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Newtype Mag art cover (February)
January 7, 2010, 2:56 am
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00 Qan[T]’s Face close up.

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the colors remind me of the R-1 Trooper from srw

Comment by DaVirginizer

Kinda reminds me of Reborns Gundam

Comment by lxs


Comment by F97 X-1

This picture makes me think Quanta is just a 00 upgrade of Exia, instead of a new unit altogether.

Comment by Ertre

well…it’s 00 Qan[T] really look like Reborns Gundam…

Comment by costriker

[…] Pic Source: SRW Hotnews […]

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Comment by gillatsrwh

quanta’s face looks like Exia with reborns gundam features with it.

Comment by MaxHD2490

V-fins = Reborns
Face = Exia
Sideburn = 00

Comment by 00quantaReborns

See? Even the faggots see the similiarities the Quanta share with its predecessors Excia, 00 and Reborns, now isn’t it obvious that Quanta is a rehashed copycat of 3 broken Gundams from 00 S2? The fin-funnel thingie wouldn’t help making it distinctly stand out from the others because it was copied from UC’s Nu Gundam’s, you call that a tribute? Hello? 30th anniversary party bash is over and it’s time to look forward, not backward.

Seriously, this 00 movie has set another new low in the already lame 00 franchise. Then again, the 00 franchise would always have its horde of YAOI loving fanGIRLS and GAY fagboys who dig Tieria’s crossdressing act and GAY for Lockon-sama. Gundam 00 is indeed the most GAY Gundam anime ever!

Comment by codename:v

yup, as expected. CV strikes yet again. so what’s your point then? it is that you hate gundam because it reuses previous idea, or is it because it is followed by “GAYS and FAGS” like us (as what you seem to have been insisting all along)?

anyways, i would have preferred that they colored the cheeks on the facelate dark gray, as in exia and 00. it looks sleeker that way.

Comment by flamerounin

Triple 0 Gundam, i guess. Did you guyts see 3 zeros on the forehead?

Comment by EXkurogane

It’s “00Q” on the forehead.

Comment by Zenithius


Technically, 000 Gundam was O Gundam.
This should be like, 00000 Gundam, since Double0 was 0000 Gundam. :p

Comment by Guara

I seriously can’t wait for the movie to come… XD

The head is somewhat reminiscent of R-1 to some degree but most definitely you’ll see the Reborns in it… O_O


Oh is so hate negative comparisons… [-_-]

You know, everything about gundam is a copy of something if you’re to analyze everything down to the last detail. So, what are you insisting? Better that they ended with the original gundam alone and not continue? Since everything about gundam seems to be a mess for you. Also, UC’s NU gundam was basically a rehashed copy of the Elmeth’s funnel system and RX-78’s design, so don’t think Nu was original over anything with remote weaponry. Mk.2 was also a rehashed copycat of the RX-78, and so is the ground type and EZ-8. Zeta was probably also a rehashed copycat of some super robot which transforms into a bird. ZZ was a rehashed copy of that same rehashed copy just mention. Overall… everything is a rehashed copy of the original. Therefore gundam fails as much as you do. So don’t think so high of UC for being original in anything and mostly don’t think so high of yourself. Your name is basically a rehashed copy of the character V from the “V for Vendetta” movie/comics.

Comment by JustPassingThru

Definitely look alike with R-1 judging by the head. =)

Comment by sbhboi

Can’t say I don’t like the head design.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

As lots of folks have said before, it’s plain that to see that the 00Q is (judging strictly by its appearance) an amalgamation of the Excia, Reborns and 00 Gundams. However, I think that fits not only with the whole concept of the story 00 Gundam has going on, what with Setsuna being an “intermediary” between normal hamans and the innovators, but also shows that, despite some…unusual design choices in the past (piggbacky baby gundam, really?) Celestial Being really is a practical lot. How else could you explain (in story) the similarities between three pre-existing and partially wrecked Gundams, given the organization’s lack of funding now that Ribbons is dead?

Comment by Arkeothehedgehog

oh, whoops, that should’ve been “Exia”. My bad.

Comment by Arkeothehedgehog

…Wait, is Newtype released? or is this just a preview cover?

Comment by lxs

forget it. V’s too stupid to remember that kind of things.
his stupidity that inherit because of get dump by his society and become NEET hikikomori freaks

Comment by Epsilon_013

@F97 X-1
And a little bit of Gundam Plutone in there too.

Comment by Quantum

looks good to me, excited to see the other three

Comment by samurai

Ignoring V seems to be the best solution. Unfortunately, he is a cancer on the website unless they have permanent accounts.

Comment by DarkCode

This month have a bonus about Macross F Movie!!


Comment by megumifan12

Note In Newtype….

Noteworthy news (from an interview of Seiji Mizushima) :

* The movie takes place 2 years after the TV series
* It is the story of Setsuna and mankind
* 5 people are currently working on the storyboard
* The images shown at the last festival are directly taken from the movie
* The characters are presented in a little more realistic way on purpose
* The design of the 00QAN[T], unlike the Exia’s and to 00’s, has been entirely entrusted to Ebikawa
* “Quanta” [pronounciation of “QAN[T]“] is the plural form of “quantum”
* The 00 QAN[T] embarks the Twin Drive system, the key of the story

etc etc from

Comment by Debris

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