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January 13, 2010, 9:08 am
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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (DS)

Armored Core 5 (PS3/Xbox360)




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oh wow, Momo’s in the game

Comment by lxs

Super Robot Taisen OG saga is now MY possible GOTY and we’re on the first month:P

Comment by thomassmash

I was one of the people who thought the first endless frontier was going to be garbage, but after trying it out, i actually enjoyed it. Even though i hated Forced Evasion and the Random encounter rate.

The Addition of Momo from Xenosaga is pretty cool, even though i would have preferred to have Ziggy instead.

Comment by Socom

LOL, screw Endless frontier, i am looking forward to AC5

Comment by Zer0

I notice theres some characters I’m not familer besides two well known ones in SRW OG EXCEED.

I wonder whats in store with AC5? besides new parts and such, the more importanted question are we getting space combat or not? Either way I don’t know.

CV is going to bash right in by now.

Comment by MaxHD2490

anyone have high quality no glare and readable scans of the exceed pics? i REALLY want to look at it but those basic scans are too hard to see clearly especially with the glare. so please help me out. but……. MOMO. Not the same as having Shion herself, or Chaos or Jin, or Ziggy (as someone else put it) but that’s nice. Kosmos = no longer by her lonesome in the Xenosaga carryovers

Comment by Scott

It’s just so easy to tell the good and the bad here. Mugen is like anyother mugen games out there where existing characters are borrowed from here and there in the name of fagboyism and cash-milking, so what is so great about this effortless piece of crap? Heh, AC5 can beat this shit handsdown.

Comment by codename:v

CV your so late on comments plus your so blind of your ignorance you did not notice I mention you trolling right in

Comment by MaxHD2490

Is that Koma on the Player Side ? O.o
If yes, Awesomeness !

Comment by Nova MK X

I’ll have to wait another week for a possible SRW announcement…

Comment by Folka

why does everyone one like endless frontier so much?

Comment by Zer0

what’s this? another super robot Mimic Generation ? this maybe the end of all Mimic generation once and for all if captin Terada want oreginal character to win he must combine them with super robot anime series like sybaster on srw f and alpha it was agreat character when you play it with mazinger,getter..,I hope they release new super robot quickly and to be on PS3 or this will be the end of ps3 , PS3 really Fall into the abyss from along time , they should make ps4 and add super robot to it.

Comment by Sozoki

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Ugh, Armored Core 5

Comment by amuro0093

tell those idiots to stop working on dumb stuff like OG Saga, fire the artist because all he draws is ridiculous clichés and get those fuckers working on a real Super Robot game, not a terrible mix of two of the greatest Strategy RPGs (the other being Namco X Capcom)

Comment by The Monster King

Yeah, you tell them Monster King, you tell them.

I swear this blog is swarmed with trolls, huge, ignorant and retarded trolls.

And I lol at how quick C:V switches sides.

Comment by Anon

Well, that’s just how he is it, a professional troll that loves his job passionately, not like I have something against it. We all knew that this is a fanservice game, so things like that cannot be avoided, Xenosaga fans surely like MOMO, it is not strange that she would appear in the game(even with her Star Transformations…).

Comment by Nt01

According to the Famitsu magazine, the Armored Core mecha will be only 5 meters tall. That’s s the same size of the mecha that are used in Armored Trooper Votoms, according to another website that I go to. There’s going to be longer missions and more detailed stages, so I doubt we get to see any space combat missions (I hope I’m wrong. Here’s the address

Comment by Freedom Gundam

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I’ll be. C.V. singing the praises of something?

Comment by Wolfe

Ugh, so much whining.

Comment by Rebirth

[…] EndlessFrontier, exceed, Famitsu, Games, Suparobo More scans on Endless Frontier Exceed via SRW Hotnews, this time detailing on Support Character as well as the antagonists. Also, a new PV is available […]

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Good pics. Armored Core is a great game I just got it for the Xbox360

Comment by Mr Robotics

From the AC5 post:

The obvious is just too obvious, so AC5 is the so-called new popular mecha game Famitsu has been talking about. Seriously, a new sequel or new edition to a franchise isn’t all that new. A game that sells on brandname and unable to break the mold to create a new direction isn’t anything new but just a sequel to the brand it sells. So what’s so new about AC5? I bet SE’s Front Mission Evolved is more new than this title.

Comment by codename:v January 12, 2010 @ 6:38 pm

Comment by fuckyear

This great Armored Core 5. Armored core 4 is the best game ever I can’t wait for Armored Core 5.

Comment by My Art Fix

Wendy your hood is amazing. Visible indeed!!
You are the coolest

Comment by Sharon

Replaced the cartridge, very same issue with grinding.
Don’t know what to do due to the fact that its 6 years aged, and no genuine repair spots. I may tear it apart and look at it. Thanks.

Comment by

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