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(Updated) Upcoming new gunpla Feb-Mar 2010
January 6, 2010, 11:19 pm
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MG Unicorn OVA Ver. SP Pack – March, 7,350 yen

1/48 Gundam RX-78-2 – March, 8,190 yen

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish Ver. – February, 12,600 yen

MG Gundam Astray Red Frame KAI – Febuary, 5,250 yen

MG Gundam Exia Trans-am Ver. – February, 6,090 yen

HGUC MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 (E.F.S.F. Type) – March, 1,575 yen

HGUC MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 (Zeon Type) – February, 1,575 yen

HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G – Febuary, 1,680 yen

HGUC RGZ-95c ReZEL (Commander Unit) – March, 2,310 yen

HGUC D-50C Loto – March, 1,680 yen

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Another new year, another chain of cash milking scams by Bandai. With the Unicorn OVA coming up soon, Bandai would definitely seize every chances for profiteering. I do understand the nature of the business, but having more 2 merchandises of the franchise title is ridiculous and I don’t see how getting an extra Unicorn or Sinanju MG plamo would be so tempting.

So far, the only newest thing I see here are the HGUC Rezel (plus commander unit), Geara Zulu and Loto, which I hope comes with changeable cannons.

Speaking of spamming and cash-milking, it is even more obvious from the 00 and SEED side with the same old sub-par gunplas in different colours and minor adjustments.

Comment by codename:v

well they gonna make money duh like every company needs to
why should bandai just appease just you
for all we know… you’re a small minority of the fanbase of bandai…
you’re a twat

as far as i know
MG red astray and 00 seven swords area must get for me
and maybe the zaku II

Comment by Ereos

codename:v doesn’t even know how economics work in japan unless he’s talking his country malaysia in most of his POV rubbish.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Why would anyone get Trans-Am Exia? It’s just a pink Exia. 😛

Comment by Kat

most of them are just old ones re-colored or re-fitted.
damnit i want a Delta-plus!

Comment by DaVirginizer

Honestly? they really couldn’t put the back accessories of the ReZEL on the same runner as the rest of the blue parts?

Bandai, I am disappoint

Comment by J-Lead

looks like Unicorn ver SP removed the cockpit and improved the knee articulation (based on the image) they most likely simplified the transformation compared to ver ka.

The diff colors of the Exia and Sinanju are for lazy people who dislikes the smell of paint.

Maybe CV talks like that because he doesn’t know how to make money..

Comment by Redux

1/48!! Cool!

Comment by LM

Whoa, whoa, whoa… an MG without a cockpit!? That ain’t right!

Comment by otarolgam

An MG Astray Red Frame in ‘archer-mode’ would look cool next to a mega-sword-wielding MG Astray Blue Frame.

I haven’t made up my mind about the MG Unicorn OVA Ver. SP Pack. According to Ngee Khiong’s site, it’s supposed to have improved joints, and certain alterations to the head (ie, vulcans added). I’ll wait and see how the final colour scheme, and ‘cage’ (maybe some sort of back-pack/storage box? We may yet see an MG Astray Out Frame with a ‘Back Home’ back-pack) turn out.

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish Version, while nice, is too pricey for my taste, and I might get an MG Gundam Exia Trans-am Version if it was discounted.

Comment by Hanzkaz

There is the MG Unicorn OVA Version coming out which is most likely exactly the same but minus the extra parts that you get with the SP pack. Though if they removed the 360 Cockpit that is a little bit dissapointing as that was just one of the things that made the Ver Ka. unique as a kit.

Comment by F97 X-1

the sp unicorn just look exactly like the ver.ka now why would anyone get that again?

Comment by buff

woa OO 7 sword looks delicious there.
Wakakakakakakakak……. =)

Comment by m4jin

oooh… I’m so gonna get the Red Frame kai !!!

Comment by Sei

CV doesn’t know how to make money? Man that’s going to end badly for the homosexual bastard.

Comment by MaxHD2490

@ J-lead
i hope you’re joking. prototpye gunplas are usually shown with uncolored parts (aka white). even the hg 00 7 swords were shown with semi-transparent parts before.

totally new prototype will be shown full white (loto)

2010 seems to be a boring year to me with so many recolor gunpla esp unicorn

Comment by 00 hater

woaaaahhhh awesome year!!!

Comment by I love CV

Read from Ngeekhiong, the Loto will come in pack of two. A great news indeed, as I was going to purchase two of this kit.

