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Gundam Qan[T]
December 31, 2009, 5:06 pm
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Updated better quality pics.


From Gundam 00 Festival 2009-2010 “a Trailer for the Trailblazer” official book.

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Color and breast ‘s different from 1st PV
O _ o

Comment by Ixion

which is also the gundam (of the 4) i’m least interested in.

Comment by 00 hater

Looks a lot more lame than i thought…. and too one-sided heavy… If there’s a plamo from this kit the left arm is gonna get loose fast

Comment by EXkurogane

Less bulky than 00 Raiser. Definite improvement, I like it.

Comment by ninjaclown

the chest unit resembles the chest unit of 1 gundam

and what’s with the sudden change in color scheme???

O_o …. i liked the first color scheme….. ahh…

Comment by renka0017

this color is better than the last one which have too much blue. the shield have also been streamlined. eagerly waiting for the rest of them to be shown.

@EXkurogane: the shield is connected to the back with a shaft. not mounted on shoulder.

Comment by quasadra

I am sold on this kit the instance I see this color scheme!! The reason is all due to those blue armored pieces, they look more ‘assembled’ than the 7 swords design. Now waiting to know what the other side of the wing will be…

Comment by gillatsrwh

look better that the previous one – I’m sold

Comment by Zeronos

This looks more like an early design of 00 Quanta. The color scheme I believe could have been better. I think the previous color scheme is nicer, save for the lack of red.

Comment by pulge

Qan[T]’s chest looks like reborns gundam’s chest. with the sword Bits, seems like Qan[T] technology is inspired by reborns gundam. loving the design so far!

Comment by rawr

It Say 2010 But Which Month Hope Is January..
This Quanta Look Very Weak.. I Think That Exia Will Be Stronger Than This Quanta.. Quanta Gundam Look Like Very Simple.. Maybe In The Movie Some Extra Weapon That We DunNo Only.. Looking Forward For This Movie..

Comment by FeNg

Persume they re-custom the frame too cu’z looks weird the odd q’nta. Looks more nice and good in pickin the color scheme.
But 1 thing made me ????? , wat the heck it that face, looks @@@#@$@$^………..

Comment by m4jin

I think I like this

Comment by amuro0093

While I liked previous color scheme more (resempled hi-nu a bit) i like new design of the torso.

Comment by YessMasster

CV continues his radical crusade again. I find it hilarious for the fact that he continues to profess some knowledge over something he considers only fags would enjoy.

What’s even funnier is that CV is complaining about the fact that 00 qan[t] references the prior two in the line(What he claims the design being the same…which if he can’t tell the difference between them, he should give up ANY claim of professing any knowledge on mecha aesthetics, as that claim is just beyond stupid.)

Moving on, I think the new color scheme is fine, the original color scheme seemed a bit weird without the red. I think the retools in the chest and the legs are really cool though. I’m still hoping for a GN sword, maybe a combination of all the sword bits? That could be cool.

Comment by DarkCode

@EXkurogane: The big shield thing isn’t actually attached to the left arm.

It’s on a swiveling arm attached to the back.

Comment by Hiro

I find it funny how many of you idiots actually take CV seriously Just ignore him already. What the hell are you trying to prove?

Comment by Civil one

those two people(2&3) up there are quick to judge as if they’re the best designers in the world just like what they did when exia and other gundam 00 mechs was first shown.

great job for the artist who pushed his design a little more better than the first 00 qan(t) concept.

Comment by EXSEED

I like it. 00 looked too top-heavy with the Raiser. This design pulled it off being nice and simple without reverting to another basic RX-79 clone. Needs moar blue and no red though.

Comment by glemtvapen

All I can say is Quan[t] will be too heavy on one side as a model so it won’t stand very well. Still not that bad a design, at least the chest orbs are back.

Comment by F97 X-1

the chest is sooo wierd…
i may grow to like it but atm i dont like it in that pic

Comment by Ereos

[…] In Living Color: The 00 QAN [T] By setsuna0520 Leave a Comment Categories: Movies Tags: Gundam 00 The Movie, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Courtesy of SRW Hotnews […]

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@Civil one:
Codename: V is joker

Comment by Epsilon_013

because he always gives evidence about the something very absurd. Just only his imaginary thought

Comment by Epsilon_013

I really doubt Qan[T]’s funnels will make it be too heavy to stand properly. I mean there’s already been a form of 00 thats pretty similar. Y’know that 00 7 swords thing.

