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Alteisen [Ver. Progressive]
January 20, 2010, 4:51 pm
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New SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya.

Alteisen [Ver. Progressive] scale 1/144 – May, 5,040 yen

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Definitive Alteisen? May pick this up.

Comment by otarolgam

They seem to have refined the joints so it will pose better. I hope thats the case, some Koto kits are really lacking in that department with loose joints not being able to hold up a kit well. Still it looks rather badass and considering I don’t have an Alt model, I might just get this.

Comment by F97 X-1

Damn, just bought a 1/100 alt.

Comment by Nabes

from what i can tell theres no major difference from the previous 1/144 kit

Comment by buff

This looks nice, kinda like a Version 2 of the Alteisen i got. (Also from Kotobukyia)

Better joints and looks like a nicer Hinge for the Shoulders… too bad one can’t just buy the upgrades XD

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

I just hope the joint last….. All my Koto SRW kits joints feel really loose.

Comment by 0300078

the shoulder and arms can move forward now. guess Koto finally know what they can learn from Bandai models.

and I hope that’s not the only thing they improved.

Comment by hiroy_raind

Please srw hotnews give us new images about granzon only 6 days Separated us from our home 😛

Comment by tomson

Yeah, all my Kotobukiya are loose to a degree..,
2 PC joints on my R-gun started breaking down as well. The recent FrameArms is a huge improvement
But not by too much..

Comment by gillatsrwh

The only loose joint I’ve suffered on a Kotobukiya kit is one of my Alteisen Riese’s Tesla Drive wings.

Comment by Hiro

Having the 1/144 Alteisen Reise myself, the new Alteisen seems to use much of the upgraded version joint. Notable improvement from the old Alteisen seems to be on the upper torso movement, shoulder mechanism, stake revolver opening sideways, movable toes and using radial joint instead of ball joint for the hip movement.

The overall stance of the kit also looked slimmer than the old Alteisen, inline with the beefier Alteisen Reise upgrade.

I would have pick up this kit in a heartbeat if weren’t for the rampant disappointment having past Koto SRW OG kits. 1/144 Dygenguar loose joints even if it’s a ratchet type, 1/144 Alteisen Reise seemingly great articulation but not, 1/144 Huckebein Boxer awful fit & 1/144 Personlichkeit awful leg articulation.

Koto SRW OG kits always have bad articulation from the waist down, at the very least they could have give the hips 90 degrees of freedom.

Comment by Michael Adhi

@Michael Adhi:
You haven’t seen the Gespenst Mk-II MP Kai, have you? It has some great legs.

Comment by Hiro

@Hiro would like to try… But I’m reluctant to. The one thing that irks me is that SRW OG kits are not popular in my country, I have to import them myself and importing stuff here is quite a hassle. That’s why I decided to quit buying SRW OG kits altogether, the effort I expend is not worth the result. Had the intention of picking up the 1/144 Cybaster, even saved enough money… But then bought the 1/144 Dygenguar and 1/144 Alteisen Reise on my last trip to Hongkong, ouch… Not the biggest let down, but I expect more in term of articulation, especially considering the price.

Comment by Michael Adhi

I only have one SRW OG kit, the Weissritter and it hasn’t really caused me any problems. I may pick this one up to display next to my Weiss. I’m really hoping they do Gilliam’s Gespenst RV or the Vysaga soon.

Comment by KyriosArios

that Improvement done on Alt should’ve been done to the Nacht and the Riese these improvements don’t warrant the purhase of yet another 1/144 scale Alt just for joints improvement/pose ability
IMO they are trying to milk our money for minor upgrades

Comment by BlackWind

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