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Gundam Assault Survive gameplay video
January 14, 2010, 2:45 pm
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Download (Mediafire, Hi-Res WMV)


More Gundam Assault Survive new screens.

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good video and controller look better than Universe, only if they replace seed and 00 with crossbone and hathawy or wing with g 😦

Comment by Sozoki

i wish crossbone is in this game….

Comment by godgundam

Well this game was SUPPOSED to be like the last few.
Have playable missions for all the secret and extra suits, with a couple more new extra ones. This would’ve meant playable F91 and Hathaway’s Flash, probably with Crossbone and V as extras, along with maybe some playable Sentinel missons, or at least Ryu.

…..but to side with V for once, the seed/00 fans screwed all us UC fans……..again.

Comment by Ed

After seeing the Video, IT IS the Macross Ultimate Frontier Engine !

Looks good 🙂

Comment by Nova MK X

To be honest, this game looks pretty effing bad. :X

Comment by gvgn

[…] hotnews ha immesso una serie di nuove immagini e soprattutto un interessante video dedicato al Gameplay del nuovo gioco per la piattaforma PSP che la Namco Bandai ha annunciato in […]

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Cry me a river, UC fans.

Oh, but wait… you can’t. Since you couldn’t get emotional over SEED’s and 00’s story.

Comment by otarolgam

Honestly I liked Seed, but hated Destiny and I enjoyed 00, so yeah…

Comment by Uc fan

i CAN get emotional over 00, but mostly RAAAAAGE

Comment by 00 hater

despair for GSD, and some lol for seed (lol at its resemblance with 0079)

Comment by 00 hater

Yeah, Destiny seems to be the one most can agree was god awful.

Personally, I’ve found 00 to be a shining gem among AU series. Seed is….okay…just way too damn corners cut on it, constantly reused animation and flashbacks. I can’t believe how many times we watched nicol die.

Comment by DarkCode

They still haven’t fixed the melee, it looks like. The Exia is going to be useless.

Comment by Kat

If this is indeed the Macross Ultimate Frontier engine then I’m going to enjoy this game a lot (I got MUF when it released and I’m still enjoying it). I will agree with the wish of having Crossbone included, but I could do without anything related to Hathaway (I don’t care if he grew up to be someone worthwhile, Char’s Counterattack killed him for me). Looks like this will be another must-get for me.

As far as the side discussion in this thread, I actually enjoyed GSD a lot more than both 0080 and 0083 despite all the fatal flaws. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to say SEED/00 fans screwed the UC fans, afterall you guys are getting the latest animation and Bandai is pimping it HARD while SEED fans such as myself are still hoping for news about the supposed movie. Am I a UC hater? Not at all. ZZ, Victory and 08th are some of my all-time faves as well as F91 and Crossbone, but I find it both funny and sad that UC had a nice AU-free run from 1979-1993 and yet you hardcores still complain. Hopefully Unicorn will ease your suffering so it can all be put to rest.

Comment by CyberSynaptic


by 0080 you mean war in the pocket?

Comment by 00 hater

keep your thoughts about GSD to yourself. my problem with that series is because of flaming wars in the internet (I don’t remember when) that made changed my mind about GSD. besides that gundam anime is full of screw ups in there yet alone a number of problems that most of us found out about it. Even CV would flame on that series that he want to or not, than again I would that if he trashed it. (thats only thought I hope CV would make, but rest screw whatever he says)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Well, a couple of other people brought up GSD, so I just thought I’d put in my two cents. If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.

@00 hater
Yes, I meant War in the Pocket. No offense to fans of that series, but it really didn’t do anything for me and is still my least favorite Gundam animation.

Anyways, I’ll stop at there so I don’t get scolded by anyone else… :3 The game looks fun and I can’t wait to play it.

Comment by CyberSynaptic


i stop here as well, after i share my 2 cents with you.

yes, UC did has its fun for 14 yrs, and after that, we just get some small candy like ms igloo or some side story manga, but you shouldn’t really group ALL UC as 1 UC. V gundam, F91, crossbone are just different series with the same timeline, they are totally not related with the original 0079. its like calling 00 a UC series by changing its timeline to UC, that doesn’t sound too right there, is it?

therefore, a “UC” fan would not have enjoy a full 14yrs of gundam series, unless of course he likes all form of series, then he might as well like non-UC series.imo, 0080 is itself a different UC series from 0079, it focus more on the relationship between the boy and the zaku pilot, and the pov of the boy on the war itself. 0083 focus on the after-war zeon,how they try to prove their “justice” even after they lost. the gundams in the 2 series are just for the sake of calling it a gundam series. this 2 “UC”, is very different to the 0079 as well even though there are slightly related. i don’t think anyone would really love all UC series, proven by yourself and me.

