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January 23, 2010, 1:56 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam UC bande dessinée (manga)

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Wow gundam Unicorn manga and full color ? this is the News I’ll buy it very quickly but there are no any sign of it on any buying sites when this will release ?

Comment by Shiroki=nagamochi

Hopefully scans will appear online of the Unicorn manga.

Comment by Socom

they should have used the manga character design in the anime

Comment by da_guy

manga has always been better than anime, at least for the anime that i’ve watch.

Comment by 00 hater

Looks like the same artist that did the 00 manga. Might be good, let’s hope that it’s novel accurate or at least mostly accurate.

Comment by Ed

Crap, that Zeon acadamy manga’s looks like its turning Zeons into pretty boy nazi’s.

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

do anyone know when this manga and zeon academy will release ? Academy of zeon is example of Failed ugly idea it shows you that their ideas are running out the truth it’s finished when they make seed and 00 but now they want to transfer this kind of idea to UC I’m afraid about gundam unicorn 😦

Comment by Shiroki=nagamochi

same here. really worry about unicorn now.

Comment by 00 hater

yaay, unicorn manga! hopefully someone will scanlate this. Oh, the cover is amazing but amuro fan will angered by that 😀

Comment by akugaktahu

Academy of zeon -> kill it with fire!!

Comment by da_guy

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