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Gundam Assault Survive ?
January 5, 2010, 1:39 am
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Amazon Japan lists Gundam Assault Survive for PSP in their database. release date set on March 2010.


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Gundam Battle Assault sequel perhaps? If so, do want.

Comment by -_-

Ughh, PSP again, the sound may like Battle Assult but I wouldn’t get my hope up.

Comment by LM

Its been awhile for a old school battle assault game….

i am in for it then….

Comment by SRWog4

Maybe It’ll be a Gundam 00 Battle Assualt… 00 Raiser would be the cheapest character, along with Reborns Gundam.

Comment by InjuredPelican

Might be a Battle Universe sequel.

Comment by F97 X-1

sounds like a Battle Universe sequel
maybe this time… they will add Gundam X into it… since it links UC….

Comment by Ereos

Another Battle Assault game. Or another Battle game. Hopefully, they will have the AU mobile suits.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

If its a new battle game PLEASE MAKE IT outside of UC.

Comment by Rayearth

. . . PSP

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Cool, I hope they’ll make it not UC only

Comment by amuro0093

still, it will go to psp again..
I think Xbox360 and PS3 need more touch of good gundam games..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Is anything happening with a Western version of the latest PS3 Gundam game, or is it import only?

Comment by Bob

There aren’t any head-ups about this new PSP title and it isn’t clear whether the genre would of SLG or action. But I guess this can be a card-themed battle game system.

Why are there more UC theme games than AC? The answer is pretty simple: the study shows that more females today are digging into mechas for the pretty bishounens and pacifist fantasies; more males today are MOE over cartoon girlfriends and little lolicons. And since both SEED and 00 offer more MOE craps that undermine mecha design to crappy prop making. So there aren’t much actions and flashy combat moves to offer in the Gundam ACverse because the ACverse fangroup is full of faggots playing house with dolls and YAOI fangirls making homosexual BL fanfics and fanarts. Put it simple: AC is fucking GAY

Meanwhile the old boys of the UC fangroup are full of gungho trigger happy nuts and zeon fanatics who prefer the smell of napalm than flower garden ran by sissies. What more, these group has the most purchasing power as they are the working group, not a bunch of high school students who cosplay and crossdress at weekends.

Therefore, it’s no because Bandai is bias and show more favouritism for UC. It’s because AC FAILED to do any better than UC.

Comment by codename:v

gamefaq still didn’t add this game it maybe a rumour and I enter the amazon japan it wasn’t added >_<

Comment by suzoki

How do the game will release after 2month and there are no any image of it at least they add the name of it on games title I say this game will release on jon-july inahaalla.

Comment by MASOHOBA

more than 300 ms and more than 100 characters cool I hope gundam wing are containing they say UC,seeed,00 included I hope wing is in UC, thpe it only is is image from this game contain zz full armore unknown type it appears only on sd gundam

Comment by Hiromoto

The Question now is do this will work on 5.50 d gen 3 or we should wait gen team to release new update I hope they release it very quickly and not to see what happened on gundam vs gundam next plus we waited about more than 10 days boring .

Comment by Akira nagamoma

what happen to gundam vs gundam next plus?

Comment by 00 hater

hope nobody gonna do stupid thing and “talk” to “someone”

Comment by 00 hater

But I hope they gonna release more for PS3

Comment by amuro0093

Well guys it’s debunked.
NBGI finally revealed that the title will be Assault Survive. Siliconera said so.

Comment by don't mind me

I mean gundam vs gundam released on 2-12 and we played it on 15-12

Comment by Akira nagamoma

hmmm… what kind of title is Assault Survive? doesnt make too much sense too me sorry.

I just hope the gameplay is enjoyable.

Comment by aPerson

@Akira nagamoma:

Don’t wanna wait? Then update to OFW, it’s that easy.

Comment by Guara

What is OFW Is it acustom firware and how did you know it will be comfortable with this game ?

Comment by Akira nagamoma

Guara If you know more about psp I have trouble on megaman zero 1,2,3,4 for gameboy advance I played it by emulator on custome firmware 3.71 it was perfect work 100% but when I upgrade to 5.50 gen d3 there are problem on graphic you can’t see any thing so I say if you have any idea for this problem what do you advise me i know i not about gundam but i see head of megaman is similar to gandam 40%

Comment by Akira nagamoma


OFW means Original Firmware…
Weak dude, weak.

Don’t moan about not being able to play your downloaded ISO, o~~kay ?

Comment by Nova MK X

Aha ofw is original firmware I donot know how I donot know this but it is not custom I was to be cheated then I will never pay one sent for this game even if it will be great like gvgnext+ and wait for the Pride gem team to releae their update I hope they know this game Although it is not familiar on any sites

Comment by Akira=nagamora

codename:v never stops being such a dickhead, does he.

Comment by AU_Gundam

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