i do also think that very few, if any, of us here really started watching gundam since 1979. i’ll take myself as example, i started since wing, around 10 years ago, then i hook up with gundam and watch the older UC series. then X, turn A, seed, GSD, 00….now, could you really say i enjoy a 14 years of UC? someone gonna call me a cv just because i write so much. i think i only enjoy it for around 2-3 years, its not easy to find old stuff. then i wait and wait and wait….finally another UC! unicorn! and its not even guaranteed that i will like it!!! if its bad, it will be another 00 for me, it doesn’t matter whether it is a “UC” or not.

some people enjoyed crossbone and hathaway’s flash. and this 2 “UC” series really lack the attention from bandai. i’ve been waiting for so long for a HG kit for hathaway series, and new AU series keep popping out and they get model kits treatment like hell !!! now then, is it fair to call me a whiner just because i ask for a game with hathaway in it??

not sure you would read all what i’ve said but i hope i made my point

Comment by 00 hater

Tomino is miss the opportunities as Usual rather than he work on crossbone or hathaway or sentionel to make them anime or at least manga, (Gundam ring) is more important than that ,I have watched the abilities of gundam unicorn on GVGN+ it’s strong more than seed or 00 it’s unsuitable anymore to be UC series !! why didn’t Tomino make Unicorn on Eighties or Nineties to be some Modest on Animation,story,and Weapon>>in one word this period of a failed business for gundam and of course…SRW 😦

Comment by gono ishigawa

“someone gonna call me a cv just because i write so much” -defensive or guilty??????????

“finally another UC! unicorn! and its not even guaranteed that i will like it!!! if its bad, it will be another 00 for me, it doesn’t matter whether it is a “UC” or not.” -hmm.. it shows indeed you are….

Comment by impostor


I don’t give a shit about GSD, but your welcome to shove all your own thoughts up your ass. Who are you to tell someone to keep their thoughts to themselves? But if your that devoted about it, then heed your own advice when I tell you to keep all your thoughts about anything to yourself and shut up. Its idiots like you that are making SRW a series of flame spamming comments instead of actual intelligent and interesting dialogue between those of us that have a real reason to speak.

Btw, your boyfriend CV is a troll who flames anything about everything not just one specific series or franchise. But you can keep your hopes up if you believe in your pimp that much.

Comment by Nameless

why didn’t have destiny series and 00 season 2?

Comment by 555

Wut?? Hahahahahahhaha

Comment by holcr0ft

cant wait for this game…


probably destiny gundam would be a unlockable secret mech

Comment by Ereos

Can someone here who lives in Japan and can navigate the NamcoBandai website, please send a message to them about porting SD G Generation Wars to PSP… Please?

Comment by otarolgam

No offense but this game sucks,because the graphics is little bit fuzzy and I have to agree Gundam Vs Gundam is way better then Gundam Assualt Survive because, gundam vs gundam is has better graphics and much better gameplay and gundam assualt survive is kinda weird looking when play it.

Comment by Soulgain

But the only thing I like in this game is Gundam 00 series.

Comment by Soulgain

uhh I’m so sick of GSD arguments. Since everyone is stating their opinion here I go. GSD while not the “Shining” example of a Gundam series is stil better than Zeta. Sorry but Zeta bored the hell out of me. I think I enjoyed War in the pocket more then Zeta. Maybe ZZ will be better. I haven’t gotten there yet cause I just finished V (which I happened to really like) and am currently on Stardust Memories and GSD.

Comment by Nyu Tadaseki

wkkk LOLZ!
@Nyu Tadaseki
if you bored out watching full tv series of Zeta better watcht Zeta movie new translation. Although it’ll akward because there is new style frame scene in old one. And one more thing, my opinion, ZZ’s story only good at middle to last part when the director is changed.

And, The best gundam story and scene, my opinion as well, is MS Gundam: 08th MS Team. There’s no flashy move and all pilot is equal background, from military.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Ugh, this game is friggin horrible. The movement is all choppy, you only have 4 directional movement instead of 8 directions. Gundam Seed V.S RENGOU/ZAFT was much better than this, at least that game you had more fluid movement.

All the gundams just run and fly way too friggin fast, and the enemies will randomly fly over your head without you even knowing, with the game having a god awful Lock-On system.

Sure, there’s a lot of awesome gundam’s to use, but the game’s fatally flawed battle system just makes this game pure shit. I can’t even have a decent v.s match without taking like 4 minutes to kill a gundam whereas in GSRZ i could’ve killed a gundam in less than a minute. The targeting takes way too long, it can’t even keep up with the gundam’s speed, and everyone just moves too fast for you to even know what’s happening.

overall, this game sucks. don’t bother buying it.

Comment by GASSucks

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