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More pics from Dengeki Hobby March issue
February 1, 2010, 7:27 pm
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New kit review: Granzon (non scale)

Volks SRW OG full action figure “Raioh” (Dengekiya limited)


Alteisen [Ver. Progressive] scale 1/144 – May, 5,040 yen

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I wonder what will be March MG kit from Bandai?

Comment by Clip-Soup

MG GX-9990 Gundam X or V2 Assault Buster sometime in the near future would be beautiful.

If that Alt Prog Ver. has decent leg articulation I’ll buy it.

Comment by F97 X-1

@F97: I’m thinking that they’ll be basing the legs off of the Gespenst Mk-II MP Kai, which has excellent legs.

Comment by Hiro

Still waiting for A srw Soul Gain or Vaisaga

Comment by VenomGundam

And MG Turn-A with Moonlight Butterfly also.

Comment by LM

You do know that you could easily cut a bit of coloured plastic and adapt it to make the Moonlight Butterfly, right? Why on earth would you want to pay for a new kit with just extra shiny soft and cheap plastic?

Comment by Amon

because…if bandai would really re-release mg turn A with butterfly wing, then the turn A itself will have new coloring, maybe extra gloss or whatever, just like mg destiny, or mg exia,

Comment by 00 hater

MG ReZEL Commander Type, people?

Though any After War Gundam X MG would be nice…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@VenomGundam: A Vaisaga kit would make my year. It’s definitely my favorite super from the OG-verse.

I’m still hoping for kits of the Gespenst RV and the Seigerlion.

Comment by KyriosArios

You just read too much online tutorial, why don’t you show yourself that so called “easily” made Moonlight Butterfly to us?

Comment by LM

I feel sorry for you if you don’t know how to cut soft plastic. Give me a sheet of soft pink plastic, scissors and a modelling knife and I’ll be happy to show you how simple it is.

Comment by Amon

I would like to see a MG Kshatriya 1/100 from Bandai. It probably won’t be released (soon) due to it’s size. But hopefully the whole Unicorn series will be available in a 1/100 scale in time.

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