Fully transformable, switchable weapons, this will be a great model to be placed on ground battle dioramas.

Comment by Michael Adhi

I never thought the day would come that the Red Frame would be cooler than the Blue Frame 2nd L. 2 katana and a tactical arms weapon that can be transformed into a bow and a flight unit? Damn!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Oh my gosh. I just noticed 00 actually has holes in it’s arms like it’s supposed to have.

Comment by SwordsRCool

ho ho… V, how you not complain ReZel comander unit that just come out with added some new parts from previous ReZel (just like Stark Jegan), Yet you comlaint about MG Red Frame that come out with ‘little’ different from MG Blue Frame and label it as “Bandai’s milking money” product.

I just hope Zaku II F-2’s monoeye is moveable unlike rest previous zaku that just put on the sticker for monoeye while CCS-Unicorn series got moveable monoeye
This year gonna be better year for adding new gunpla and figure collection. Good start with Hatsune Miku VN02 to 00 seven sword and ReZel comamder unit XD
I don’t care if Bandai and rest make milking cash on me. As long as i like and worth it for me to buy, i’ll buy it.

Comment by Epsilon_013

if this news is about UC solely, then CV would bash UC instead. proven by a few previous news. don’t be cheated by cv’s uc-lovin-mask

Comment by 00 hater

Yeah the guy is a total attention whore.

Comment by Uc fan

Yay to MG Astray Red Frame, I’ll definitely have this one. Good thing haven’t purchased a Red Frame before 😛

Comment by H.ex

[…] The Trans-Am Exia, Due out in Febraury. […]

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Totally buying the Zaku II F2, 00 seven swords, and the Loto. But seriously am the only one who’s interested in the F2?

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

i’m also interested in F2. bought its mg once. though is bootlegs so i have no choice but to kill it. cant find bandai’s mg F2 in my area. sadly i’m highly broke with loto and rezel in mind, and maybe mg in the mid yr.whatever they are…

Comment by 00 hater

i’m just waiting on what the “special pack” includes for the unicorn… but then again, it is coming out march so i might as well build a 3rd unicorn and pose it in Unicorn mode as my 2nd is in Destroy mode. don’t ask what happened to the 1st, just that it has a broken peg for its left skirt and its right beam saber holder peg on the backpack, scratches on its left cuff, back skirts and cockpit hatch. ugh, they’re such an eyesore for me… 0_0

i also noticed on the picture that the armor plates are trimmed at the back of the knee like the HGUC Unicorn/Destroy counter parts.

compare them side by side you’ll see what i mean…


anyway, that’s my 2 cents [a bit long but oh well]

Comment by ant1ph0n

kyaaaa unicorn!

Comment by h0lcr0ft

in other words. we can mod our own unicorn ova from ver ka!!!!
well, not entirely (vulcans and etc)

Comment by 00 hater

hey, why 00 has 8 swords than 7??, must called 8sword/G than 7sword/G.

1. 2x GN katar
2. 2x Beam saber
3. GN sword II long
4. GN sword II short
5. GN buster sword II
6. GN sword II blaster

total of 8. NOT 7. hehheheheh

Comment by setsuna15


you are not GUNDAM!

Comment by Setsuna

nice! good thing i haven’t bought an mg exia now i will be planning on getting its mg trans-am ver.

Comment by godgundam

but too bad i already bought the unicorn ver.ka…..

Comment by godgundam

thats it? that’s the new unicorn? minor articulation adjustment and the cage base? PASS! the ver.ka is good enough will wait for the full armor version if it ever pops up…

Comment by buff

Excited waiting for MG Astray Red Kai to be sold here, even if I already have an astray red. Doesn’t Kai have the Beam Rifle, Shield and sabers anymore? Don’t have any Unicorn yet, still deciding if I should get this or the Katoki Version.

Comment by masoukishin cybuster

I like the Unicorn SP Pack base. It definitely adds to the must-have factor.

MG Aile Strike’s launch-pad base was one of the reasons I ended up buying both it and the MG Strike Rouge. It was the same case with the MG Zeta, though I’ve yet to get hold of the MG Gundam MK-II to complement it.

Comment by Hanzkaz

They improved knee articulation but didn’t bother with the shoulder? What the hell?! I would’ve rather they include the beam gatling instead of that stupid base. I was expecting more for the Unicorn SP, but this

Comment by glemtvapen

honestly unicorn gundam and trans am exia looks like a waste of money

Comment by bullspit57

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