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January 10, 2010, 12:01 am
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damn sexy

Comment by Zeronos

Every time I see the 00 Quanta, the more it grows on me. That is going to be a truly badass Gundam.

Comment by DarkCode

Something about the midsection looks really off to me…

Comment by Hiro

Is that a GN drive inside the shield?

Comment by Amon

It looks different everytime I see it >

Comment by lxs

@Amon: No, not a drive, it’s GN Capacitor

Comment by YessMasster

You sure about that? It looks a lot like the S2 drives on the Arios and Cherudim and would explain why a second drive seems to missing on the main body itself.

Comment by Amon

It HAS to be a second GN Drive! I just know it! Where else would the second GN Drive for the Twin Drive System go if not in the shie- oh wait. It’s still unconfirmed if Quan[T] will have Twin drive! >_<

Comment by Gundam Sol

@Ixs, It looks different every time I see it

Yeah same here

Comment by amuro0093

looks more like a GN capacitor to me. and it’s too small to be a GN drive. man, this looks better and better.

btw, prepare yourselves guys. one guy is going to bash this and everything gundam any moment now.

Comment by flamerounin

Clean version:

Comment by Solidvanz

is it me or gundam 00 quanta’s torso looks similar to wing torso design with the jewel?

Comment by MaxHD2490

I don’t know about 00Q much can somebody tell me is it an upgrade or a downgrade from 00? or another mobile suit?

Comment by LM

I think it’s possible to has another GN Drive hide in binders or shield

Comment by Ixion

The second drive was in 0 which was destroyed
thus is why they are going to jupiter where the orginal solar furnaces came from.

and thus is why quantra has only one drive

of course this is just a hypothosis but still

Comment by VenomGundam

Either the 2nd drive would be very small or it wouldnt fit into the binder. Compare drive’s size (approx. radius of chest condenser) to shield binder connector – it’s jst too small

Comment by YessMasster

Blegh, really hoped they kept the “blue and white only” scheme instead of the traditional “RX-78 color.” Now it looks like an Exia clone w/ Half Raiser. =(

Comment by glemtvapen

Everything in 00 are already been made and used, so all it takes is to reuse everything for this upcoming 00 movie and no efforts are required since only the pretty shemales are being paid attentions to. Gundams on the other hand are mere props to enhance their GAYness and barely stand out unlike Tieria’s dress, which seal the GAY brand on this Gundam anime title.

Today’s anime market sells solely on eye-candies, not story telling because fans today have been reduced to shallow faggots who are only obsessed with visual effects and pretty covers which allow them to freely indulge in their wildest imaginations with their imaginary friends. That’s why we have idiots carrying pillows with 2D cartoon girls everywhere they go, what an embarrassment today’s fandom has become of.

Comment by codename:v

hey don’t insult my pillow waifu! she is not a cartoon girl. cartoon not = anime.

Comment by 00 hater

I guess codename V striking every single post here because he’s having big problems with cartooned entertainments in general, not only about hating anime and Gundam… Every single cartoons and animes will have their own merchandises, just like how you see Disney products and Mickey Mouse plush toys in the market… =.=

BTW at least the 00Q has chest vents now… The last time i saw it it was plain like a Zaku. Yup, the color scheme now makes me feel like thye scheme came from Wing Gundam Ver Ka.

Comment by EXkurogane

codename V is starting to be a little repetitive…

Comment by E5150

seems the mecha designer try hard to re touch the q’nta unit so it could looks fine like now =)

Btw’trivia : how many times they have revision this Q’nta ???

ping pong………

Comment by m4jin

did you see that?? he said it again!!! WWUUUUHHHH!!! he said the word gay and faggot again!!! yeah!!!

CV is nothing more than just a rehashed toad that has been run over by a 16 wheeler truck over and over again!!!

cmon Codname: V….. is that the best you can do?? you just keep on repeating evrything you say… give us something new something fresh and maybe bandai might finally see you as a complete and total a-hole that you are….

i’ve finally release some steam..

I’ve never thought 00qan(t) would look so awesome with the new color scheme i used to like the old color but this is something that i never thought i’d like

Comment by renka0017

where the GN drive? i don’t see it except a hole in its chest and legs? is that a place for GN Drive?

