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January 22, 2010, 11:23 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00N

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Movie)






Soul of Chogokin Tobikage

 VF Hi-Metal VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie


G.F.F. Metal Composite Unicorn Gundam


MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

 MG Unicorn OVA Ver. SP Pack

HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

HG 1/144 Destiny Gundam (Westenfluss Custom)

T.M.R. X Gundam SEED Special Collaborative Project


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed VS Astray

Robot Damashii <Side MS> Reborns Gundam


SDX Wizard Nu Gundam

Robot Damashii <Side MS> Cherudim Gundam Saga

Armor Plus Tekkaman Evil

Kotobukiya – D-Style Line Ark White-Glint

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Eva,Bear and V gundam ?バカな:-O

Comment by himoshiro=ayamashi

No more 2nd Frame revise. Good riddance. Maybe we can get the Third Frame as a real upgrade now.

Comment by Amon

Oh, so the BlueFrame2nd RV was meant to be broken like how Mr Bushido’s queer mechs are meant to be sliced to bits? I don’t think this can help build up the frog prince’s profile because that frog Gundam is still ugly as hell and not as worth as Zoids King Kong.

Worst of all, the RedFrameKai is still effortless with its copied bow-arrow from Zeta.

Comment by codename:v

Red Frame Kai can go Delta Astray?
What is this I don’t even

Comment by glemtvapen

The Sahaku clone looks nuttier than a squirrel turd.

Comment by ZeroBusterXX


So he bested the Blue Frame in battle, but why did he stab the head instead of the cockpit? what a nutter butter.

Comment by Rayearth

Stabbing a Gundma in the head is just as good as victory. Mobile suite cameras and sensors are located there and fighting without them is obviously suicide.

Comment by Amon

well amuro did it with his gundam so that really depends on the pilot

Comment by buff

Codename:v :Worst of all, the RedFrameKai is still effortless with its copied bow-arrow from Zeta.

How is that a copy of Zeta Gundam, I don’t ever remember a mobile suit from it using a beam bow and arrow?

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

@Uncle_Starburst: I think CV was talking about this resin kit that gives Zeta a bow weapon

I find Red Frame Kai’s TA to be interesting and definitely seems like it could be outlandish enough to come from Lowe.

Comment by KyriosArios

What’s with the last panel? V2 Assault buster toy?


Comment by Psybuster

@Psybuster: I think if the MG V Gundam sells well, the chances for them to release a MG V2 goes up. I mean they have released all the other main characters’ upgrades (Amuro, Kamille, Judau, etc.) I don’t see why Usso would get the short end of the stick.

Comment by KyriosArios

a lot of possibilities with Red Frame Kai pose now.. way to go for a purchase..
with or without backpack, flight unit, tactical bow, now turn delta style..

Comment by MaftyNavue

I would like to have Turn A with Moonlight Butterfly activated instead of these variations.

Comment by LM

@uncle starbust

rising gundam from G gundam use bow. not zeta. don’t listen to cv. that zeta using a “bow” is not even official.

Comment by 00 hater

Yup, i agree with you. But The Zeta with arrow is not available as a plamo kit from Bandai. Resin kits are also fragile. So, The Red Frame Kai’s cool factor with the added arrow makes it a must buy for me.

Comment by EXkurogane

Wait, the Zeta with a bow is not even an official design if I’m not mistaken… =.= If it is, you can find it in mahq or gundam wiki…

Comment by EXkurogane

Sahaku has been taking lessons from SRW villians, I see. Including the bad makeup.

That said, can’t wait for Cherudim SAGA to be released. I’ll start killing people if it turns out to be another exclusive…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I can’t deal with how Bandai just shits on Gundam X. Literally EVERY OTHER SERIES has an MG now.

Comment by wings of words

aaaa… so the blue frame will be beaten… that’s the reason how the red frame kai will be made… good show!!

Comment by renka0017

@Sgt. NoOb: You and me both man. I was pissed about the RD Exia R2 and the two Advanced GN-X.

@wings of words: Dood, a MG Gundam X Divider would make my year.

Comment by KyriosArios

Bow = Bellzelute

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

I am dissapointed that nobody has made a G Gundam refrence to that head spearing yet…

Comment by Ed

zOMG frog astray wins
but he still doesnt have invincible hydraulics like God Gundam or Master Gundam

Comment by Ereos

@KyriosArios: I’m waiting for MG Tallgeese III & Geminass before MG Gundam X Divider.

Comment by exia_r2

Cherudim Gundam SAGA!?! The version I’ve been waiting for ever since I saw the line art for it…

Comment by InjuredPelican

what the? destiny’s color now orange (I don’t mind) thats surprise when I notice destiny blue color isn’t there.

well the new color looks nice.

Comment by MaxHD2490

T.M.R. destiny variant is a piece of CRAP but astray red kai is just fine and hoping for a Hg cherudim Saga.

Comment by Kira Yamato

Why does this suddenly make me think that Heine was randomly revived and grabbed a Destiny version >_>… DAMN IT MAKE PEOPLE STAY DEAD SRSLY lol. I kinda like Astray Red Kai and wow…. He got revenge on the Gai.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

He wasn’t..i mean this version is intended for Heine..they are just doing this for the hell of it cause TMR is singing the 30th anniversary theme song >__>. If anything its just shameless milking that hardly anyone could give a shit for since they added nothing that makes it worth it.

As for Astray Red Frame custom, its awesome. And the tactical arms Bow is original and official unlike the Zeta bow….so yea shows how much you know your stuff CV 😛

Comment by Zero

Dammit, those Zaku II F2 colours better not be final cause they are definatly not the right ones…

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

@ Uncle_Starburst- yeah, I’ve been waiting for an F2 for a long time, too… and the colors look off. But… I guess that’s what paint is for!

Comment by Dman

Also its probably just me but those pipes that are attached to the F2’s bacback and skirt armor seem like they might really affect the waist articulation from moving side to side, hopefully they won’t cause I’m buying two of them

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

[…] sempre d’aiuto sia le immagini dall’ottimo servizio di SRW hotnews ( che dà il nome a questa rubrica, idealmente è nata per seguirne le orme ) e dalle molte note di […]

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**** sexy! Now they really have to make an MG Advanced GN-X!

And that Tobikage looks really good. Arrgghh! Why must you tempt me!

Comment by glemtvapen

“Worst of all, the RedFrameKai is still effortless with its copied bow-arrow from Zeta.”
here’s another suckers. Zeta with bow doens’t exist in official, just fans-made. Fags don’t read huh?!

Comment by Epsilon_013

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