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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn PV3 screens
January 26, 2010, 12:28 pm
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ReZEL looks pretty cool animated.

Comment by ninjaclown

Gundam Unicorn will release ? I will download it very quickly it looks better than seed and 00 🙂 I hope mars come now how can I wait.

Comment by Shiroki=nagamochi

Excuse my last post, I’m just disappointed that this OVA is not full of kawaii and sugoi super bishounen’s like gundam 00. looks like i won’t be writing any yaoi fan fictions in my live journal for Gundam Unicorn.

Comment by holcroft

apology accepted ❤

Comment by gvgn

no no no, loto looks more cool

Comment by 00 hater

today there are 2 good manga release gundam the origin vol 20 and ang gundam high brid 4koma I hope if anyone scan all pages it’s hard to buy all manga you’ll be poor after that

Comment by Yakazashi=Moshigoza

Holcroft wins this thread.

Comment by TTN

The actual video

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Sound of the man who are speaking in the beginning of The (actual video) is very Influential and best than the cheap theme song but why Chinese sites became the Reference of japanes works why there are no japanese tube or japanese downloading sites ? from this moment will be the main reference of any video good by to youtube.

Comment by Sozoki

Wrong !!!

“HeatPhoenix” this not PV3 …

Comment by Krasimir

Here’s the video ripped from Nico Douga:
Great trailer, especially the Jegan pilots that, despite being doomed from the start, performs exceptionally well against Marida.

Comment by Yukikaze

[…] hotnews aveva mostrato nei giorni scorsi anche dei bei Screenshoots dedicati a questo trailer ne presentiamo […]

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