Comment by asu_continental

CV is a tsundere lol… he said he hate 00 very much but he still called Lockon as Lockon-sama lol… deep in his heart he loves 00 Gundam very much, he just don’t know how to express it correctly ^^~

Comment by Kinkeidonow

that really looks similar to the orb thingy of the Wing Gundam. Like very similar to Wing ver Ka. O_O

Kinda dislike it. I really like the ones like Exia’s and Nadleeh type. The way the orb thingy was made was very distinct. Very Celestial Being like to say atleast. This design of the orb thingy is very… Katoki-ish

@codename v: wow who knew that Tieria’s cross dressing scene would actually get to you… XD it seems like that epi really hit you hard eh… :))

codename v getting caught in a trap and obvious one at that… XD

@E5150: He’s always been repetitive

@Those that say 00Q only has one drive: Well they won’t give it the name 00 Qan[T] if it only has one drive. Else they’d just would call it Qan[T] then. 0 Gundam’s GN Drive may not have been destroyed, we could never tell by just that explosion alone destroyed the GN Drive. It’s anime after all…

Comment by JustPassingThru

Putting 00 Qan[T] aside, I hope they also give the other suits makeovers, specially the Zabanya. Those things in the back really looks bad for what was once a sniping gundam.

Comment by JustPassingThru


You’re so full of bullshit it’s so funny, you’re tired of seeing repeated things from Gundam 00, but the words that come from your dirty hands always repeats the same words all over again.

You’re doing is so fucking tiring too, people all over the net is so tired of you, i myself is tired of you.

Comment by zato

I think the Quan[T]’s design is a step up from most other 00 designs, and apparently so do most of the people and the directors at Sunrise.

So C:V, when are you going to find a new word to replace “gay”? It’s been around, like, since forever, you old tart.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Anyone got a degree in psychology?? cause CV can definitely use some help since he’s so blind he can’t tell the difference between his head and ass let alone the differences betwwen Exia and Qan[T]LMAO

Comment by Zero

It has to have 2 Gn drives, if it does’nt then its not a “00” unit.
If it only has one GN drive and they make up some crap excuse to still call it 00 then the entire series goes down to Seed level in my opinion, which is bad.

Comment by ZR0

hey cv, sorry to burst your bubble but pillows with 2D half naked anime girls on it have been around for roughly 20 years now… the term for these type of ‘sad’ people would be otaku, a term that has been lost with the rise of anime in america.

Comment by meh

@Kinkeidonow: LOL WUT!

CV talking about pillow in 00Q because he doesn’t has one of them. he easily jealous seeing otaku carry it around

Comment by Epsilon_013

turning way, from grude otaku into politic critism

Comment by sneak_peek

Just so you all know gn drives aren’t very big. so the thing in the binder could be it. Look at how the drives are in 00 gundam. If they can fit in it’s shoulder things they could fit in 00 Qan[T]’s binder.

Comment by SwordsRCool

one more thing, could they remake the face, it still exia looks a like XD. ( Hope mode…..ON)

Comment by m4jin

you know I have a funny feeling CV, I hate to abmitted but his demands are like those of a terrorist (I’m unsure at the moment but it’s up to you)

Comment by MaxHD2490

The Qan T looks nice.

I got to say I’m really starting to pity CV considering how much distain he shows for anime and it’s fans and how much time he spends on this site doing the same old tired rants he must be a huge loser with no social life to speak of.

Comment by RT

Feed the troll and you only justify his existence.
Just ignore him and at the very least it’ll take some of the fun out of it for him…

Comment by Ed

@Zero: I don’t think psychologist do that, psychologists have understand people and not tell them what to do, from what I’ve learned. Anyway what he needs are people to bring him to a psych ward.

@half naked anime girl pillows: lol.. those pillow things, I’ve seen them around quite often. Otakus love em as far as I know it… XD

@Ed: Well that’s why we feed them cause we pity them as to why they can’t come into terms with the general public. It’s the least we can do for such a pitiful excuse for a human being.

Comment by JustPassingThru

Don’t feed the troll. The very fact that all of you are responding to him gives him reason for continuing. He won’t stop until you people stop telling him to stop.

Comment by da_guy

The people responding to the troll isn’t very smart

Comment by amuro0093

Comment by Excellen Browning

@Excellen Browning
thanks Excellen for the link

Comment by MaxHD2490

CV getting old or this is a totally new CV. He was so much better in the years before lol.

It could be a new GN Drive furnace or a GN Capacitor.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Re: The shoulder thingy: It could be a drive. The chest orb isn’t actually a drive remember, it’s just a big capacitor. The actual drive is pretty small (look at what Nadleeh ejects in the end of S1) and according to the 1/100 manual 00’s drives fit entirely inside the shoulder cones (recall that the cones themselves aren’t part of the drive, just an attached thruster system) so there’s enough room in Quanta’s shield/binder for the second drive. We know it’s got two drives (or will have two eventually) and sticking it in the shield where it can power those sword bits makes sense since it’s the same concept Cherudim used in sticking its single drive in the tail to power the shield bits.

Last thing: Really liking the redesigned torso with the vents and the wrap-around white bits that give it an Exia vibe.

Comment by Mukaikubo

IMO, the chest condenser looks closer to the old concept drawing of the Exia.

Really love the design of the 00Q, can’t wait to see the final designs of the others as well. ^^

Comment by rndm

if it doesnt have twin drives, why would it still be called the 00?

Comment by Cloud

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