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Gundam Assault Survive official site grand open
January 7, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Mobile suit



Gundam Assault Survive boxart.


More Gundam Assault Survive screens from Famitsu.

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this looks sweet.

Comment by vipergb34

no crossbon no hathawy 😦

Comment by Akira nagamora


Comment by HeatPhoenix

Not so much interest. I have more love with GvGN+ but this looks like an ok game nonetheless. 😉

Comment by gvgn

Gundam vs gundam next plus was the final game that game FAQ add to their list they feel Desperation and sad about Publications this days from gundam, Bandai must Restore the soul to there Productions I advise them not to Accelerate to finish and release the game thinking that in this way they will Earn money there are old proverb I think it is China say ( haste makes waste).

Comment by gono ishigawa

So should I import Gundam vs gundam next plus or wait for this one?

Thank you Bandai for taking a heartbeat to make the same game under a different name!

Comment by Bob

So my Japanese is a little rusty, but it seems like Famitsu is saying that while Assault Survive looks a lot like the Gundam Battle series, it has a new gameplay system.

If that’s the case…. Hmm….

Comment by Kat

I will never buy this game and wait only for ISO it is not that good as I see but if it got new gameplay let’s hope Positive of it, gundam vs gundam next+ I feel remorse that didn’t buy it and used only ISO it was really a best gundam game in psp

Comment by Akira= nagamora

for some reason Exia looks really Blocky… same for that throne zwei

Comment by Ereos

The Engine kinda looks like the one used in Macross Ultimate Frontier.

Especially the HUD and the effects used on the big beams.

Comment by Nova MK X

Sorry about my 1st comment, I didn’t want you guys to know that I’m too poor to even afford the plastic case you use to protect a psp. Maybe if the many different men claiming to be my mom’s boyfriends didn’t walk through our shitty apartment door in the projects to beat my mom and take all her money after having their way with her, I might be able to afford at least a $10 layaway on a psp at Toys-R-Us if the employees don’t call the police on me again for walking in with no shoes and pants even though I never had any.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I think I’ll pass this game.

Comment by amuro0093

i prob try this game but atm im lovin GvGn+
but what i want is a english release of gundam senki
i cant read japanese so comon make a release just for us

Comment by Ereos

I’m shocked that they added the original design of the Stark Jegan in the game.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I hope they’ll port it to PS2

Comment by Agol

i love Gundam Battle series
i’ll most certainly download this ISO

Comment by ultraman_hafidz



Comment by gvgn

What’s wrong with PS2 huh ?

Can’t you keep your mouth shut ?

Just another a**hole

Comment by Gundam_Fan



Comment by gvgn

The game quality so sucks, remind me the ps2 Seed “never ending tomorrow” quality and game, so sucks! Who play it sure know on it how suck it was.

Comment by SDABSA

I would prefer to see more ‘sidestory’ (Blue Destiny,Zeonic Front,0081) focused games, action games (like 3rd person shooter games with a campaign and online play) or strategy games (Turn-Based or Real Time) gundam games.

In terms of sidestory games, something with characters that are not feds (more Zeon focused) 3rd person combat similar to delimbing in Crossfire and touches of realism (like beam weapon insta-kill via cockpit but with game play like 0081 or Blue Destiny.)

Another neat gameplay feature for such video games would be customization on the lines of Armored Core.

As for strategy the Gihren’s Greed series is pretty good in terms of turn based strategy (just needs more sidestory MS and time periods like atleast up to Unicorn for now) but a RTS on the lines of C&C or Gundam RTS (a mod for the Spring engine) would be awesome.

Thats my two cents.

Comment by Sasori_Zero

I prefer to see more about real robot in separate games like aura battler dunbine dx , heavy metal L-gaim DX, lyzner DX, Dragonar DX. And why until now Game FAQ didn’t add this game to his list I have got a good topic I want to Talk about.

Comment by sozoki

what’s this is a robo from gundam unicorn :

Comment by ikki28

I was impersonated?

I feel special

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Is it just me or does the character art for the Seed characters look like ass?

Comment by Ed


I’m not a seed fan, but I know when I see an idiot with no taste or that doesn’t have anything of intelectual importance to speak. The Seed series art pretty successful compared to some of it’s predecessors, but we would’nt expect you to understand something that was far beyond your comprehension.

Ed do us all a favor and erase yourself from the gene pool, Anymore of your inbreeding spilling into society will further cause us all to take another step back into de-evolution from your ignorence.

Comment by Spike

I meant the art IN THE GAME. I don’t mind Seed’s art style, just seems the general placement of the eyes and the size of the head in comparison to the normal suits is horribly off, especially compared to how good the 00 art is and the Seed artwork in GVGNP.

Nice spelling of ignorance btw, wonderful irony…

Comment by Ed

Nice to see your good for something, I see there might be hope for you yet. I’m glad actually, I wouldn’t mind hiring you as a spellchecker. People of your “special” needs are also a great tax wright off.

Comment by Spike

very good game

but why it is no gundam seed destiny with him

my question

is this the end of the gundam battle series???

or there another one next?


Comment by mohd

If you’re not a Gundam Fanatic and Mecha Fanatic like us… get out of here, and stop your nonsense bitching.

Comment by vinson77

is this also going to America???

Comment by joseph

I laugh at your comment
of course not. Their is licensing issues America has to deal with and they don’t want to make a profit on a popular franchise.

The only thing I question is, are we going to be the anonymous character that we were before in the past, cause I don’t want to play as pussy ass Kira(this is a minor grip, Im still getting it, but I really, really hate Kira)

Comment by Brendan

Exceptional piece

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