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January 6, 2010, 9:38 am
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Gundam Assault Survive (PSP)

Release date: March 18th 2010.


Gundam series list:

Mobile Suit Gundam

0080 War in the Pocket

The 08th MS Team

0083 Stardust Memory

Zeta Gundam

Gundam ZZ

Char’s Counterattack

Gundam F91

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (first season)


Blue Destiny


V Gundam


A popular robot action game will be unveiled on next issue!

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This is looking great!

Comment by otarolgam

Oh snap son, is that the V2? I am so getting this.

Comment by Uc fan

lol UC, Seed and 00
Someone’s going to get a tantrum that a company just proved them wrong

Comment by lxs

Wow, looks cool. Hope the 00 and SEED aren’t the only AU. Gundam X need some love too.
A popular robot action game will be unveiled on next issue!

Hell yeah! Here’s hoping for ZOE 3 on PS3

Comment by amuro0093

Personally hoping it’s ACE4 next issue

Comment by Excellen Browning

so what type of game is this? tactics? actions? slg???

Comment by 00 hater

This had better have Destiny and Season 2…

Comment by otarolgam

“A popular robot action game will be unveiled on next issue!”

Omg please let it be SRW on PS3..!
When is the next issue gonna be released ?

Comment by YaMi

No one thought about Armored Core next week ?

Comment by Nt01

It’s very surprising that they aren’t tossing Unicorn in too.

Comment by Rayearth

No Crossbone makes me sad, but Victory makes me happy…

Kinda torn on this :/

Comment by AirMaster

just STFU CV you made to much rubbish already and heard worse rubbish then you.

Comment by MaxHD2490

“Popular Robot Action game”…

Since when is SRW became a popular robot action game.

Isn’t it always Strategies…

I bet is ACE or somethin..

Comment by SRWog4

I also hope it’s the next ZOE game, or the next ACE game that they announced last year. On topic, I really hope that Gundam X makes an appearance in the game, V Gundam is finally getting some more attention in video games.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

It’s either bringing 4xplayers arcade to PSP or this could be just another real time RPG like Scramble SR. Then again, if this fails to stand out from the GundamVSGundam and ACE norms, it will be just another boring all-in-one Gundam action game. Yet another NamcoBandai cash-milking scam with obvious remakes *yawn….

What kind of popular robot action game? ZOE is very much ended with ZOE Anubis and Kojima didn’t confirm a sequel in his last statement; Juro Watari is now sitting happily earning royalties with his Virtual ON franchise and he hasn’t even think about a new VON title;Capcom hasn’t make another robot fighting game since Cyberbots and Kikaioh, they are even mixing up the characters in VS themes; ArmorCore would be too obvious for this mystery announcement because the last ArmorCore title was released not too long ago; BorderBreak is not any new either, same goes for Front Mission Evolved.

Whatever it is, I’m just going take it with a pinch of salt since today’s anime market is full of MOE digging fagboys and girls making too much YAOI homosexual fagfics. What a disgrace anime fandom has become

Comment by codename:v

FFFFFFFffffff…’s about damn time we get at least some kind of news about ZOE 3. Was supposed to be the next project for that team right after MGS4…

Comment by Ed

okay…i am quite disturbed by cv loving anon…

Comment by 00 hater

This isn’t all about Banpresto, though A.C.E.4 is what I’m looking for too there are other popular robot action game out there.

Comment by LM

Oh, I hope, that this “popular robot action game” is ACE 4. Good God, please, let it be ACE!

Comment by Rune

Still, am I the only one thinking about Armored Core ?

Comment by Nt01

And again another good game for psp, and what about ps3? For europe? Medicore dwg2?

Comment by refined77

Earning royalties for the Virtual On franchise? what, you mean he’s earning big cos of VOOT on the 360? AND it looks like he hasnt thought of a new VO?

crap that sucks. I love Virtual On and seeing it sooo stagnant, it really hurts. I HATE IT WHEN THEY MAKE NEW GUNDAM TITLES that PlaYS the FUCKING SAME compared to previous titles. And the fact that these titles arent truly fun IS a milking the cash cow scheme that hurts the fans’ hearts..

Comment by aPerson

Is ACE popular? I played Ace 3. I didnt enjoy it… ACE COMBAT is MORE FUN TO PLAY. youre welcome.

