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New kit reviews: HGUC ReZEL
January 24, 2010, 12:42 am
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Looks snazzy… Maybe I’ll fall for Bandai’s money-making scheme for once… buy both commander and normal…

Comment by plutoniumhunter

I wish all these model sites would do something a bit more with the kit besides speed building it for web hits.

Kinda disappointing the kit need part swapping to transform considering the Methuss doesn’t.

I’m still getting the commander version. It’ll come with the same runners as the normal one plus the extras unless I’m mistaken.

Comment by AceWhatever

Makes sense to do a speed build rather than a full paint and everything though. Lets people see exactly what the kit looks like without paint or anything special so people who are casual modellers can judge better. Same reason all the recent MGs have had the unpainted picture of the model next to the stack of frames on the side of the box.

Comment by Ed

Yes sure but do we really need 6 different sites stepping over each other’s toes to show us a straight build?

Comment by AceWhatever

what’s the problem here? you can choose NOT to look at all the sites, though each people can give different comments on the kit, and they pose rezel differently.

Comment by 00 hater

There’s nowhere near enough variety in poses in each review to classify each one as unique, and the whole comment thing is moot to anyone who can’t read Japanese or whatever language the blogs are using.

It looks very obvious to me that the whole mentality behind these is “LOOK AT ME I BUILT IT FIRST NOW GIVE ME SITE HITS!”

In the end this is just a pet peeve of mine, I’m not saying the whole thing is wrong or anything. That’s a job for a certain other someone.

Comment by AceWhatever

I appreciate speed builds more because I’m not the art kind… even panel lines are messy enough for me…

Comment by plutoniumhunter

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Comment by John Lone

just wait and see from dalong.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Oh my, huge part to swap into MA mode. Seems like Hrairoo is better by that point though.

Comment by sbhboi

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