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February 7, 2010, 7:52 pm
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MG Gundam Astray Red Frame KAI

Fairlion Type-G


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Nothing out of expectation so far… can’t envision buying this without getting the Type-S as well though. :/

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

At first i was think it was Sweemurg from 64, this image wasn’t from ngeekhiong.blogspot i can’t belive they’ll make it

Comment by Abu sozoki

@Abu sozoki: It’s been confirmed for months.

Comment by Hiro

you know… i hate Astray Red’s backpack, being positioned / posed like that… the kit is so cool, though… already pre-ordered mine. 🙂

Comment by Sei

Seriously.. Wow that astray boxart!

Comment by Ereos

astray red frame must get it

Comment by

Nebula Blitz teamed up with the astrays in the boxart… that explains the picture of Mirage Frame II fighting Nebula Blitz in the kit manual of blitz…

Red frame, needless to say, must buy…

Comment by EXkurogane

Heh, I would rather have the Turn Delta as an MG than this cheap rehash toy with a Turn Delta copycat light propulsion backpack that also heavily borrowed from Zeta’s massive bow arrow launcher. VSAstray is the worst of SEED Astray side story in every way and it shows how bankrupt of Bandai for ideas to sustain the SEED Astray popularity, not to mention the homosexual YAOI direction for 00. Kotor’s latest eyecandy mech piece with a repainted version of Latounni’s Fairlion S into Princess Shine’s G version, now these 2 underage lesbians can finally stage their Royal Heartbreakers pole act. It’s only a matter of time for the 2 chippendales-Zengar and his queer bedfellow Elzam copy that act in bed.

Comment by codename:v

Must be a sad life to hate your obsessions.

Comment by DarkCode

disguting looking box art IMO. and why can’t they just switch that sword pack into the normal flight pack or something

Comment by blank

Only fancy those dual-wield katana than tactical arms. =)

Comment by sbhboi

Wow…, I think this is the decline of cv. He used to be so much funnier to hear. Now it’s like some whiney kid took his spot. Pls.. if this is a cv impersonator… just gtfo. Srsly, You’re not doing the guy any justice lol. Atleast he had something more concrete. But yeah.. the Sword LL/L looks weird. Dunno, probably awesome in battle though.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

“… heavily borrowed from Zeta’s massive bow arrow launcher”
once again, i repeat, it doesn’t exist for official. And with all your thought about all ‘copt-cat universe’ concept, Zeta’ bow is copy from Rising’s arrow. Isn’t that cloudy enough for you V.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Not digging the box art. Static poses in a battlefield setting are just like begging to be shot. That being said, I enjoyed building my 2nd Revise far more than I could have anticipated so I’m looking forward to doing a Red Frame too.

Comment by Amon

While I would have preferred just the backpack with Beam Sabers, this is okay too. It’s not like he ever used those weapons, haha.

It’ll still be pretty awesome for an MG Red Astray that’s essentially the same. In all the ways that matter.

Apparently CV was actually decent a few years ago, maybe he was even capable of sharing an opinion without acting like a /b/ tard?

Comment by DarkCode

codenamev has never been anything but a dumbshit jackass, sora no kaze

Comment by lol


The lack of activity during the first few months of SRWHotnews’ post-removal/email requirement must’ve fried quite an amount of his already insufficient brain cells.

Comment by Guara

I liked the red frame’s backpack even if it’s a rehash. CV said he’d better have the Delta Astray over this rehash. Hey, wait, Delta Astray IS JUST A MODIFIED ASTRAY PMC CUSTOM / Civilian Type Astray you see in stragazer. The legs and arms and torso are 90% the same. IT IS A REHASH JUST LIKE THIS RED FRAME…

CV! Seiko suru!!!

Comment by EXkurogane

I’m a SEED fag so no one can just spit something out about any rehashes or facts about the Gundams from CE. I know everything about CE and thier Gunams. CV is just an idiot who whines without looking at the real facts. Including the delta astray i mentioned above.

Comment by EXkurogane

hey cv guess what! your also a fag that dont read

Comment by mr. cat

@ mr. cat

We all know CV is a the biggest queer here, but I question if he is the one with the reading disability.

“fag that dont read”

Comment by Madnug

plus with inability to separate real world and fiction world

Comment by Epsilon_013

That’s V is. The Superb Freak Nerd Hihikomori that ever live

Comment by Epsilon_013

I love the box art for Red Frame.

Comment by RT

I’m on the fence about the Red Frame box art, it’s a little too cluttered. The main reason I’m looking forward to this one is the crossbow & beam arrow configuration. The Gerbera Straight & Tiger Pierce seem a bit overkill. But, I like detachable, beam rifle.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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