Comment by aPerson

If I can sort of have an AVATAR MODE where i can at least specify myself bandai style, then maybee..

Comment by aPerson

I have and finished all 3 ACE games for PS2. Wasn’t 3 the last one? Then again, there was SRW Final but they still came out with new SRW games. If this is going to be ACE 4, would it also feature super robots as well, considering ACE 3 featured Getter Robo?

Comment by Masou Kishin Cybuster

Assault Survive isn’t looking bad, more importantly popular mecha action game? ZOE? ACE? Virtual ON?! We can only hope. Also the second to last pic shows a small screen of what looks like Biohazard/Resident Evil, though it might just be me.

Comment by F97 X-1

ahhh…. when lots people love, it’s only you doesn’t. What we called if 1 different person come in into different society.. oh yes, a strangers. but you not only standard strangers. Nooo.. you’re standard hikikomori nerd. yesss.
(ups side effect after watching beast wars all over again, megatron influence my accent)

“Why are there more UC theme games than AC? The answer is pretty simple: the study shows that more females today are digging into mechas for the pretty bishounens and pacifist fantasies; more males today are MOE over cartoon girlfriends and little lolicons. And since both SEED and 00 offer more MOE craps that undermine mecha design to crappy prop making. So there aren’t much actions and flashy combat moves to offer in the Gundam ACverse because the ACverse fangroup is full of faggots playing house with dolls and YAOI fangirls making homosexual BL fanfics and fanarts. Put it simple: AC is fucking GAY” (your last post, V)
too bad Bandai Namco put quite lots of alternate MS in this game, yesss. you incompentent scum

Comment by Knights

Actually, reading cv’s comment carefully, it doesn’t seem like he’s hating the game or anything. He’s just being critical about it. And before anyone tells me, yes I know his comments in the past was just plain being an ass…

V makes sense when he says that what NamcoBandai is doing is just cash milking, it would be unwise to say it’s not true.

I think he just wants everyone to act rationally. If NamcoBandai just goes on with making games we just keep on buying them without thinking, overtime the quality of games would deteriorate.

Some SRW games are, in my opinion, evidence of this. Having to include the Char’s Counterattack title in SRW Z when you only get the Nu Gundam and no plot given to the series itself or whatsoever. It’s there for the sake of being there.

@Knights: Too bad you see AU(not AC) that way. I prefer AU more than UC just because way too many people go gaga over newtypes this and newtypes that and UC extremist compare all AU series to the UC series. Overall, UC is just plain over-rated and that the overall AU is unappreciated.

And about the moe girls and bishie boys, well everything changes. That’s how Japan’s culture is today. I doubt your ranting can help change anything about it, so just let it be and enjoy it while it lasts.

Final note, comparing one thing to something makes everything about that one thing seem so dull. So stop comparing.

Comment by JustPassingThru

So is this a sequel to Gundam Battle Universe or what?

Comment by Kat

@Just passing through:

Just thought I’d let you know, Knights wasn’t the one who’s been complaining about AU mecha or Bishie males/moe girls. That’s a quote from codename:v himself.

Comment by Darrel

Virtual-On died because SEGA made a lame decision and let $Hitmaker ruined the whole franchise with gimped VRs “to suit the 2Vs2 gameplay”.

It’s a good thing that Kotobukiya is still keeping it alive with the models though.

Comment by Guara

I demand moar VO. There’re a warehouse-load of designs and side-stories out there, not to mention remaking games.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

i’ve red almost all of CV’s past post… and i gotta tell ya all of them are all the same…

“fags, gays, cash milking, scams blah, blah blah…

man i wish he shut up indefinitely!!!

he’s like a cancer no matter how many times you surgically remove it there’s still a chance that it might come back.

now onto the topic…

no season 2?? hmm…. kinda dissapointed

Comment by renka0017

theres no ACE 4 because the makers of game says ACE 3 was the final last one of the ACE series

Comment by Soulgain

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Hmmm…popular robot action game…

A PS3 Macross game would be awesome to see…what else? Although technically not robots, maybe something Evangelion related (given the new movies)? Another Linebarrels game? Code Geass? Or if we go a little more old school, Votoms or Patlabor perhaps? I look forward to seeing what it ends up being.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

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