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New kit review: Granzon (non scale)
January 20, 2010, 9:23 pm
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Memories from SRW F,complete box, Alpha long time no see it I hope they make Neo Granzon but to be high grade this company wasn’t that perfect on kits hard to combine kits many time you need to use glue as I hear ,how much the tall of this 20Cm maybe?

Comment by Sozoki

Damn! this is nice! Since they just released a 1/144 cybaster, I’ll bet on a future 1/144 of this

Comment by YzXbuster

What do they mean by (NON SCALE) ? I see it is complete weapon it just need warm smasher and black ball you can Imagine it in your mind.

Comment by Yoshihiro=Yakazashi


Comment by Epsilon_013

I have ordered this item just now from HLJ with good price it’s free $63.58 only I advice anyone to quick and by it now before it will be out of stock;)

Comment by Yoshihiro=Yakazashi

As if Koto kits sell out on release day. SRW is not Gundam.

Comment by Amon

Non-scale means it’s not in the same scale as the other 1/144 or 1/100 SRW kits. It’s likely going to be relatively the same size as an average 1/144 kit, the same way the nonscale Cybuster and SRX are, as a 1/144 scale kit would be much larger than normal.

Comment by Hiro

I give it about a week before a Neo Granzon mod of this surfaces on a modellers site, should be awesome to see

Comment by Ed

so it’s like mean irregular scale, I have also ordered HCM Pro EVA-01 Rebuild of Evangelion Version it was beautiful item Although the most anime I hate was evangelion more than seed and 00 but it was agood character on srw f after I played it on that game I have been Shocked when I watched the anime I was think it was like grendizer g gundam…

Comment by Yoshihiro=Yakazashi

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