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This month’s Gundam Ace Magazine
December 23, 2009, 12:58 pm
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Pink Elmeth. Shades of Meer Campbell :p

Comment by leon

So is that 0079 Amuro or CCA Amuro?

A pink Elmeth piloted by what seems to be a cross-character between Amuro and Lalah.


Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Nice to see the Nehal Argama get a real crew and not a bunch of moron teenagers.

Comment by Socom

so, I guess that is a tribute to J-Pop singer Namie Amuro?

Comment by hiroy_raind

must be amuro’s sister. both also share the same name amuro lol

Comment by duo

@sgt noob
should be 0079 amuro based on the pilot suit. and a white skin lalah. lol…

i wonder how many times namie amuro has made fun of due to her name…must be hyakuman kai!!!
*amuro, ikimas!*
(refer to zoku sayonara zetsubou sensei anime ep 7)


Comment by 00 hater

Naime Amuro and the Pink Elmeth?
Oh damn… ;w;

Comment by don't mind me

that’s a video clip for namie amuro’s new song =_=’

Comment by machimachi

kay, turned out Namie Amuro’s new music PV “Defend Love” will feature some scene from the original Kidou Senshi Gundam, along with that new scene featuring Namie Amuro herself as Lalah

Comment by hiroy_raind

Seriously, I just don’t see what is so great about this NamieAmuro MV. Her song is just another disco hip-hop dance music genre and I suppose it won’t be hot without GUNDAM. The whole MV is full of old 0079 snippets (Battle of Solomon I presume) and I would brush this off as another cheapo fangirl MV since it’s not inspiring to see Namie playing Lalah Sune facing off Amuro Rei on the basis that her surname is similiar with Rei’s first name, now isn’t that really lame for someone big in the music industry? Even LinkinPark got their own 3D mecha MV. First there was Bay’s Megan Fox horde of geeky fanboys and now Namie Amuro got her share now, you faggots are never into mechas and it’s better for you playing with 2D cartoon waifools.

Another thing I notice about Unicorn OVA would be the change in character design of the No.1 officer under Captain Otto of the Nahel Argama, isn’t she supposed to be a bigger and well built blonde that often give Otto the willies with her no-nonsense attitude?

It’s been a while since the Nahel Argama spring into action in ZZ and now it returns to the screen after 20 years. Suitcases for MS? Well, I’ll be and the last time I remember MS carrying baggages would be the RX-79Gs and Ez-8, how on earth are they suppose to assemble guns while things just float away in complete vacuum? Truly unnecessary if you ask me.

Comment by codename:v

So said the nameless faggot to the winners of life. Stow your griping, kid.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I really sorry about you codename:V boy. you so desperate because you rejected by you own living society, so you hated all this things. what a poor nerd hikikomori…

Comment by Epsilon_013

Yet, you complain this MV because Namie-Amuro-Rei?! Furthermore comparing to ‘LinkinPark got their own 3D mecha MV’?!.
Huh ?! That’s a joke. So Gackt got Mk.II and TM Revolution got Miguel Aiman’s GINN, What else.

“how on earth are they suppose to assemble guns while things just float away in complete vacuum?” Hellooo….When will you gonna get your brain back? It’s Sci-Fi, Not Sci-NonFi. Why so thinking deeply abot that? Just enjoy the show.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Lol, Namie Amuro does always remind me of Amuro! It’s cool that they made a music video of one of her songs that features Amuro and herself as Lalah! I get this feeling that she loves him, even though he’s just a character lol. But then again, boys do love female characters, don’t they? I can’t wait to watch the PV, I know it’ll be awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Sadly I have to agree with CV about the suitcase. It does seem pretty small to be for carrying normal weapons. Maybe it’s for explosive? I am not sure why they made a design like that for the OVA, it isn’t in the novel. I hope it’s not trying to do this cheesy AK-47-in-a-suitcase-terrorist thing.

What’s the deal with the “commander” ReZel, is the green visor supposed to be better, or make Ridde looks like a “good guy”, or they realize that it doesn’t quite look like something that can re-enter atmosphere as it was supposed to. Pretty silly if you ask me. They could have just put some commander marking on the suit to make it stand out.

As a grunt MS fan I am pretty disappointed.

Comment by da_guy

I think CV is just here to entertain us. ^^

Comment by pulge

about the suitcase, could it be for delivering or holding a mass amount of money or something else, like the one in gundam x. it could be a one time thing and not standard issue

Comment by Macodaz

Or it could be a container for carrying ammunition or other equipment for the entire squadron. It’s a common practice in any military for a man in a team to carry extra ammunition for everyone else. I just did this myself at a WWII reenactment a few weeks ago, actually.

Or, it could be a high-yield explosive device…

Comment by J-Lead

Sorry, but I’m not so well informed. What is this exactly? A new anime?

Comment by hothitsu

It’s from a music video.

Looks like it’s pandering towards the fujoshi side of the fan base. Just my own opinion of the video.

Comment by Socom

Things don’t float in VACUUM, smart guys, they float in ZERO GRAVITY. Try and think, at least a little bit, before you post.

Comment by Anon

The music video is fairly neat!

I have come to the conclusion that CV is one of the saddest people I’ve ever encountered online. Continually goes to a website to CONSTANTLY gripe about everything on it while still trying to maintain the silly idea that whatever he says about gundam is truth. What a sad and delusional individual.

Hopefully we can get some more in depth accounts so CV can finally be banned.

Comment by DarkCode

^yeah CV banned permanently (I agree with DarkCode seriously)

Comment by MaxHD2490

what’s happening with gundam the origin? last month was a UC0053 flashback, what about this month?

Comment by ziphiphus

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