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MSV-R from Gundam Ace February issue
January 17, 2010, 10:53 pm
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This RGM-79 KC wouldn’t be out of place in Virtual On!

Comment by F97 X-1

GM Intercept Custom? so what is this utilized for? space? underwater?

Comment by Redux

If Okawara really is getting senile than ever, then he really have totally forgotten that the Stark Jegan and GPO3D has already make their presenses much more earlier than his latest effortless MSV-R crap, which is technically a GM sniper custom fitted with missiles and thrusters for high speed manueveur and interception in space and some idiot here thinks it is for under water. I just don’t see why Gundam Ace should just continue to allow Okawara post his effortless works here since his ideas aren’t as updated as today works and already gone obsolete 30 years ago. I guess the OESS syndrone is getting worse at Bandai lately.

Comment by codename:v

Are you fucking kidding me? What is this bullshit? Thirty years go by and we’re still seeing rejected designs crop up, except they’re being made now? Thirty fucking years after this crap should have been dead and they’re actually paying this hackjob for this? I can’t express my disappointment and rage any further or I’d break my screen over how retarded that thing looks. Katoki should be the one doing new UC designs since we’d actually get something that turns turds like the Jegan into nifty stuff. This is a turd being shat on even further.

Comment by Amon

Shut the Fuck up V.

Comment by Uc fan

If this was suppose to be in the earlier ERA’s of UC, I don’t see anything wrong with this design. Otherwise, yeah, big problems

Comment by Sora no Kaze

this is the best!

Comment by holcr0ft

Of course it looks odd, its design philosophy is to fit in with the original series not more modern U.C stuff like unicorn.
The yellow one is horrible but i can see the idea behind it, its easier to mod a GM into this than create a new MS.

Comment by ZR0

pink GM?
interceptor model? retard color? are they tryin to bring it as the “NEW” thing for pink mechs after meer campbell
plus wtf is this ugly shit
i swear it looks like the mech in virtua on it resembles
but heck thats one ugly mech
it looks so retarded for a mech in gundam
they could be design like pre-models of gundam x and shit like that and

Comment by Ereos

Blitzwing from Transformers G1 anyone???

Comment by Zero

“Katoki should be the one doing new UC designs since we’d actually get something that turns turds like the Jegan into nifty stuff.”
*called the Jegan a turd*

You…you monster!

Comment by J-Lead

Actually the GM Intercept Custom has existed alongside the GM Guard Custom for quite awhile now, since it’s mention in the old MSV days. It’s just that there has been no art of it until this point and time. This one I will give to Okie, since it is technically a suit he conceptualized in the first place.

…Wouldn’t mind a Katoki redesign, though…

Comment by J-Lead

J-Lead : The original Jegan is basically a green turd. Post Unicorn Katoki Jegan however, is very very nice. A very decent mass produced GM based model that has the weaponry to justify being mass produced to begin with. It looks just dandy too. Katoki does miracles with mass produced MS.

Comment by Amon

As usual, CV is being a retard by displaying total ignorance of way the UC timeline works.

I really wouldn’t mind a Katoki redesign of this though.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Telli’n ya to V or somethin, its all rede named MS-V = (Mobile Suit-Variation) and wat’s the matter w the design??? Remember its VARIATION……….!!! so don’t mumbling and flattering around ok !!!!!!

Comment by M4jin

Whilst Katoki’s and Izubuchi’s Jegan were one in the same in the novel, the anime seems to dub them two separate models, with Katoki’s Jegan sporting the model number RGM-89D, implying that Katoki’s version is a slight refit from the RGM-89. The two do share similar dimensions aside from the shoulder armor and backpack, so I guess Katoki’s RGM-89D is one of the many updates and refits the Jegan would go through throughout it’s thirty years of service. (according to Sunrise, anyway.)

So if this is the case, Katoki’s Jegan started out as a redesign, but ended up being a in-universe refit.

Comment by J-Lead

oh my….

Comment by 00 hater

I’m going to lie, These designs look like shit.

Comment by Socom


I don’t see how the original Jegan is anymore of a “turd” than the standard Katoki Jegan. Katoki changed very little other than slight proportion and style tweaks. Also MSV-R is supposed to be an addition to the original MSV line. It makes sense for the designs to follow the same style. Calling Okinawa a hackjob for that is just silly. I can call Katoki a hackjob too for his sub-par, inconsistent Gundam Senki designs.

It was already called RGM-89D in the line arts for the unicorn novel serialization. There is also a line art of a RGM-89 Jegan ridng a ReZEL, so I think 89Ds are probably “variants” entirely for mounting the Stark Jegan equipment even in-universe.

Comment by da_guy

omg!! UC Design Very ugly…yuck!!!

Comment by 89

Doesn’t anyone here realize that without guys like Okawara, that people like Katoki, Magaki and others couldn’t exist nowadays?

And just as J-Lead says, most of Katoki’s redesigns are just the originals with slightly more modernized proportions and extra panel lining. Kinda sad since his older stuff was made of heavier redesigns, like the Wing and RX-78 MGs. No reason to shit over Okawara guys…

Anyone even think this might just be for nostalgia’s sake?

Comment by Ed

hey codename:V, why don’t you watch your favorite anime. astro plan. thats the better anime than gundam or macross for you!!!!

Comment by anti codenameV

by far, I think it used in space.. I think, earth gravity will not allow such burden in a grunt MS..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Meh, Its pretty ugly. But still looks better then anything that came out of the 00 series.

Comment by Nameless

Huh? What The Fuck!?

Comment by Bot

Nobody noticed how simillar the head is to a:

Comment by Gunstray

You mean the backpack?

Comment by J-Lead

maybe cos its supposed to look oldschool?

why havent people noticed that they are not the target audience?

Comment by aPerson

The backpack reveal back from Justice Seed version of Owashi Backpack custom again..Add pinky someore, Omg~ I can doubt, after 1 more years, the gundam will not looks like gundam anymore..Like ape changing to human and changing to aliens.

Comment by Anima

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