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Endless Frontier EXCEED PV2
January 13, 2010, 6:04 pm
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Endless Frontier EXCEED PV2 is out now.

Download (Mediafire, MP4 Hi-Res 94 Mb) (Endless Frontier Exceed PV2 1/2) (Endless Frontier Exceed PV2 2/2)


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cant wait

Comment by machete

a pity as it seems that roa will be only a support character, i hoped he would be playable like the others

Comment by Meteorim

well i like Roa but having him as a player will be a bit too much, there is too many characters already and i dont know who to choose @_@

Comment by FinVortex

hey! what’s this fuck can some one upload this video on youtube or dailymotion…

Comment by ikki28

This is gonna be AWESOME! Momo and Fighter Roa as assists plus the anime cutscenes look fantastic!

Comment by F97 X-1

Would you kindly… just give it up ?

You cant spread your homophobic behaviour on us.
It’s not contagious.

If you don’t like Fanservice, go look at/play something else, the rest of us will enjoy fanservice games, be it SRW Mugen no Frontier or other games (Agarest War, Cross Edge, Etc)

If you need something to jack off to, to get some of that tension off ya, i suggest Bayonetta, it even has the right difficulty setting for you, one-button-play.

Comment by Nova MK X

… codename:v you were so much better in the years before. WTF happened… You were more constructive… and did so much better at trolling the SRW series. I can’t believe this is the same CV as 2 years ago.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

What happened with the mediafire link?

Comment by Duo Maxwell

I have some problem with my internet connection.

Comment by superrobotwar

Too bad, I was looking forward it, my internet doesn’t allow me to watch it properly.

Comment by Nt01

YAY, well, yay…

At least youtube 🙂

Comment by Nova MK X

that was simply down right awesome!

Comment by thomassmash

O.o wow

Looks like CV was finally taken off the Air ! (or rather the board, but it sounds better with air ;))

Comment by Nova MK X

the most lauging par was xiaomu with the breast part in the river XDDD

mmm special of OG… what will be???

Comment by D4rKoV4

drama CD that we’ll never ever get here

Comment by thomassmash

fucking stupid. where is SRW PS3? more fanservice garbage to take money from lonely virgins.

Comment by C

What’s wrong with taking money from lonely virgins?

Comment by Psybuster

Anyone got an alternate link to the PV since I got a message from my com saying that it has bad public movie atom and can’t play it.

Comment by 180223

doesn’t some people who have PS3 they have to wait for that SRW PS3. CV would talk about something like that, but the problem with PS3 games is the development part with graphics, battle system, and it’s only part importantly is keeping the game a very secret as possible. anyone who saw ps3 FFVII demo thought possible for a remake, however thats just a demonsation no remake afterwards.
Right now the SRW PS3 game is under the status of TBA and no word about that ever since, however still possible for game but doesn’t that mean the game stay underdevelopment for awhile. Remember some video games ended up get canceled for varies of reasons so pay attention to the signs.

Comment by MaxHD2490

eh? The only problem with PS3 for developers is having to learn an entirely new way of coding games
Whereas 360 and Wii use previous ways of coding

Comment by lxs

After see PV2 …

What! the Hell!!!???

Comment by hardsway

your trying to say its takes a long time?

Comment by MaxHD2490

its true, that big shadow looks like wodan imir doesnt it?

Comment by D4rKoV4

Wow, is that Wodan wearing armor that resembles the Sledgemir? O_o

Comment by Rebirth

I hope there’ll be an english version of this one

Comment by Agol


Comment by John

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