storyline his Start become Og1 now. Axel and alufimi in the Word By Endless Frontier is a Failure Setting now.

Comment by Ng

“So who’s next on the list? Ryusei Date the idiot who fucks mechs?”

No no no. Ryusei’s lifelong dream would come true and he would live happily ever after with his love machine Aschen. That can’t happen, for his destiny requires him to suffer until he gets the giant robot equivalent of Banpresto (THE ALMIGHTY BANPREIOS!) and begins to rock harder than the JAM Project opening to Alpha 3. The only sensible assumption for the next character is Zeoroot Zan Zeonzakis. Because he’s win.

Comment by JAN JA JAN

more news on exceed is needed

Comment by FinVortex

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