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Endless Frontier EXCEED official site update
January 15, 2010, 7:09 pm
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Endless Frontier EXCEED official site has been updated more characters.

Fighter Roar


Anne Sirena

Dorothy Mistral


Lok Eye

Rig The Guard

Gerda Mirdir

Hamexen Silbatd

Cindy Bird


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i’m really diggin’ rig the guard!

Comment by buff

are these the only bosses ?

Comment by machete

I wonder what type of character Cindy is going to be…

Comment by Nova MK X

Looks like a Shura type character

Comment by lxs

It’s Hamlen, that’s how L’s are written cursive. Plus the Katana is “heimuren”

Comment by fuckyear

There are two names wrong:

– Gerda Miroir (not Mirdir)
– Hamelen Silbato (not Hamexen Silbatd)

Comment by Virgo

If you look closely at this Mugen Exceed title, you can see that it’s actually SRW Compact 3 and OG Gaiden all rehashed and cramped into this eyecandy title. Shura warriors and Fighter ROA were the primary characters in OGG storyline and since both seem to outshine their respective mechas in terms of popularity, therefore Terada came up with this idea: Why not let’s do another OGG in Mugen style? After all, faggots are never into the mechas because they are all heads over heels for the characters, both MOE and manly.

If I compare FFXIII with this childish MOE eyecandy title, I guess FFXIII is much more spectacular with it’s new art direction of mecha summon beasts and it’s classic way of blending sci-fi with fantasy, which in no way ever fail. SRW is well known for borrowing existing titles like any mugen style fan-made-for-fans games and still remained that petty title after 20 years. What do prostitution and SRW have in common? Making you bleed a river over your obsession, of course!

Comment by codename:v

Almost impressive that someone like V could go on and on about Moe and have no idea whatsoever what moe is…

And everybody knows that FF is totally original too….

Comment by Ed


Comment by holcr0ft

The Endless Frontier series never tried too hard to take itself seriously or hide the fact it’s partially a homage to the proper OG series.

And V, fanservice has always been a part of SRW since they could animate the bouncy cut in (@ Gaiden to be precise)

Comment by Duran

CV you just a idiot bastard whose brain filled with alcohol you keep saying every journal of your Deviantart page! On top of that you think we fell for the “” website address you put on your name? well forget it you faggot you used overused the word: faggot,gay,moe (incase you don’t know!), and pack of rubbish you put in every comment both here and Deviantart!

Comment by MaxHD2490

sometimes he also use the word “yaoi” and stuff

btw, 2D hawt girls! i like all of them!

Comment by 00 hater

Bet’s on that the last character is a recruitable.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Darn CV is back O.o
Bleh, i had hoped he’s gone for good.

I just don’t understand him,
he doesn’t like anything associated with SRW…
Be it the Mechs, the Pilots or the Fanservice, which can go both ways… for Girls(Explanation for CV: that are the Human beings with the bouncy things in front) as well.

Why does he even bother wasting his and our time ?

Is his life so damn dull that he has to annoy people on an internet medium ?

I can’t understand this man(assuming he is).

Somebody call me an interpreter !!
Or the nuthouse, whatever works best.

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Harr!? CV is trolling again?

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry for interrupt and really way off topic, but does anyone (for those who know this website)visit “” I’ve tried to visit it 2 days ago, but I could not visit until now. Is there any problem? Thanks and sorry for asking this. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

That site working fine for me.

Comment by superrobotwar

hmm, mine is not working. something’s going on with this.

Comment by judo0054

Tried it too, works fine.

You also can check the site via this:

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

dammit, it’s still not working at all. Anyway, thanks for the tips, Nova MK X aka Major Firepower and superrobotwars. I’ll just send an e-mail to you, mr superrobotwars for giving the official info what I can. Once again, thanks for everything. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

lol i love cv’s comments; they are hilarious

Comment by lol2351

– Hamelen Silbato

oh Banpresto you and your homage to the flautist of hamelin

Comment by Supaidaman

– Hamelen Silbato

oh Banpresto, you and your homage to the Flautist of Hamelin

Comment by Accel Rider

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