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Gundam 00 Movie new images
February 7, 2010, 3:07 am
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Looks like we have an new Innovator character at the top right corner. Question is if he’s the main antagonist of the movie?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

That slasher smile of his isn’t fooling anyone. He’s definitely not a good guy.

Comment by Amon

Looks like he’s under Lelouche’s control.

Comment by Nabes

Bloody Lockon? That doesn’t look too good…

Comment by ninjaclown

I think the pictures below is deleted scenes from the series…I wonder how CV will react to this?

Comment by costriker

anyone else feels that the mech designers worked harder on qan[t] than the other 3 ms?

Comment by ...

Looks interesting…. ^^;

I’ll help you with that quesion… gays, fags, uselss rehashes, blah blah blah… xDxD

Comment by EXkurogane

so Lockon “dies” again? What’s new?

Comment by da_guy

yup, most probably the ones on the lower part are scenes from the tv series. i must admit, i’m getting more impressed with raphael gundam’s face. i think this is supposed to be shown this fall, so we’ll probably have to wait for at least five months for a full length trailer.

he will be coming in any minute now.

Comment by flamerounin

CV: The only troll who’s successful BEFORE he posts. Seriously. Let’s see if we can go an entire post without mentioning him once.

Comment by wings of words

You can’t really say that for certain until we see completed versions of the other three. The first teaser and lineart was apparently a rough draft (as shown by the changes to 00). If the final versions of the remaining Gundams look less impressive compared to 00Q then we can say the designers put more work into it than the rest. This scan is too blurry to really say how much work the other suits have gotten. Hopefully we’ll get some more info shortly since they’ve just given us this peek.

Comment by Mukaikubo

Oh holly sh-t, we had she-males then Bishies, what happened to bad guys like Gym?

Comment by Gunstray

Gym Ghingham? The guy with the most ridiculously feminine hair this side of Gundam? That’s your pick for impressive villain? I shudder to think what guys like Yazan and Ali are if Gym is supposed to be a good villain.

Comment by Amon

Actually thats from SE III, where Lyle is injured after killing Revive.

Comment by Zero


Comment by Socom


don’t forget Gato, some call him a “villain”….

Comment by 00 hater

i wonder what would cv say later? based on these few pics, i really cant think of anything to say.

Comment by 00 hater

What would I say or what you want me to say? Are you asking for my opinion or you want me say something nice about 00 for once?

From day 1 in 2008, Gundam 00 anime to me has always been a FAILURE all the way and I still don’t find anything inspiring in both mainstream TV animes and 00 side MSVs. Worst of all, 00 has gone into the book as the MOST GAY GUNDAM ANIME in Gundam 30 years history because of the homosexual elements such as crossdressed transvestites and YAOI boyslove elements. Last but not least, it’s huge fagbase of YAOI fangirls and GAY fagboys who spawned homosexual YAOI fag arts like CB boys sexs and Gundam sexs, all in the name of 00 fagbase. 00 sure falls to a new low in shallowness with all these homosexual eyecandies, poor concept arts and cheap animations which are all lips-syncs dialogues, Bandai should be hailed as the SPAM king before Hasbro.

In conclusion, my verdict and opinion about 00 remain the same. This Gundam 00 shit is fucking GAY and it was made for GIRLS because many GIRLS squeal at 00 Gundams and that’s all they know about Gundam. Hellya, you faggots are fucking GAY! BOOYA

Comment by codename:v

Man, it’s incredibly impressive that CV can write paragraphs upon paragraphs while never saying anything new. Also, he seems to be meeting his ignorant and stupid quota for the week, too.

Comment by DarkCode

seriously CV…why you hate gundam that much?

Comment by costriker

^ ‘Cause you asked for him with a side order of faggotry. Bill’s on you, man.

Besides, his arguments, ALL of them, are basically “oh no me no likey the character design so me is dissing show”. Not much different from those that go “eew ’08 anime, yuk”.

Well, a new faction of Innovators would probaly be the best antagonists the movie can have. Too short for alien invasions and there’s nothing to fight Earth-bound. It would be interesting to see how their existence can be explained.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

“and cheap animations which are all lips-syncs dialogues”

Isn’t that the most distinct style for most animes?


Comment by guarayakha

All I read from CV’s dialogue was “gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay fag gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay “

Comment by Aldotsk

How sad, so tiring reading the same words from CV.

Comment by zato

This is stupid, after asking what cv would say, then you all go attack him to… >_< geez, I don't think the troll war would ever end if everyone's like this… X__X

Comment by JustPassingThru

One or two at most asked CV to say something on the matter to obviously intentional bait the troll into saying something. Honestly, one or two doesn’t constitute all.

Any idiot can tell what CV is thinking because of the simplicity and repetitive nature of his arguments.

It’s not like special scene scans that show nothing all that interesting means one way or another for a show.

Comment by DarkCode

CV when i read u comment i laugh damnn u must be faggot or gay looooool no hard feelings but in commeinting u the best dude


Oh cry a bloody river CV, i dunno why people even bothered to ask if you already know what the hell he’s gonna say.

Anyway the new stuff looks cool but we need bigger scans that are clearer XD.

Comment by Zero

a cv a day, keeps the boredom away

Comment by 00 hater

lol i don’t even read what he wrote though i only expect him to strike in every single post Gundam-related. I’m more interested in other’s reaction to CV… xD

Comment by EXkurogane

Grab from wondemania blogspot

Totally Gay in 00

Comment by Anime

Comment by Anime

Sure is CV is the king of FAG

Comment by Epsilon_013

Stop trolling, Azure. It makes your balls look shrunken.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


that is old story, most of us already accepted the fact or pretend not seeing it. for you to keep reposting it is not doing anyone any good.

“hey do you know the earth is round?”

Comment by 00 hater

Wow..Why my R-18 post that I post in my own blog being spam at here?

Comment by AzureChen


Cool story bro.

Comment by Raisha

Raphael’s head sculpt is awesome. =)

Comment by Raisha

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