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More pics from Dengeki Hobby (February 2010)
December 27, 2009, 8:54 pm
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Volks SRW OG full action figure “Raioh” (Dengekiya limited)

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Great! Thanks superrobotwar

Comment by Folka

is there new srw on nds after the srw k?
i hope they put code geass

Comment by alexis

Just as I thought, not only the legs are longer than the upper body, the poses are just too stiff and unnatural. This annoying mech isn’t worthy of purchase.

Comment by codename:v

@CV: Faggot, why don’t you change your name to SRWHater or some sort. All you do in this site is complaining and criticizing everything that are posted.

Comment by Buraikhoi


I Argree because whats the point of going to this website all you do is hate,comlplaining and besides no one cares what you think and keep your feels to yourself ok.

Comment by Soulgain

But there was some truth in CV’s statement about the poses, especially considering that RaiOh doesn’t use any weapons. I hope there are LOTS of gimmicks esp in the leg area.

Comment by KoujiKabuto

This time I partially agree with CV. There’s one pose that isn’t dynamic at all (the one in which LIOH uses the Counter Break).
I really hope Bandai adds a [SIDE OG] in its Robot Tamashii series, so we can have fully articolated OG mechs.
On the other side, the other pose we see are really good.

Comment by Folka


Comment by Epsilon_013

Honestly, it looks more poseable than most other Dengeki figures.
They are basically a step above Gundam FIX in terms of poseability.
But they still look very nice, and in the case of most of these mechs, there is simply no alternative to getting a figure of them.

Comment by Rygel

The first picture on the left just screams badass. Raioh is way too awesome. The kit does come with a wealth of extra parts at least, but for 15,000+ yen you’d expect it to have more!

Comment by F97 X-1

it is nice but not more than that..

Comment by האנה מונטנה

If this is out I wonder if Dairaioh can be far behind 🙂

Comment by Yuu

Just as I thought, not only the legs are longer than the upper body, the poses are just too stiff and unnatural. This annoying mech isn’t worthy of purchase.
Don’t kid yourself, your too cheap to buy it even if you liked it

Comment by lxs

Everything CV says is 90% Bullshit, but it amuses me.

Comment by Uc fan

CV’s year is very insulting in every topic he throws crap at us, pissing us, and even a possibility some of us want him gone for good. CV your are nothing but an everyday bullcrap, batshit, very insane, blinded with jealousy, you don’t know how the world works in different counties, you think everything is your world but in reality its not, insane with your homosexuality views that most of us don’t even care and we hate, and finally… YOUR NOT THE ONLY TROLL IN THE INTERNET!!! thats right there will be a troll who is alot worse then you are and will put you out of your cheap misery by that time comes…

Comment by MaxHD2490

Like i said he just abandon kid in his society. all he can do is become HIKIKOMORI and blame it by trolling in net. I sure he’s pretty NEET too

Comment by Epsilon_013

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