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Armored Core 5 official site pre-open
January 11, 2010, 10:17 pm
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From Software has announced Armored Core 5 at Armored Core Championship Tournament 2009 Seson2 FINAL STAGE event.

Armored Core 5 debut trailer.

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And I was right, the new upcoming “Popular Robot Action” game in the next Famitsu will be ineed Armored Core 5, strangely enough, no one thought about it 😛

Comment by Nt01

I was hoping for a ACE4….oh well

Comment by condom:v

sigh…. let down

Comment by Ereos

something tells me theres some surprises for this AC5 game

Comment by MaxHD2490

Here’s hoping FROM can continue its recent hot streak. After Demon’s Souls, who knows?

Comment by Kat

“News of Armored Core 5”


Comment by J-Lead

There best be space combat. We are long overdue for space combat.

Comment by J-Lead

I hoped for ACE4 ;_;

Comment by Rune

Hell yeah. They’re going all out with the parts these time. Hoping AC4 data can be transferred.

Comment by glemtvapen

J-Lead is right, we’re long overdue for some space combat, the closest thing we had was in a space station in Silent Line, but then again, it was still inside a confined space station.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I just read from another site that AC5 is going to be like the more tradition Armored Core games form the PSX & the PS2 era. I’m going to miss flying around. I wonder if this means that they’re going to bring back the hover leg parts?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Hopefully it’ll be more like FA than pre-LR. I do not miss being shot down miserably without barely seeing enemy AC’s on the screen as they jet from place to place while cheating their weight.

Comment by Amon

omg this is it! was hoping for a continuation of ACfa. but this is still good

Comment by mike


I was hoping it was going to be a Border Break Port, too bad it’s just another armored core game.

Comment by Socom

What a let down…
ACE4 was far much better of seller than this…

ohh well,still good new for mecha fans..

Comment by YaMi

Is this really the robot action game that Famitsuu mentioned? If so then it is a let down. We already have those PSP and PS3 Armored Core games.

Oh well, Kojima gonna make ZOE3 sooner or later. I’m sure of it

Comment by amuro0093

Oh and I still have my hopes for the game Famitsu will announce. It suppose to be announced by Famitsu anyway

Comment by amuro0093

The obvious is just too obvious, so AC5 is the so-called new popular mecha game Famitsu has been talking about. Seriously, a new sequel or new edition to a franchise isn’t all that new. A game that sells on brandname and unable to break the mold to create a new direction isn’t anything new but just a sequel to the brand it sells. So what’s so new about AC5? I bet SE’s Front Mission Evolved is more new than this title.

Comment by codename:v

Can’t wait to see how the dribbling AC fanboys react to this, now and when it’s been out for a week. >>

Comment by Nekomata

My god. I find myself horrified to be agreeing with what C.V. is saying. To me, Armored Core got stale around two or so. Thats not saying they are terible games, that’s just my opinion. There’s only so many guns and loadouts you can add before it gets boring.

So here’s hoping this Armored Core does something radically different, and that I never have to agree with C.V. again….

Comment by Wolfe


Comment by Epsilon_013

What were you expecting when Famitsu announced a “popular mecha action game”?
Popular would mean it was part of a franchise

Comment by lxs

I don’t understand this. Some say the series needs to change and others say the series needs to go back to pre AC4. Make up your damn minds! It’s either changed too much or not at all, you can’t have both. That’s now how choice works.

Comment by Amon

People have different opinion, don’t you understand that?

Comment by amuro0093

either way this AC game is different from previous AC games.

those wings of that AC you homosexual bastard will turn you into burning shreds (their flameing chainsaw wings how come an idoit like you didn’t notice!)

Comment by MaxHD2490

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