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New kit reviews: MG GN-X
January 28, 2010, 6:06 pm
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what about this mobile suit why bandai forget it ????
AMA-01X Jamru Fin
AMX-006 Gaza-D
AMX-008 Ga-Zowmnn
AMX-009 Dreissen
AMX-014 Dooben-Wolf
AMX-015 Geymalk
AMX-101 Galluss-J
AMX-102 Zssa
AMX-103 Hamma Hamma
AMX-104 R-Jarja
AMX-117L Gazu-L
MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark II
MS-09G Dowadge
MS-14J ReGelg
NZ-000 Queen Mansa
RMS-119 EWAC Zack “Eye-Zack
RMS-192M Zaku Mariner

Comment by Sozoki

Eyezack, Gazas, and the Queen Mantha already have HGs. The Queen Mantha is kkinda as hard to find as the 1/200th Dendrobium and Neue Ziel though.


GN-X looks suprisingly good though. would’ve liked to see more needless panel lines and such, but THOSE HANDS.
Also, cockpit anyone? 😀

Least it’s not as flagrant as the ZOE ones though XD

Comment by Ed

Eye-Zack it wasn’t that important ms so that i didn’t buy it it didn’t appear on any srw there are Queen Mansa hg but I bought Neue Ziel of the same this Queen Mansa it wasn’t colored good I bought it before 7 months until now I’m not Excited and don’t want to wast my time on it then I bought perfect kit (gp03 VS Neue Ziel),but there are no hg of Gaza-D it’s different from gaza-c from z gundam

Comment by Sozoki

Mk-V, Gerbera Tetra, and Nightingale!!!

anyway, mg gn-x looks nice, need more variations!

Comment by 00 hater

Now I’ll just wait till they make an MG Advanced GN-X version or Superbia one. High chances this time considering Bandai’s track record of re-using rehash variations of the same kit.

Comment by glemtvapen

Hambrabi imo.

Comment by AirMaster

I have some doubt whether there would be more of GNX or mass produced MG for gundam 00. I certainly hope so. This was made mostly because Ebikawa wanted it. It really depends on how popular this one gets before we would see more. I doubt we will be seeing anymore anytime soon though. Not before MG of the other 00 Gundams. I hope the Thrones will get a chance at it too.

Comment by da_guy

COCK-pit’s location is nice… XDXDXDXDXDXD

Kinda dissapointed that the shoulders cant actually swing upwards from the side… =.= i dont remember any MG kits that cant swing the arms sidewards at least 90 degrees. Strike Noir can achieve 160 degrees… ==;

Comment by EXkurogane

i want mg throne eins!!!!!

Comment by throne meister

i want MG DX! or at least Virsago CB!

Comment by aPerson

Bandai, you love kit bashing don’t you? If yes, i wanna MG Justice. Just combine the inner frames and parts of MG Freedom and MG Infinite Justice, the only parts that needs new runners are the armors… ==;

And yeah, as for the thrones, i prefer Zwei… Gundam X series -like hell i care, at a 1/100 scale, they’re still gonna be small and fragile like MG V and F91… =.=;

Comment by EXkurogane


Comment by gigameister

I did want a 1/100 GN-X, so I can’t complain about getting a MG. I was hoping for more 1/100 non-Gundam kits, and the GN-X and it’s variations were my favourite ‘grunt’ suits in OO.

Out of the potential MG’s mentioned so far, the MK-V, Gerbera Tetra, Dooben-Wolf, Unicorn Banshee and the Thrones are also on my Wanted List.

Comment by Hanzkaz

What size? and is it safe to play with the kids?

looking for toys for a gift
Ace dstarlight

Comment by dstarlight

If you are looking for playable Gundam figures, It’s better to go for Robot Damashii, HCM Pro or MSIA. RD may be the best choice. DIY kits are not meant to be played -as display items.

Comment by EXkurogane

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