Comment by SwordsRCool

1’m quick to judge? i din’t even comment anything about this “new” design. i only say i’m not interested with this setsuna’s gundam…

and those who think it is nice is not quick to judge eh ?! why don’t we all keep quiet until the movie is out. then we will all be not quick to judge.

hg 00 7 swords is not out yet

Comment by 00 hater

Very uninspired design, especially compared to the Exia.

Comment by Socom

crazy people~~~

Comment by 00 Hater = CV

I like qan previous color scheme. Yes, red-white-blue are gundam
trademark, but still… And gm are going to wear uniform again? Much like sentai/ranger which i don’t really fond of.

Comment by ubr

So maybe after the movie and Unicorn – I am pretty sure they’ll re-edit the whole GGeneration Wars with additional fight scenes, new units like 00F, 00P etc along with additional voices and new characters – in PS3 instead >.>

Comment by Aldotsk

This looks more like the “designer” colour scheme. I don’t think this is the final animated version.

Comment by da_guy

Upon seeing the new close up shots, I gotta say this suit might be the best out of the Exia line. It takes the basic Exia frame, sprinkles in the better parts of the 00, and throws in it’s own flavor. The color scheme is much nicer upon further review.

Comment by DarkCode

hmm, ut seems that kanetake ebikawa has the tendency to change his designs midway in production. maybe that or this is actually a mid movie upgrade we’ll be seeing.

anyways, this one actually looks better than the previous one. love the asymmetrical arm design. and the chest and knees.

happy new year again guys.

Comment by flamerounin

Better than the 00, but not quite as charming as the Exia. Still, an improvement nonetheless.

Comment by J-Lead

Ooo… if the shield is actually a backpack-like item then not bad… For me Gundams with plain thrusters/GN Drives and no backpack is lame-looking… At least i like the colors now… lighter blue scheme

Comment by EXkurogane

@00 hater the robot damashii 00 7 swords has been out for awhile. If that thing can pose well a model could easily do it too.

Comment by SwordsRCool

I see an MSV of 00 QAN[T] with sword-bit shields equipped on both sides in the making …

Comment by Yuu

Think I’ll just wait & see. Not much information about what the real color scheme should be or else.

The big sword + fangs/etc reminds me of Cherudim’s upgraded parts, ya know, big gun with more additional shield bits. It just look much similarity on both.

Comment by sbhboi

Color scheme looked a tad bit too messy for me, alot of random blues all over :/

Comment by Guara

I kind of like the original colors better. The colors look like if the 00 was “bleached”.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Anything wrong with blue feet?

Comment by gunstray

@Freedom Gundam: That’s because those are “designer’s colors” (read: pastel tones), inside movie the color will be surely more vivid.

Comment by YessMasster

i can’t find GN drive anywhere?
Where the twin GN drive go?

Comment by nanonano puding

[…] Esse ci mostrano il “nuovo” look dei Gundam Meister e una lineart definitiva del 00 Qan[T], l’unità di Setsuna. Alcune altre foto del libro sono state diffuse sul blog smiley days, citato da SRW Hotnews. […]

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could be the new look and tryin to implement a gundam “infinity” after all he got like infinite GN-particles

Comment by Ereos

as much as i love gundams, i think the hype for qan[t] is wasted effort. i mean exia looks better.

I mean, the evolution isnt consistent at all!

why cant they follow what they did with Wing gundam.


where exia’s evolution is like


Comment by aPerson


but..but…it has funnels now!

Comment by 00 hater

oooohhh funnels huh… howja know that? sorry for being quite the unknowing.

geez makes little difference but what the hey. Too simple for my taste. It must be named Qan[t] for a reason. I feel like comparing it to Astray Blue Frame 2nd Remake.

At least I didnt say gay and fag. Hehe!

Comment by aPerson


Comment by GundamBaka

wheres the solar furnance or gn drive but the models not bad…..i like it though i wonder when is the movie coming out looking forward to it

Comment by blazerhell

i think this model is so simple.. why don’t they attached with GN TWIN DRIVE again? I think it will be more exciting…….

Comment by Lockon

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